Why is it Breezy in Here?

So I’m at a friend’s house and there are other friends gathered around.  We’re munching some yummy snacks and chatting and just having a lovely time. 

Because I was running late, I showered & dressed hastily — I had been sitting at home in my physical therapy clothes with icepacks on my back and looked at the clock and realized I had to get moving fast….

Quick shower, faster makeup, brush hair into ponytail, throw on shirt and jean capris, feet in flip flops, grab purse and out the door.

So back to the party….I’m sitting there having a lovely chat when I notice it’s a little breezy.  Hmmmmm, there were no windows open….the door to the patio was shut…what is going on?

Oh for the love of all that is…well you know the various sayings….I realized my jean capri zipper was down and my lovely yellow and blue lingerie (read Target undies) was in full view of the entire room.  Ack ack.

Holey moley – mama mia – I casually rearranged my purse on my lap and managed to wait until someone was talking about something fabulous and all eyes were on that person….then quiet as a mouse I rezipped my pants.

Crisis averted.    No one noticed. 

Or is there some funny email chatter going around today about me?  Well, if so, I am glad I was able to entertain my friends briefly (get it? BRIEFly?  I crack me up).  I definitely need one of those zipper holder thingies pictured above! 

Note to self:  Never leave house without checking zipper again!  sigh…

12 thoughts on “Why is it Breezy in Here?

  1. Happens to me all the time. Thanks for the laugh!
    Glad I’m not alone – and I was happy I was actually wearing nice undies. LOL

  2. My buttons are always coming undone. Flashing my lovely yet brightly colored bras for all to see. Now, that classy.
    I have that problem too – note to self: buy new lovely bras….

  3. Better to happen in a room full of friends that with a client or speaking in front of a group!!! Maybe since no one said anything to you no one noticed? I would tell someone… “X-Y-Z!!!” LOL or “Your Barn door is open.” I’d want someone to give me a clue.
    I was mortified but I honestly don’t think anyone was paying attention to me – and for once that’s a good thing! LOL

  4. I had a pair of pants that I finally had to toss because the zipper refused to stay closed. It would slowly work its way down until there was a gaping opening and everyone would see my undies and of course nobody would say a word and I’d be sitting or standing there completely oblivious.

    It’s a cruel world out there.
    Now I understand why our mothers and grandmothers always cautioned us to wear clean undies..

  5. Ha. You would like to think nobody saw your cute underwear. LOL ;0

    I hate it when that happens to me. I’ve been known to walk around at work with my fly open, with mustard on my chin, and with my lipgloss all smeared.
    And nobody will say a dang word.
    Ewww, or that awful tiny piece of spinach or lettuce or broccoli stuck in your tooth and NO ONE will tell you. ROFL mustard?

  6. Are you kidding me? There is such a thing as a little zipper-holder-thingie??!! Let me guess, you can get them at Walmart? I just found out about the cheap little tealite candles with the switch on the bottom earlier this week, and now a zipper-holder-thingie.

    Honestly. Are you kidding me???
    I think it’s for real – go to the website I sited under the picture – since that’s where I found the pic. Check it out. I want one. Danged safety pin obviously isn’t working well. lol

  7. OMG You DID give your blog a real over-haul…and a gorgeous one too! I never knew wordpress had such pretty templates.
    Thanks bb – this theme is brand new – you have to watch their announcements when they bring out a new one. I’ve been looking for a long time and couldn’t find a template that allowed everything I wanted until this one – I’m still not crazy about the choices of background colors, but I can live with it. At least it’s fresh and new. Hugs! Thanks for stopping by to check it out for me.

  8. I have done that many of times, Love the new theme 🙂
    Hi sweetie – the old theme is no longer available so I was reluctant to give it up but I was getting tired of the same old look – I just had to make sure I could customize a header to include a picture coz you know how I like to put a pic at the top. Hugs!

  9. Love the new layout and even though it is different we will get used to it. And so glad that you can still put pictures of Emma up there. We love Emma.

    I think I saw those zipper things at my CVS Pharmacy in the As Seen On TV section. You can get all kinds of things in that section and is the first place I go to check out when I go in the store. And when I use my CVS dollars coupons then I get to buy something at usually half price. It works out great.

    And no one probably noticed because women do tend to tell other women if they notice something is wrong or out of place. One of them would have come up and whispered it to you. And I think we have all walked out of the house with our pants unzipped before. Yup, and it can be very breezy.
    I’m glad u like the new theme for the blog – yes it’s different but it was time for a change. I couldn’t have a blog tht didn’t have a custom header so I could put pics of EmmaLou or whatever I want up there. I’m going to CVS and see if I can find one of the zipper thingies. Cool.

    God bless.

  10. Yep. That’s happened to me before. That’s one thing I like about wearing longer style tops…if your britches happen to come unzipped? No one sees it even if you might feel it…lol. That zipper thingy is handy!
    Yeah, I’m not exactly a cropped-shirt kinda gal either – for one I’m simply too old for that look and I don’t show my belly to anyone! giggles. I’m gonna get the zipper thingy I think just in case. Hugs!

  11. Trying to start a new trend? It’s becoming quite a bore looking at the TOP of so many undies
    SNORT – ya might know I had on my yellow/blue striped cheapies from Target and not the lovely lingerie I sometimes wear. sigh…

  12. LOL!
    I too have had this happen, especially with one particular pair of jeans.

    YES it’s nice to be TOLD if something is AMISS!

    (Love the new look! Like I said on mine, great minds think alike! BUT, I also wish there were more colour choices…)
    Well I’m obviously in good company then since I’m not the only one. Themes – I tried every background color they had and I really didn’t like any of them all that much – but I liked the entire theme so I just went with it. Sometimes ya just need a change – and it’s hard to find a theme on WordPress that lets me have a pic on header plus all the other widgets I want. And I LOVE the feature of the Footer. A cool place to put your fav sayings or whatever u want. Hugs!

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