The Question Remains…Did They Finally Get Satisfaction??

Okay thanks to Diane flippin’ Sawyer I now feel older than dirt.  However, I AM considerably younger than the Rolling Stones who 45 years ago (give or take a day) wrote the song I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.  Now I was a pre-pubescent teen (tween?)  at the time but I was old enough to know I thought the sun and moon rose in Mick Jagger.  Plus I was madly in love with a local boy who could play a 12-string guitar, but that’s another story.  I had my record player and of course bought their albums and played them day and night until my father threatened to throw the record player and all my records out the second story window.  He had no musical sense whatsoever.

Then again at about that same time I was madly in lust over Paul McCartney and actually sat down with some girlfriends and wrote him this mushy fan letter.  What did we know about mailing letters to England…of course it was returned due to insufficient postage.  My father read it  —   and let me be blunt about this  —  I got the beating of my life for that little stunt.  It was just a simple fan letter – it wasn’t like I was offering my body to the man — I just loved his music and I was a young impressionable girl.  Dad made an impression on me…one that kept me from sitting down for several days.  Yes, in my generation parents regularly beat the crap outta their kids to keep them in line and for the most part it worked.  When he went to bed, however, out the window I went.  bwahahahahaa.  I was a horrid teen.

So now I’m reminded it was 45 years ago and I wonder did poor old 66 year old Mick ever get his satisfaction?  I hope so.  I’ve had years of satisfaction from his music…and that of the Who…and the Beatles…and even Herman’s Hermits.    I always sing along when one of these oldies comes on the radio and then I’m reminded the song is called an oldie for a reason;  and so that must mean I’m an oldie too.  Well, crap on a crutch.

Sitting on the couch watching Diane flippin’ Sawyer reminisce over the Rolling Stones I started whining in the general direction of Devoted Spouse about how old I now felt and how I couldn’t even see anymore because my eyelids are falling down into my eyes….my butt is dragging the floor…my “girls” no longer peek up at the sun but stare at the ground and flop around on my knees when I move too fast…and what the heck is goin on with my neck anyway — do I have turkey DNA in my background somewhere?  I would jump out the window out of total age frustration but with my luck I’d just break an ankle…and because of arthritis it would never heal. 

I had reached the point of announcing that my life pretty much sucked when Devoted Spouse leaned over and said to me, “You’ll always be the most beautiful girl I know.”  (grabs Kleenex box) 

Forget the Rolling Stones – I got my own satisfaction…right here at home where my baby doesn’t care if I droop, drag, sag, or literally fall apart. 

To quote another one of their songs….”you can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you just might find, you get what you need.”   sigh…


6 thoughts on “The Question Remains…Did They Finally Get Satisfaction??

  1. DS is the best!!!!!!

    That’s all I can say because those bands are just men but DS is the best when it comes to really saying the right thing at the right time. Yup, he now has another fan for his fan club. If all married men said those words to their wives then the word divorce would never exist. I think anyone who reads this post will also join the DS Fan Club.

    Yea DS, you rock.
    From one of your fans.

    God bless.
    Yes, honey he rocks and I know it. I am so blessed! He usually gets around to reading my comments so he’ll see this and it will make him smile. Thank you. Hugs and blessings! P.S. He just read your comment and laughed out loud – and says to tell you “thank you!” 🙂

  2. I love your blog.. I’m a few years younger than you.. but I consider it a great course in the fine art of aging with humor! You are wise…
    Hi Cori – thanks I think – sometimes I feel the whole world is a few years younger than me – but that’s how life works. Aging with humor…I’ll accept that. I really wanna age gracefully, then the other part of me say ya know a good plastic surgeon can fix that neck issue ya got goin on. Then DS goes and tells me I’m beautiful and I think…what a waste of money it would be – vanity. Thanks for your kind comment. Hugs!

  3. I’m sorry, the Stones are not aging well. Sir Paul, on the other hand…

    You got beaten for a stupid fan letter? Good grief, who peed in his Cheerios?

    I discovered the Beatles in the late 70’s, when all the world was disco. Disco was about all WPGC played and it sucked. I spent lots of time in my room wearing out my Beatle albums.

    Nothing like a well-placed compliment to keep a girl happy. Have a great one, big sis!
    I was in my twenties during Disco and loved every stupid white-suited John Travolta minute of it – I could hustle and do the bump for hours. ahhhh sweet memories.

    As for the Stones – if u did the drugs and stuff they did you’d look bad, too — frankly I’m surprised most of them are still alive. Yes, Sir Paul looks good — a little work done perhaps? No matter.
    Gotta go listen to the BeeGees now….Stayin’ Alive; Stayin’ Alive…You should be Dancin’…Yeah! 🙂

  4. Age doesn’t matter one little bit, it is the person within that is important and for what it is worth you are quite special to me 🙂

    Devoted Spouse says some really beautiful things, it quite bought a tear to my eye as well. I am going through a really daft phase, happy things keep making me cry – but they are good tears 🙂

    I haven’t heard much of the music from the Rolling Stones to be honest but I do like the Beattles, their music is quite timeless.

    My sister keeps telling me I listen to fairy music which always makes me laugh, I have put a little link to my all time favourite piece of music for you to listen to.

    By the way I like the new look blog – very nice.

    Take care my friend,
    Much love and many hugs,

    You’re so wise – you’re right, it isn’t the number that counts – it’s how you feel and what you feel and what you do and how you help each other. I’m getting ready for physical therapy so I will listen to your link when I get home. Honey – get some Rolling Stones music – they’re early stuff is awesome. Nothing could top the Beatles – the combination of Paul McCartney and John Lennon ended up with the most magnificent songs ever!

    Love you!

  5. We grew up in the same time frame! I wrote fan letters to the Beatles, among others and also got my fanny warmed by my Dad when I needed it. I was a monster teen! Thanks for the memories and, like you, I have the most wonderful man who loves me with all my flaws. Woo Hoo!
    Baby we are so blessed – PTL!

  6. Thanks for writing my post. I even can anticipate Paul making such a statement. I got a good one, too.
    It makes me truly happy to know you are as blessed as I. 🙂

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