It’s in This House Somewhere and I Will Find It or Die Trying


The other day as I walked into the kitchen from the garage I accidentally bumped against the ceramic keyholder that is on the wall.  It fell to the floor and luckily didn’t break, but the little “hangie-up” thingie on the back of it came apart from the keyholder.  It simply requires some sturdy glue and back up on the wall it can go and I will have a place to park my keys once again.

The problem is I can’t find the tube of Krazy Glue.  I just had it a few days ago — it has a red cap on it, and it is in its plastic packaging and I remember using it to glue together the edges of my library table in my crap  craft   study   home office.  And then I think I might have given it to Devoted Spouse because he had something he had to glue.

From there the trail goes cold.  Very cold.  So cold it is like frozen tundra.  Both Devoted Spouse and I have searched this house from top to bottom – every drawer and cubbyhole even in the garage and the basement has been thoroughly searched.  No Krazy Glue.  I have looked in the most extraordinary places…mainly because I have this strange habit of saying to myself….”I’ll just put this HERE because then I’ll know where to find it.”  And, of course, that particular item never reappears in my life. 

It’s very frustrating.  For example, the other day we were looking for the cord to the GPS for the car as we were going to be driving out in the country and thought having the GPS handy was a good idea.  I found the GPS in my crap  craft, etc room.  But the cord was nowhere to be found.  Much like the hunt for the Krazy Glue, we looked everywhere.  Finally, Devoted Spouse opened a kitchen cupboard I rarely use and there inside a Longaberger cracker basket was the GPS cord.  Why was it there?  Beats the everlovin’ crap outta me.  I must have thought at one time that was the ideal spot to keep it and I would always remember that it was there.  Obvious neural misfire.

And, yes, we searched that cupboard for the Krazy Glue and it’s not there.

I need my keyholder back where it belongs because my keys are ending up in various places and I’m now losing them, too.  Where oh where is the Krazy Glue?  This is making me krazy…sigh.


13 thoughts on “It’s in This House Somewhere and I Will Find It or Die Trying

  1. One day you’ll find it…all dried up. That’s what usually happens to me, anyway.
    Bite thy tongue! I need to find it TODAY – I’m tired of this nonsense – and it’s gel so hopefully it will last a little longer. Ack ack.

  2. Do you have a cupboard under the stairs?

    They are mini black holes for household objects and I am sure during the night anything not tied down is sucked into this cupboard.

    Where I used to stay (did I ever tell you the house was 300 years old) I rarely ventured into this “black hole” but there were papers in there going back to the 1800’s.

    Anyway to cut what could end up being a long comment short try the cupboard under the stairs.
    Hi sweetie – We used to live in a several hundred-year old chateau in Belgium so I understand old things and creepy-crawlies – ick there were rats in the cellar and we could hear them at night scrabbling around. Drove my cat nuts – she would stare at the radiator and one night I couldn’t sleep and I went over and looked to see what she was doing and I could hear them through the hole in the wood at the bottom of the radiator and I found myself stuffing aluminum foil all around the openings under the radiator feet. But that’s a bit off topic…LOL…yes I have a cupboard under the stairs but it is filled with Christmas decorations and blocked by the treadmill so I know it isn’t there. Sigh…

    (but watch out for the spiders – eek)

  3. LOL. I swear at my house, certain things have legs and walk around everywhere. I once found my bra in the kitchen pantry. How the heck did it get there?
    Oh honey – I don’t EVEN want to ask… ROFL

  4. Emma Lou!
    You know I actually thought of that – but she would have been all stuck together with it so she can’t be the culprit. And if she had swallowed the tube – she would have been really sick by now coz it’s been missing for over a week and she’s fine. Afraid I can’t blame my fur-child this time, dangitall.

  5. We have not one but two, two! junk drawers in our kitchen into which every jing-tingler, flotsam AND jetsom gets tossed and can I ever find what I need in them? That would be “No.”
    Yeah, I got the junk drawer thing working too – but I’ve looked in all of them already. I’m desperate and I just know – I JUST KNOW – as soon as I go to Target and buy more, it will show up. Linda’s Law…

  6. A long time ago my friend G taught me to ask for St. Anthony’s help when something is lost. I’m not Roman catholic but dang he sure does come through consistently.
    Funny you should mention that – a former co-worker (Catholic) told me the same thing. I tried it (even though I’m not Catholic) and darned if it didn’t work – now was it St Anthony or just me finding what I lost? I dunno – every time I ask for his help – I find the lost item. I’ve been talking to him all day and so far no luck yet – but I’m gonna keep trying.

  7. Wait a minute. I’m getting something. It looks like a potato peeler. Try your small utensil drawer.

    But seriously, have you tried the refrigerator? The freezer? Maybe the linen closet.
    ….smart a$$ LOL…yes I tried the small utensil drawer. I tried every drawer and cupboard and hidey-hole. I looked in closets and under beds and I even looked in dresser drawers -that’s how desperate I am. I’ve gone through all my craft items, all Devoted Spouses tool stuff, all EmmaLou’s toys – and I have repeatedly asked St. Anthony. Tomorrow I am going to Target and buy more Krazy Glue because that is the ONLY way it will reappear. I would put money on it…

  8. All right, Linda. I guess I tortured you long enough. Devoted spouse put it on top of the fridge and you can’t see it cause you’re just too dainty and petite and all to see it.

    Now… could you tell me where my car keys are now?
    Top of fridge – the ONE place I haven’t looked…hmmm…car keys? Why dahlink they’re right where you last left them. bwahahahahaha

  9. No doubt you’ll find it stuck somewhere. yuck, yuck.

    I love Crazy Glue but I had to get over a rather nasty experience. A week before my wedding, my husband (the other one not this one) glued by thumb and forefinger together with it. They aren’t kidding when they say not to come into contact with skin. I was able to get them apart but I got married with a hole in my finger, along with one in my head apparently. We divorced 9 years later. I would post about this but my ex occasionally reads my blog and FB and there’s no point in being mean.

    Hope you find your CG.
    That does not sound like fun – for future reference Acetone (nail polish remover) will unstick your fingers if you ever have that happen again.

  10. Usually when I don’t need something I know where it is, but if I need it I can’t find it or remember where I saw it, and yes I believe my stuff has legs but they are usually attached to 1 of my kidlets..
    I don’t have kidlets to blame and I know DS doesn’t have it and if EmmaLou stole it I think we would know. I bought a new tube today…wonder how soon the old one will turn up??

  11. I have learn’t recently that when you have looked in all the most likely places to find something three times and it’s not there it’s time to look in the most unlikely places!
    Well how much more unlikely is my underwear drawer! And, yes, I even looked there! No Krazy Glue! Ack

  12. I recently lost my car parking pass. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. I was going spare. It was eventually found in the fridge. I had put it in there by mistake when trying to hide some hot chicken from my dog. The panic at possibly losing my dinner overcame my senses for a short but annoying time.
    Billy Ray was indeed the last person to succesfully sport the mullet! I was just so surprised to see a new generation of youngsters taking to this haircut. History has an unfortunate way of repeating itself 🙂
    If I see another mullet, I hope I have scissors handy — please Lord do NOT let this trend return! LOL And, no I still have not found the glue – I bought a new tube – really burned me up. BTW the new tube is sitting in plain sight in the garage on one of our storage shelves – in fact as you open our kitchen door into the garage it’s RIGHT THERE in front of me! Now…will I remember to return it to its new home next time I use it? Stay tuned…

  13. I just give up and buy it again, then lo and behold the thing shows up. Usually this works out good for someone else because then I have one to give away. Hubby is even worse with his tools and he does not give away his spares because he says one can never have too many tools.

    Have you tried Gorilla Glue, I have found that for some things it works better than Krazy Glue?

    I hope you keep us posted on when the Krazy Glue shows up.

    God bless.
    Yes I gave in and bought new tube – grrr. Someone told me Gorilla Glue doesn’t dry clear – is that true?

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