I Promise to Drop in Now and Then

Not quite the school I'm attending...

Okay so here’s the scoop.  I know I whined and moaned and groaned and was generally a pain in your tushes last year while going to school, dropping classes, adding classes, and generally trying to figure out what the heck I was doing.  But you have to remember I was feeling so bad with my back that it seriously impacted my ability to think clearly, and a graduate degree requires clear thinking (plus lots of money…please feel free to send me some).

I managed one class last fall but that was all I could handle.  Now that I’m feeling a little more chipper I’m going to take another run at this degree and I’m hitting the harder topics first  – Systematic Theology.  Even though class doesn’t officially begin until Monday, I have been spending tons of time preparing notebooks, outlines, and reading textual material, highlighting in different colors and all that fun stuff where you get to use lots of cool office supplies.  Office Depot so loves me.

I have to cut back on a few things in my life for the next 8 weeks.  Thankfully most of the tv I watch is very close to the season finales (Lost, Fringe, Survivor and a few others) so that frees up some time. Unfortunately, I won’t have much time for fun reading so don’t expect my Reading Lists to change significantly any time soon! LOL It’s hard to get through an entire book when you only read about 10 minutes before drifting off to sleep at night!  

I have already announced to my Twitter buddies and my Facebook friends that I’ll be there but not as often.  I HAVE to say Good Morning; that’s a given, but the evening ‘tini party silliness will have to do without me.  Sorry Sueanne, @DebbieDeeNJ , and @auntchrisbronx – even @GoldenDestroyer will be cutting back on her Tweets (hmmm, wonder why?)  And here I was thinking (brought on by an idea of my friend Chris) of giving EmmaLou her own FaceBook page.  Maybe after school. 

I will try and post here as often as I can but am taking the next week off to get into the routine of school for that first week and get my schedule working.  After that, when I can, I will post something hopefully to make ya’ll smile.  In the meantime feel free to peruse the archives and see if you can rustle up a grin or three while I’m hitting the books. 

See ya l8r….sigh.


4 thoughts on “I Promise to Drop in Now and Then

  1. Systematic Theology? Not sure what it is, but it sounds dreadful. EmmaLou won’t want to eat that homework.

    Have fun, big sis!
    Hi sweetie – Systematic Theology is one of various types of theology; historical, biblical, philosophical, etc. — basically what I like to term God 101 — God, Scripture, Man, Sin, Christ, Salvation, the Church, the End Times – that kind of stuff. Very interesting – but very intense and often difficult for my feeble brain to grasp – so I must put my time there instead of here unfortunately. I hope to post about once a week or so maybe even more if I get my homework done on time! LOL Hugs!

  2. “sniffle” Okay Linda. But…. I really won’t tell you where the Krazy Glue is…. till you get back here on a regular basis. xoxo Have fun.

    Gasps – I hate it when you blackmail me…and besides I already bought a new tube of Krazy Glue so phhttttt! LOL I’ll be here every once in awhile; it’s not like I’m shutting down the blog for crying out loud. There’s just too much funny stuff to discuss — just not as frequently for a little while till I get in my school groove and see how much free time I have (prob none). Love ya, mean it!

  3. You go girl and get that degree. You have been working on it and deserve to finish. Once a week or less is fine because your grade is more important, but remember when you want to let off some steam then come here and do it.

    But you do need to let us know if the Krazy Glue shows up. Keep up the good work.

    God bless.
    Thanks for understanding – I knew u would. I’ll be here every once in awhile – I have tons of pics saved from our last trip for Wordless Wednesdays – LOL and I’m sure at some point in the weeks to come I will just have to have something smarta$$ I need to discuss with ya’ll. Love ya, mean it!

  4. Well good luck this time around sweetie, hope you can get your brain to grasp around it all!! (Better you than me!)

    I start working for the turnpike next week, part-time, so this will be nice, as it will ease me back into working again. The hospital also would like me to help out – someone is leaving (the financial counselor person) and they aren’t allowed to replace her due to cutbacks, but the CFO and CEO wondered if I would be willing to help out with a flex schedule. Heck YA!! Sounds awesome to me. 🙂

    So I’m sure I’ll be around a lot less too.
    I’m not sure why I even brought it up — I had decided previously I was not going to discuss school on this blog – I was just going to do it and press on. I guess I’m so used to posting constantly that I was afraid ya’ll might think something was wrong if you didn’t see me here every single daggoned weekday. LOL I’m such a dork. Will I make it in this program? Who knows? I can only do my best and see what happens – it has been a long hard journey so far but again, I feel the call to continue so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll still post every once in awhile – have to keep the creative funny-type juices flowing (ick that came out wrong) – and I just posted a story over on Parchment Monkey when I’m supposed to be studying – so I think you’ll still see me online somewhere. Congrats on the job!!! You go girl!
    Love ya!

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