Wordless Wednesday


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Barns are cool!! Great pic.

    God bless.
    Yup I think so too. Get used to them, got lots more for Weds. giggles. hugs

  2. It looks really peaceful, there is something about buildings made of wood that always look and feel so warm.

    A few years ago it was the fashion here to convert barns into luxury houses, the houses were really nice but we lost so many beautiful old barns which was a real shame.

    Thankfully those that remain of historic significance have all had preservation orders awarded to them.

    Sorry – I ramble on a bit don’t I 🙂

    It is a beautiful photograph my friend.

    Take care,
    Much Love
    thanks sweetie – old structures are a passion of mine. When old barns come down people here really fight over trying to get the wood – barnboard is in high demand here. I just like to take pictures of them.

  3. I love barnes.
    If I could swing it, I would sell this city house, burn my belongings with the exception of my cameras, and move into a delapidated red one as soon as possible.
    Everything is better in a barn.
    I am in total agreement – I want a piece of property with an old house and a barn on it in the worst way… LOL

  4. okay, clearly I like BARNS not Barnes.
    Although I think it makes a catchy name for a cat or dog.
    Spelling, not my friend today.
    I like Barnes as in Barnes and Noble… and yes it is a catchy name for a pet, and come to think of it EmmaLou could use a dog of her own and we need an emergency back-up pet. LOL

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