Oh NO! Not Cruella!

Yes gang, I’m back in physical therapy once again.  This time the objective is to give me the ability to walk further than a block without limping and yelping from the pain.  So I marched (well actually I limped) myself to the same therapy place where last year they took such amazing care of my back and my shoulder.

I was greeted with hugs by my pt friends – hmmm wonder why they would remember lil ole me? 

My evaluation was done by a lovely lady who in fact is the head honcho of this orthopedic establishment.  She’s tiny, cute as a button and I wanted to slap her silly just for that fact alone.  But she is so danged friendly and nice, well, I decided she was my new bestest bud at therapy (with the exception of the ever-adorable Agador Spartacus).  They always laugh at my nicknames for them — because she worked me over so much in evaluating my situation I have decided she is now and forevermore to be known as Cruella De Vil without the dalmations.   

Even though I spent part of yesterday afternoon and this morning on icepacks, I must admit just from one session with her I am walking better.  She said my sacrum was sticking out on one side – that was the oddest thing I could imagine – in other words I’m just crooked, or as I told her…I’m kattywampus.  So she did her stuff, then I got my favorite Anodyne treatment (ahhhh….zzzzz….) and a set of instructions for home excercises to begin immediately (but I hurt whine, whine). 

And she gave me this:

Now I ask you…is that not the most obscene thing you have seen lately?  And if not, pls don’t tell me what you’ve been viewing.  It’s called a Wedgie – I am not making this up – a Wedgie.  The idea is you lay on this thing with it placed strategically under your sacrum (in other words kinda between the butt cheeks) and it helps to straighten out both sides of the sacrum and relieves pressure and pain in the lower back.  Sounds bizarre to me – but if this lady who had degrees comin out the whiz-wang tells me to do this…then this is what I will do.  I am a very good patient coz I wanna get better.

So – there you have it – more info than you probably need – but I thought I’d get you used to the idea of new Phys Therapy stories coz I’m sure I’ll have some fun stuff to share in the next month of therapy.  I’m tickled that they put me on the same team as before so I get my favorite folks and even though it is painful, we laugh and have so much fun. 

Cruella?  Gimme your best baby – I can take it…I think…off to exercise now.   sigh

8 thoughts on “Oh NO! Not Cruella!

  1. Looks like a Golden Destroyer chew toy to me. 🙂
    Oh Crap On a Crutch!!! I didn’t even think of that – it is of a hard rubber like material and it’s sitting on the coffee table within her reach. Must.go.get.it.out.of.her.reach.immediately. Yikes!! thx sweetie – you rock!

  2. It is giving me the chills to just look at it. I am not sure why. But it does look like a chew toy somehow and still got the chills.

    Gotta go cause they ain’t stopping. Must be the thought of pain that is causing it.

    God bless.
    Sorry I gave u the chills sweetie – I just did my first session (of two today) using this wedgie thingy and it actually is a bit uncomfortable to lie down flat with this wedge thing pressing between your butt. Doesn’t sound very pretty or ladylike either – ROFL – however, if that’s what I am to do to get better then that’s what I do. I’m praying your pain goes away. Hugs!

  3. Heck, it wouldn’t have lasted two minutes if my holy terriers had spotted it. Hope the darned thing does the trick and you get to moving better fast.
    I got to it before EmmaLou, thankfully – she was busy with a bone at the time. I hope it helps, too – at this point I am willing to try just about anything because not being able to walk for very long is just driving me insane and ruining my life. And 15 months of pain is about 14 months too many. I’m not a patient woman in case you hadn’t noticed. LOL

  4. I know about the wedgies. Saw one at a TCM convention a few years ago. They do seem to work, so I can tell you she didn’t steer you wrong. Good luck with it, I’m sure you’ll be glad you have it down the road.
    Thanks for the verification on this thing coz it’s not that comfy to lie on I can tell you. I need one more 10 minute session before I go to bed tonight. ow… No pain, no gain?! lol

  5. You might try learning tai chi chuan. It has many health benefits including weight loss, improving posture, back pain, arthritis, etc. Will also help you with walking without pain. It is a gentle form of exercize that strengthens muscles, improves bone structure. It is enjoyable and relaxing. In fact, it is in the relaxing that most health benefits get their start. Good luck.
    Thanks – I have heard that and I’m going to look into attending a class on tai chi. 🙂

  6. Looks like one of those God Awful bicycle seats that make your butt feel like it’s broken. And when you learn that Tai Chi, please come to Oklahoma and teach me.
    It does and it hurts like one of those seats too. First I gotta find a class – yoga is really hot here now tai chi seems to be yesterday’s news. I may have to find a DVD. But, OK…hee hee I’ll come to OK & teach ya. LOL

  7. Sorry to hear about your sacroiliac, or whatever you call it. Sounds painful … as does your new Wedgie apparatus. Kinda makes a real wedgie seem not so bad … but it is so pretty and pink!
    Here’s a Wiki link to what hurts: my “sacrum” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacrum

    It’s a bone at the base of your spine and mine for some reason is sticking up on one side and that’s what’s causing me to limp and not walk correctly or without pain. I hope the wedgie and PT can fix this.

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