A Friday Quickie…

I was gonna leave this one alone but I can’t – it’s too amazing even for me.  I’m talking about the SEC bigwigs sitting on their big fat butts watching porn on their Government computers while our retirement funds were tanking.  It is simply too much for me to pass up.  I’m wondering how to pay my tuition while Mr. “I make $200K a year” is downloading Debby Does Dallas again.  Oh for the love of all that’s American.  PORN???  On a Government computer?  And these people sat there day after day watching this crap for hours on end?  And most of them still have their jobs? 

Are you kidding me??  SEC used to be Securities & Exchange Commission I thought…maybe they should change it to Sex on Every Computer.

I used to work for the Government and the lack of computer oversight truly surprises me — now granted I worked for the Dept of Defense and they were “death” on surfing certain sites on your computer (I just never surfed anywhere, period!)  But I would regularly see some of the government folks and some of the contractors surfing the web, or playing games and it really irked me.  These are our tax dollars paying their salaries — and lemme tell you from experience many of those salaries are rather inflated for the amount of work required.

I don’t know…spending 8 hours a day watching some version of Pelosi does Paducah bothers me on so many levels…sigh


7 thoughts on “A Friday Quickie…

  1. Where I work someone got fired for watching a football game on his computer…and these guys keep their jobs looking at…films with a lot of saxophone music.

    Makes you wonder what they do in the Pentagon.

    I spent 7 years of my life as a civilian in the Pentagon – the stories I could tell…

  2. True !! can imagine how frustrating it can be to see all you talk of.surely someone,somewhere is paying for their luxury…
    burns me up royally. I detest dishonest people, especially the type that are using MY tax money. grrrrr.

  3. Thats quite shocking really, there was a news report here that made all the headlines recently.

    They were interviewing a banker about the state of the economy and in the background was an office worker who was caught on national television watching porn on his works computer.

    Believe it or not he kept his job as well.

    The company I work for are really good and we can use our computers and the internet in our own time for whatever we wish.

    I get on really well with the man who runs the IT department and he told me that although the company don’t moniter our web use if they wanted to they could tell exactly who looked up what, when and for how long.

    I know of a few people who would be very worried if they knew this.

    P.S. It’s good to have you back 🙂
    I guess I have a different work ethic – when you are at work, you should be working…if you take a break and want to catch up on your email or the news that’s one thing but to go to a porn site is totally unacceptable and should lead to firing in my opinion. I’m simply amazed. Hey – I was only gone a couple days. LOL Check u email…

  4. Install the program that keeps track of what is done, watched, and for how long on all government computers and pay the people an hourly wage instead of a salary. Dock them for time spent on anything other than work. I’m betting a lot more would be accomplished by government workers….
    I fail to understand why all of gov’t doesn’t do that automatically – they can waste hundreds of millions of dollars on office supplies like special colored post-it-notes and providing employees with their own fancy Franklin Covey Day planner books…. grrr.

  5. When workers have no fear of losing their jobs or any other type of punishment then they feel enpowered to do what they want. And it must be true because look at how few of them get fired.

    Something is so wrong with our society, country, and government, when things like this are allowed, especially with jobs where are taxes are paying their salaries. I like the one where they say they are overworked and underpaid and maybe in a few cases this is true but for each of those cases there is probably 100 more who are not. Some things about unions are good and then other things are not.

    And look at how we are getting ripped off with our tax money paying for elected government officials who seems to rip us off anymore. The good news about these workers is that WE can fire them when WE vote them out.

    I do think workers should have certain protections but protecting them when they are not doing their job is just stupid. I hate going to DMV and the people there move so slow and you just wonder how they even get to stay there and keep their jobs. But at least they hopefully are not looking at porn.

    God bless.
    You’re not sayin anything here I disagree with. 🙂

  6. Their arrogance and disregard for the people footing their paychecks is truly disgusting, as is their preferred pasttime. I’d be fired in a heartbeat for things much less offensive than that. Our government at work!
    Yup – you got it.

  7. I think you need to send that new SEC anagram to them.
    Liked that, huh? I thought it fitting…

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