Whatcha Doin?

pic courtesy of UnitedFeatures.com

It has become painfully obvious to me that my comic strip hero Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) and I were separated at birth.  He has the same warped sense of humor as I.  In fact I think I’ll add his widget w/daily strips to my Oh Crap on a Crutch blog. 

In the following comic strip kindly substitute  “research paperl” for “resume” and you have my life lately….  Seriously.  He is a master punster (and I bow to the master) and often has the same brain farts I do and that scares me — mine remain in my head, sometimes they end up in this blog.  If only I had art talent I, too, could be rich and famous only my comic strip would have to be more Pop-Beads Before Crones….  Enjoy!  Thank you Stephan for always making me laugh!  Wanna read his blog?  Go here

Pearls Before Swine

Want the widget for your own blog or for FB?  Then go  here   ….Dang I miss my social networking….7 more weeks and I get a week off…sigh…


5 thoughts on “Whatcha Doin?

  1. That little cartoon strip is so funny and very true. I have lost count of the times I have logged onto my computer to pay a bill or write a letter then spent all evening reading and writing blogs.

    I love the phrase Brain Fart (had to google that as well – sigh) I cannot wait until I can work that into a conversation 🙂

    Hope the studying is going well.

    Much Love
    I just opened my blog and noticed the entire strip didn’t copy – but if everyone “clicks” on it, the full strip will show. Strange things, computers. Studying not going well. Frustration factor off the “frustration meter” — in the red zone. Having lovely thoughts of simply dropping out of school and admitting defeat once and for all. This is what got me in trouble last year – my stress level. For example, I just got my first grade on an assignment which was to be 400-500 words – mine came in at 514 which I didn’t think would be a big deal. I got a 99 out of 100 because of those lousy 14 words — where is the logic in that? Again – they nitpick and nitpick and that’s my biggest beef with this school. Okay I’m sorry I’m venting when I should be working on getting rid of the discouragement…picking myself up and trying harder. It’s just that I’ve spent the last 2 full days trying to find a suitable Journal Article from which to write a critique and I’ve gone through 2 things of ink and 3 reams of paper now — I simply don’t understand the topic of God and Evil and that’s what I’ve chosen for my research paper (stupid woman that I am). Okay – shutting up now. Love you tons!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the comic strip–I can totally relate, except you’d have to sub “Speech” for “resume.” I had the best intentions of having it completely finished before classes start next week, and yet, I haven’t even started it! My procrastination and time wasting expertise will be the end of me.
    I can waste time like you wouldn’t believe. And I am the Queen of Procrastination. If I can put it off, I will, then I get to the panic point and have heart palpitations and go throw up because I’m out of time and have to pull something out of my proverbial a$$. ROFL. The things we do to ourselves. Forget school – I need to write a book instead. 🙂

  3. That is sooooo me. This morning I went to print off an application on my computer and wound up on FB and my blog for an hour and then left the house without the application. GRRRRRR.
    It is me too. It is the total me. It is who I have always been. The one who can easily be pulled in any direction. Today I did a homework assignment; not because I wanted to, but because I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer because I have an exam this week to study for and a 15 or so page research paper that I still haven’t narrowed down the topic – anyway I got that assignment turned in, went to my physical therapy, came home, said screw this I’m gonna put an icepack on my back and read a book that has absolutely nothing to do with theology. So I immersed myself in the latest book by Lincoln Child & Douglas Preston (Fever Dream) which is a wonderfully compelling mystery with my alltime favorite character FBI Special Agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast and which I will continue to read well into this night. Tomorrow I will resume studying. Unless I find something else to do…..LOL

  4. I need someone to create that widget for me.
    Absolutely – get ahold of someone who’s good at coding and get one created!

  5. That’s hysterical! And so appropriate for most of us; especially me who has dubbed her computer “The Time Sucker.”
    It IS a time sucker – so is tv. But we enjoy wasting time in this society so there you go. 😉

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