America: Land of Opportunity

I know I’m supposed to be studying.  Actually I’m on track with my classwork and I simply couldn’t resist talking about this story.

Some people will do anything for money — and we already know this woman has absolutely no pride or self-respect.   I guess if I had 14 children to feed and clothe and no discernable skills, I’d go for this, too.  Octoho…I mean Octomom,  is just one notch nastier than Kate with 8 – let ole Kate pop out a few more and she’d probably do the same. Course she’s put in her time on DWTS and now will be a “reporter” for ET (oh ET how low can you go?)  Then again,  diapers aren’t cheap these days.  These women must do what they must do and who am I to judge?

But the irony of Octomom advising spaying and neutering simply put me in a hysterectomy… no, wait, I mean it put me in hysterics.   The woman has had 14 children – a whole room full of labs wouldn’t be popping out that many pups.    I’m wondering if there is a gyno in town who has offered her a free tube-tying session coz someone ought to spay that woman and explain to her just what all those Huggies and Pampers are doing to the landfills.

PETA often attracts somewhat offbeat people.  Usually they just get nude and talk about fur or they throw things on people — none of which I approve but who gives a fig what I approve? 

I simply wonder some day when the Octospawn grow up how they will feel as they look back on their incubator’s life and the things she did for money. 

Personally, I would think taking some courses, getting a job and hiring daycare would set a better example, but I’m normal that way.  Then again, I don’t have a  uterus that has to be daily duct-taped back up the wazoo from drop- kicking out all those babies.  Talk about things dropping and gravity.  Ugh.

I never particularly cared for PETA – nor do I support them, but I gotta say – they will certainly get the publicity they so eagerly seek with this particular campaign.  As for me…I think Octomom and Kate have both had their 15 minutes of fame and then some.  Sigh…


8 thoughts on “America: Land of Opportunity

  1. I think we are all tired of seeing both of them. I don’t know that we need their endorsement on anything to follow suit.
    You said it sistah!

  2. I’d like to see Jon do an endorsement for the He-Man Woman Haters Club.
    I actually feel sorry for him – I don’t think we truly get the full story ever – and I have a sneaking suspicion he’s not that bad a guy, sometimes the “celebrity” aspect makes people do dumb things and I think the media has just butchered him – Kate’s no angel; she just has a better agent. (oooooh cynicism lurking…) 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you! I think both Octomom and Kate have gone way beyond their 15 minutes. I would be perfectly content to never hear another word about either of them ever again.

    It would be great if PETA could find a way to get Octomom spayed as part of this campaign. “Help control the PEOPLE population!”
    I agree with you – I know God said “go forth and multiply” but put in the context of the times…there was NO ONE ON EARTH. It’s time we started realizing there are only so many resources to go around and make a conscious decision to limit the size of our families — not only that it’s like buying a puppy from a pet store versus getting one at the shelter…there are hundreds of thousands of children who need homes – more people need to foster and also adopt these children instead of having fertility treatments and ending up with litters. Oops on soapbox. LOL

  4. You would not believe the amount of googling I had to do to work out what Octomom, ET & DWTS was all about 🙂

    I did manage to work out wazoo for myself though, you really do make me laugh so much, I love your sense of humour.

    The advertising people do come up with some very strange ideas don’t they. We have one here that starts with a woman (why always unclothed?) standing in a field that then goes on to promoted – would you believe toothpaste.

    Goodness know how they worked that one out.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Much love
    Sitting here laughing my a$$ off coz my post was so “American” wasn’t it? I figured the entire world had heard of Octomom since she made such a nuisance of herself with her “litter” of babies plus she’s such a famewhore. ET is Entertainment Tonight, one of the lesser (but still) tacky celebrity news shows here; DWTS is Dancing With the Stars which I believe might be a rip-off of a British show (we rip off so many of your shows and never do them justice!) and wazoo was pretty self-explanatory wasn’t it? It was such a funny visual of this lady with her uterus hanging down between her knees from overuse that Devoted Spouse almost fell out of his chair laughing. I almost took it out thinking I had crossed the line a bit into the gross, but left it in anyway. I know I said I wasn’t going to post this week, but I really needed a break from school. Class is a bear. Simply a bear. But I am strong and I can do it! giggling. Have a lovely weekend sweetie.

    Hugs and blessings to you, the divine Ms Em and the equally divine Ms H!


  5. Sistah,
    You are too funny: “Octoho”
    She is disgusting.
    It makes me ill to see people like her have all those babies.
    Keep up the good work at school. When you graduate I’m coming out to see you do The Walk in your cap and gown.
    Don’t you deny me. :0
    You actually won’t have too far to go — the Seminary is not in OH; it’s in Virginia…that assumes I get through this nightmare and actually graduate next year….lol and what makes you think I’D WALK? I had my undergrad mailed to me. giggles.

  6. The ones who I feel sorry for are the children of these women. Imagine having to grow up and be put in the spotlight because of what their mom’s did. And I sometimes think that somehow something should be done to these women who knowingly have babies with birth defects because they want their 15 minutes of fame. The poor babies are going to suffer for all of their lives and have no choice in what happened to them. I agree that some women should just be fixed but unfortunately for any of us to be free we must all be free. Which makes us free to change the TV or to turn it off when these women are on. This way hopefully the idiots who keep putting them into the public eye will stop doing this. I think it just encourages other women to do the same thing and puts more childrens lives in danger.

    Although I must say that the Doctors who allow this and even possibly encourage these women should also lose their licenses. They are a little pyscho theirselves if you ask me.

    All we can do is pray that these are the last women to do this. And sadly we know they are not.

    God bless.
    As always, you make some valid points and I’m not going to disagree with you here. I think the entire situation is terribly sad for the children. And I would venture to suggest that in a few year’s time we will be seeing older children with quite a few problems caused by this. Yes, God gave us free will; He also gave us brains to think and apparently not many of us are using them wisely.

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