One Woman’s Used Up Toothpaste Tube is Another Man’s Treasure


It’s just a lousy tube of toothpaste but it can lead to marital discord believe me.  You see….I get to a certain point in the toothpaste tube where I’m tired of fighting to get toothpaste out of it and I discard the tube.  No big deal.

Devoted Spouse has been known to “fish” the tube out of the bath trash in order to squeeze out the last little bit.  It is a money saver, but come on, it’s just a little toothpaste.

I swear he can get toothpaste out of a tube that shouldn’t be there. 

I mean…c’mon…which tube would you rather use?

When he gets a little further through this particular tube, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him get out his Exacto knife, slice through the tube and scrape out the very last little bits of toothpaste.

Makes me crazy….sigh…


10 thoughts on “One Woman’s Used Up Toothpaste Tube is Another Man’s Treasure

  1. Cute, I do the same thing. Good to the last drop and all, you know.
    I get tired of pushing on the tube and rolling it up and finally toss it for a nice pretty new one. Makes Devoted Spouse nuts – fortunately we laugh a lot over this little quirk of mine. Thanks for visiting!

  2. It seems to be a contest with me and Kahuna, who will give up the toothpast tube first. We will take it to the gnats ass and still keep squeezing.
    I have no patience for that; just gimme a new tube and let me get on with my life. LOL

  3. I don’t use the tubes any more. Since I have sensitive teeth I use a particular brand and that one now comes in a metal can…I love it… no more messing with tubes.
    hmmm…note to self: look for toothpaste in metal can…

  4. Maybe you shouldn’t let Devoted Spouse read this but we have a little holder that rolls up the tube as you use it so every last little drop can be used.

    If it wasn’t for this though I would pretty much do the same as you 🙂

    Now chocolate ice cream is a different matter, I will scrape every last little bit out of the carton.
    I think we once had one of those metal tube thingies that helps roll up the tube of toothpaste and I probably got irritated and threw it out. LOL As for choc ice cream I don’t scrape, I rip apart the carton and lick the rest of it. That’s sad. giggling

  5. I was going to suggest you give him a sterilized exacto knife just for this purpose. Call it a gift.
    Hmmm…must look online – stocking stuffer material.

  6. Exacto knife stocking stuffers, ha! Maybe throw some thumbtacks and a sprig of poison ivy in there while you’re at it. See how committed he really is to that last smear of toothpaste.

    We have the same problem here. Not just toothpaste, but kitchen sponges and used ziplock bags, too. My person-of-undefinable-relationship says it’s because her parents lived through the Great Depression. I find this explanation very mysterious.

    OOhhh no poison ivy – poor Devoted Spouse already has a case of it from our walk in the country the other day. Kitchen sponges I keep for a long time – clean them in dishwasher and microwave and then they get recycled to the under the sink cabinet to be used for GoldenDestroyer spills. Ziplock bags get thrown out. My parents lived through the Depression too, and while they were thrifty, they never washed and reused plastic baggies. I don’t either. Now if I’ve used a big baggie of ice for the cooler, that’s different; it’s still clean and just needs to dry. But once they have food in them…they get tossed. Thanks for your kind visit!

  7. I am just like DS on this, good to the last drop is my motto, and yes, I think it has to do with my parents living through the depression. My mom would go around telling us all the time, “waste not, want not.” when we were growing up. Well that and the fact that she would only buy so much of anything and if we ran out before the designated time that she figured we should use it, then that was it. We didn’t get any more. She was very strict. So I am strict with what I use, but never was with the girls or the grandkids. Hubby falls into my category in that he should also use it to the last drop.

    We do have this little plastic thing that you slide the end of the tube into and as you use the toothpaste you push it up towards the lid and it squeezes it all out. It is really cool and easy to use. It is not the same as the thing that rolls up the tube. This thing just flattens it out and leaves nothing behind. Even if you cut it open with the exacto knife you would not find enough worth using. I am not sure where I bought it but it was years ago and people try to take it but I will have none of that, I think it is the best tool to have so that neither of you fight over the tube of toothpaste and so easy to use.

    Maybe if I ever see them for sell somewhere then I will get you one, you will thank me forever, or at least DS will. I am not sure why they don’t sell them in the toothpaste aisle, but probably because the toothpaste people like you to waste toothpaste so that you will buy more. And I also use the one in the metal can ( Aquafresh iso-active ), you just push a button, it pushes it out, no tube to squeeze. Haven’t come to the end yet so I am not sure how much is wasted. Maybe I do not want to know.

    God bless.
    Good grief, not you too. At least in the tube DS can rip it apart and get more — I don’t know what you do with the stuff in the can – I’m sure some is wasted at the end. Oh well. I’m not changing.

  8. Saw picture of two tube options. Saw the still-squeezability of tube #1. Can’t help it… must … squeeze… to the last minute … bit …

    Also, since when was “to the gnat’s ass” a phrase. LOVE that.
    Guess I’m a giver-upper, not a squeeer to the last bit. and the “gnat’s ass” is normal for Gladys – love her heart – that lady definitely can turn a phrase. LOL

  9. OMG..that is TOO funny..
    My hubby will grab my old TOOTHBRUSH from the garbage to use for cleaning or repairs, or

    I know that one must not waste things but I would prefer the full tube,lol.
    LOL about the exacto knife!!!
    FINALLY someone who agrees with me about the joys of a full tube. Devoted Spouse keeps old toothbrushes for cleaning stuff too. I have an old one in the bottom of the closet – it’s supposed to be used to clean out the bottom area of the shower door – yeah, like I have time for that. Duh. Not gonna happen any time soon. ROFL

  10. I so do that. I’ve never fished toothpaste out of a garbage can though, so that I can be proud of.
    Don’t get me wrong here – Devoted Spouse has never actually gone out to the general garbage to retrieve a tube of toothpaste, but he has been known to retrieve one I just tossed into the bathroom trash can — there’s a big difference there. LOL I’d still rather get to a point where it becomes a pain in the neck to squeeze any more out of it and simply toss it away for a new one. 🙂

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