Wordless Wednesday

I wanted to buy this farm and live there forever and ever.











12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh, Lord. Here you are talking about buying the farm, and you’re only 30. How many times do I have to tell you. You will find the Krazy Glue. You. Will. Find. The. Glue.

    Now….back away slowwwwwly from the farm. It’s not that attractive, and besides…it’s just not that into you.
    But Sueanne…whine,whine, it was so pretty out there and I’d look danged cute on a tractor wearing your jewelry! But the cows have to go. The.Glue.Is.Gone. I bought more. crap

  2. Wait, did you say you bought the farm? (snicker)

    I’ll move in with ya. I am READY.
    Between you and Sueanne…it’s a good thing I didn’t say I kicked the bucket! I.Want.That.Farm. You can come with me sweetie. Always room for one more. 🙂

  3. 1 800 MRHANEY
    Dahlink I love u, but give me Park Avenue…. yeah unfortunately I’m that old! So…1 800 IWANTAFARM

  4. That’s a perfectly lovely farm that I could afford. I say go for it.
    Well, kiddo the BARN I could afford, but I’m afraid the farm was considerably larger and the chances of me being able to afford several thousand acres of land are…let’s just say…ZERO. But I AM looking into a mini-farm…6-12 acres. I want out of this suburban nightmare.

  5. I love that barn. I have a thing for barns.
    Barns are my favorite structures – I have no idea why. For the next few Wordless Wed you will see some of the barns and other old structures I found on a recent drive through the country.

  6. I read your post, made some coffee and when I came back to comment you had answered some of the previous comments. We are both on your blog at the same time 🙂 I think that’s quite nice.

    Anyway back to your post (sorry I am easily distracted) if you do buy it can I come and live with your please?
    Yes my swee’pea – I will even pay for your ticket here!!!! Unfortunately it prob won’t happen any time soon. I am looking for land – DS thinks I’m off my rocker – but I want a few acres of my own with some trees (for the deer and other wildlife), room for EmmaLou to run, and then just build a small (and I DO mean small) house on it. Live happily ever after – I’m sick of paying a mortgage and cleaning and upkeep of a house with 4 bedrooms, and 3 floors and there is only the two of us. Ridiculous.

  7. There is something very peaceful-sounding about having a farm, but I think it’s more work than I’m willing to take on since I can’t even manage to keep my house under control.
    I think you have a very good point there – my house looks like crap on toast – how in the world would I keep up with a farm? That doesn’t mean I don’t want one….LOL

  8. A bit of a fixer-upper. I love the red tin roof.
    That’s just the barn – I couldn’t find the actual farmhouse which led me to believe it’s a pretty big farm. sigh…

  9. I’ve always wanted to live on a farm. The wasband and I came so close to buying a farm in Maine back in the early 70’s. It makes me wonder where I’d be right now if we had. Well, after all is said and done I am very happy without the farm.
    I think things work the way they do for a reason and look where you live now – such a lovely place! I want the mini-farm – and yesterday Devoted Spouse agreed and said he thought it was a good idea – (usually it’s just another one of my ridiculous harebrained ideas) – so we will start looking but will take our time to find just the right place for us coz this will be the last move for me until the Home…

  10. What an awesome photo. Yep, I would want to live there forever too. Oh wait… I already do! ;-\
    Nobody likes a smart ass…smart ass. but I love ya anyway. We are in market for some type of land, farm, etc. DS has actually agreed to another of my bizarre life ideas. ROFL

  11. When I was 8 or 9 we lived on a little farm in Indiana and we had to take a bus 20 miles to get to school. Almost every day that we came home from school the other kids would be laughing and telling us that either the pigs were out and our mom was chasing them, or the chickens or something was out. Then we had to get out and chase the animals until we got them put back. That is about all I truly remember about the actual farm. So living on some land would be okay, but living on a farm, not so much. Although with my allergies maybe living on a lot of land is not so good either. I guess I will be a city girl. But I would come visit you on your farm someday, just make sure you have really good fences for the animals.

    God bless.
    Did I say anything about animals? I don’t think so. Just EmmaLou – my back won’t allow me to be taking care of sheep or pigs or cows or goats or alpaca – crap on a crutch I can hardly take care of me. LOL Maybe a companion for EmmaLou but that’s all.

  12. Does it come with a house? I think you need a buyers agent. Call me. 🙂
    Uh-oh I knew this would happen…too many of my bloggy/FB friends are Realtors. We’re actually just in the planning stages of what we want to buy land-wise…where…what kind of (small) house to build, etc. Realtor will have to wait for just a bit bb! LOL

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