Harry Potter is Finally Leaving the Building

News article other day quoting the multi-mega-rich stars of the Harry Potter franchise as being simply devastated as they enter the final 10 days of filming the last movie.  Cryin’ crocodile tears here behind my laptop.

Now, mind you, I enjoyed the stories, and have for the most part enjoyed the movies – but enough is enough.  They’ve each made enough money off this to fund a workable solution to the ridiculously-drawn out and unacceptable BP oil crisis, rout out the remaining Taliban & at least give them a fashion make-over before destroying them once and for all (the bizarre hats have to go), finish rebuilding the devastation from Katrina,  and still have a hefty retirement account left.  In fact none of them truly need work another day in their little acting lives.  Okay, so I’m just a teensy bit  jealous.  I’ve worked for 30 years to get where I am…crippled up with a bad back, living in a too-large and still ‘not-finished-painted’  house in suburbia with a retirement fund I may outlive.    I do, however, have the advantage of having the world’s best husband so let’s add that to the equation.  And I take comfort in knowing that someday should I make it to my 80’s or 90’s and the unthinkable happens, the Air Force Widow’s Home is required to take me in.   

Sometimes life is unfair.  But on the other hand, I have a distinct feeling even with my various ills and problems I still may live a happier life than those “stars”.  I don’t need to worry about going out in the world without my face spackle on – paparrazi don’t follow me – crap, nobody follows me.  Okay maybe EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer follows me but only if I smell slightly of something that might smack of food.  And then there was that guy on Facebook who kept telling me I was pretty – that was weird.  But he didn’t stick around long after I discussed Devoted Spouse with him.  heh heh

I’m still waiting to be discovered.  It’s been so long now…I guess I might make a good ‘character’ actor.  I am a character. Sigh…




2 thoughts on “Harry Potter is Finally Leaving the Building

  1. I never read or watched any of the Potter stuff…I was told it was evil. All the same, fantasy literature isn’t my cup of tea.

    Maybe you should pitch your life as a sitcom…you’ve already got the title. And eleven faithful viewers.
    I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Christian and it is not evil. In fact, it has some very good qualities to it – good grief, it’s fantasy and make-believe. Yeah – let’s do a reality show on me – although sometimes my life is a sitcom – I don’t think it would sell probably not even to my 11 faithful readers.

  2. Found you through WOW and glad I did. You ARE a character! Isn’t it amazing how much money lands in certain bank accounts? And then… those stars keep getting free stuff!
    Hi Katie – super now maybe I’ll actually get 12 faithful readers instead of my usual 11. LOL The excess and the greed of Hollywood astounds me – the money these stars command per movie just boggles my mind. You could fund an entire Thirld World country on what Johnny Depp makes on a film. Now don’t get me wrong – many of these same stars are extremely forthcoming with that money and give deeply out of their pockets to various charities and do good work. I’m just saying between actors and athletes we have our salary priorities screwed up in this country. Thanks for your kind visit – I’ll come see you soon!

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