Happy Memorial Day

Today is not all about hot dogs and burgers on the grill nor is it about the sand and the sun at the beach or a treasured day off from work.  Today is about remembering all those brave men and women who currently serve or have served  (many giving their lives) in our Armed Forces.  Today we take time from our busy lives to honor them and thank them for keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave.  For those of you non-military, the above picture is of F-16s flying what is known as the missing man formation – this particular photo came from the U.S. AF media gallery.  The pic is entitled, Airmen Honor The Fallen and is described as F-16 Fighting Falcon pilots performing a missing man flyover during a memorial service Oct 22, 2009 at Shaw Air Force Base, SC.  The pilots were from the 777th Fighter Squadron and the pic was credited to Senior Airman Kathrine McDowell.

I have witnessed a missing man formation flyover and it is a very emotional sight as you understand its meaning.  So please keep all our service members in your hearts and in your prayers.

To Devoted Spouse:  Thank you for your 26 years of service in the Air Force.  You bravely spent time in Vietnam and many other locations doing your duty in service to your country and I and many others salute you and thank you.

Now…DS please toss a veggie burger on the grill for me.  sigh…


5 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Happy Memorial Day to you two too.

    Please thank DS for me for his service to our country. It is much appreciated.

    Hope you enjoy your veggie burger and have a nice holiday off from school. Just relax and enjoy it.

    God bless.
    Thx hon. You enjoy your day too. School’s out — will email you. hugs!

  2. The missing man flyover is another one of those things that chokes me up EVERY TIME. A hug to you and a sincere thanks to DS. Enjoy the day.
    Yup it’s emotional alright. I’m so proud of DS! You have a fabulous day too sweetie!

  3. Will you pass on my thanks and a big hug to DS as well please, he must have seen some awful sights in Vietnam.

    We may live in different countries but amongst the average person in the UK there in a sense that we are two different horses pulling the same load towards a shared goal.

    Everytime a US or UK soldier loses his life, and I have heard a british marine died in Afghanistan last night, it is so terribly sad and upsets me so much.

    I hate wars but I support fully both our armed forces and pray every night they will one day return home safely to their loved ones.

    This is just a normal bank holiday here but thank you for reminding us of those who serve their countries. It is all to easy to get lost in our own lives and sometimes forget what others are doing for us.

    Wishing you and DS a wonderful day, look after yourselves.

    Much Love
    Thank you sweetie – you are right it doesn’t matter where the soldier comes from they are all fighting to keep our way of life safe. We all weep whether they be US UK or any other nationality. Take care and enjoy your bank holiday!

  4. Shaw AFB is about an hour away from me. With that and Fort Jackson we have a significant military presence around here.

    Veggie Burger? Good luck…it got so I couldn’t get the darn things down my throat anymore. A grilled portabello mushroom is the best burger substitute I have found.
    Yum I love them both! The veggie is easy coz it comes out of a box – but the portabello mushroom is definitely first on my list!

  5. I got a picture of a nephew today he is serving in Afghanistan right now. I posted it on my blog. He’s done several tours in different areas. Hugs to your DS. My Dad was a lifer and a WWII vetran.
    We are so lucky in this country – and so many don’t realize just how good we have it because so many of us take our freedom for granted. We complain about the little things and yes the days of having “privacy” are about over thanks to terrorism but we still live in the best part of the world.

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