I Love Special Offers…


The article says there is a place online where you can go, put in your measurements, and a group of fashion-savvy sophisticated ladies will tell you exactly what looks good on your type of body.  Did you know there are actually 7 body types?  Coulda fooled me.  Anyway, then of course you shop for those particular types of clothes right there at their store.  Is that handy or what?  A personal shopper right online and all the fabulous fashions a gal could want.

I’m not kidding.  The sight is MyShape.com and they’ll walk you through it.  Back to body shapes — none of this pear, or apple nonsense on this sight – they call their shapes M, S, Y, A, etc.  What they stand for is anybody’s guess – but it’s really nice to say “your body shape is a Y” as opposed to “you have the outlines and curves of a humpback whale.”  Works for me.

They go on about how no two people are shaped alike…reminds me of the snowflake thing – but snowflakes don’t need clothes.

So like the kid with the “kick me” sign….I got out the tape measure and measured and put in the measurements to see what they came up with for my new wardrobe.

I was waiting for the phrase “extra fabric required” or “tent maker” to pop up, but I was pleasantly surprised that I’m not that abnormal after all – especially now that I’ve dropped 20 pounds.  In fact, they had some rather cool stuff and I just might have to break out the old Discover card today and do a little shopping.  Even though I’d like to drop a few more pounds, a gal HAS to have something fabulous to wear in the meantime.

After all I certainly can’t be seen in Sueanne’s lovely jewelry carrying Sue’s fabulous bags if my clothes are hanging off me, now can I? 

So ladies – go check this out, it’s pretty cool. www.MyShape.com

There goes the profit from selling the motorcycle….sigh.


6 thoughts on “I Love Special Offers…

  1. I just did it (estimating wildly along the way) and dang if that site didn’t come up with clothes I might actually buy! Hello, wide-leg pants!

    told ya, told ya, told ya….I thought it was a neat idea and I found a couple things I liked, too.

  2. After long and careful contemplation on this matter, I have come to the conclusion that if I don’t take my measurements, I won’t be shocked OR appalled at my body shape. You know, that whole “ignorance is bliss” thing.
    I actually can relate to that – but this way you know what will look good instead of going to store after store and trying on so many different types of outfits – take the measurements, realize they’re just numbers – they aren’t a reflection of you – and try this. It’s pretty cool. Be brave buckaroo.

  3. I probably could use them, I do need someone to dress me since I am as far from a fashionista as one can get. However, I just take G shopping with me and she makes sure I don’t look like a clown clone. 😉
    I have no one to take with me and I am so long out of the “fashion” lane that I’ve forgotten what is in style and out and what colors go well, etc. So I thought this was a fabulous idea. It’s either this or I continue to live in baggy jeans, capris and too-big tee shirts. Coz…I hate trying on clothes over and over and then ending up settling for something so I can just go home. ROFL

  4. It’s an awesome idea! Too bad an “A” shape still means my ass is wider than my shoulders LOL! And they are using size 0 models for everything. BUT! I do like the site. Thanks for the tip. I may even buy something today:)
    Who cares if ur ass is wider than ur shoulders – maybe u just have narrow shoulders baby. If it will help find clothes that fit and look good, I’ll try anything – coz going to Kohl’s or Macy’s and spending hours trying to figure out what looks good on me is not working. And 20 pounds has made enough of a difference that I simply have to buy a couple of transitional pieces of clothing to get me to the next 20 pounds. sigh…

  5. I think I’ll check it out. It sounds reasonable, and actually, I always read those types of articles (about the right clothes for body types). BTW, cool new blog design!
    I thought it was pretty cool and I found some nice stuff – didn’t have time to stick around but I’ll go back. Thanks – it was time for a blog theme change! 🙂

  6. I went to the website and decided to make one of those profile thingy’s. I input my measurements taken as best as I could. When I put in the first number, I distinctly heard a snicker. I thought how can that be, but I then put in the second number and heard a giggle, and by now I just thought I was hearing things. I then put in the last number and I heard guffawing coming from the computer. At that point I was a little worried, especially since the guffawing did not stop, but it finally gave me a letter for my shape. It gave me the letter D. I then noticed that there is no D letter in “My Shape” and since there was even more laughter I soon noticed that I got another letter and it was an I, a minute later I got an E, and since there is an E in there I knew that this was it, but the laughter kept coming and a minute later I got another letter and it was a T. By now I was cursing at the thing and told it to go to hell and the laughter got even louder, I then closed out the program. That will teach me to leave my webcam and microphone on. I wonder why it gave me those letters. Oh well, I guess I will just go back and check what styles the E gives me.

    God bless.

    You had me going for awhile there – you are so funny – pls ghostwrite my blog for me. snort.

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