Yippee Skippy, We Will Be Leaving a Legacy


Along with the rest of you, I heard the news the other day that the Library of Congress will be archiving all the lovely little 140 character pieces of nonsense we put on Twitter.  I admit to being a bit surprised by this news.  Why would the Library of Congress want to document this type of information?  Better still, Twitter KEEPS an archive?  Oh crap on a crutch.  That means every little ridiculous tweet I have ever sent out into cyberspace has been captured for posterity. I am so toast.

Some day two or three centuries from now a futuristic version of Indiana Jones will be sifting through the rubble of our 21st century lives and trying desperately to make sense of this thing called Twitter.  And what are all these abbreviations?  What’s an LOL  and a ROFL and why can’t the LOLcats spell correctly…and he and other archaeologists will scratch their heads and search for the Rosetta Stone of Twitter.

Does it make you think more now about what you tweet?  Oh heck no.  I’ll be long gone by then – who is gonna care that I managed to convey the important information about my dog pooping on the dining room floor and I was able to do that in 140 characters?  No one, that’s who.  They’ll still be too busy trying to decipher those black 5″ floppy disks we all once used in our computers.

I’m thinking folks like Tiger Woods and Jesse James might make for some interesting reading  (or not) — and the real question is…will anybody be able to go to the Library of Congress and access this information, much like a researcher can avail himself (or herself) of the massive amounts of scholarly books and information stored there?  Beats me.  I’m sure not making a trip to see Twitter archives. 

Then again….our friend (and all you Tweeps know exactly to whom I refer) Microphone Girl will be forever immortalized in the Library of Congress.  That’s quite an honor for someone who probably should simply stay at home in the umm, er, well, I guess I’ll just say whorehouse and be done with it.  Snort.

Twitter – no future sightseeing trip to DC and the Library of Congress will be complete without a stop in the Twitter Room…sigh


18 thoughts on “Yippee Skippy, We Will Be Leaving a Legacy

  1. Well I guess it is a good thing that I never Tweet, but I already have a few hundred pages devoted to me in Google so I figure I am good. Maybe when I am long gone and someone googles my name they will wonder what the heck was a Mrsupole. They will have to read through quite a few to figure out what it means.

    Hope you had a great weekend. Allergies are killing me because the winds are blowing down through the Cajon Pass and so I am having trouble breathing, but what else is new.

    God bless.
    Sorry to hear your allergies are acting up – I’m surprised I’m not having much problem this time. (knocks on wood). Hugs!

  2. I do tweet (on occasion) and I do follow people on twitter…and don’t think there is really anything of relevance there to save for posterity… lol
    Thanks for visiting. I tweet entirely too much lol and usually of no relevance whatsoever! What a waste of time and energy on the part of the Library of Congress — this is the Library of Wrongness now. ROFL

  3. Heard about this on the news the other day and not sure why they are even putting any energy into such a project. They must be running out of things to archive if they are doing this with Tweets.
    I was flabbergasted – it made no sense to me at all – if what the future learns about us they learn from our tweets they will know what a shallow silly culture we really were. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. haha, I can’t imagine what it will be like. Perhaps I should watch what I tweet now! thx for sharing.

    I had the very same thought – better watch what I say – but I decided what I tweet is not earth shattering or harmful or hateful in any way – just silliness so I’m not changing a thing! Thanks for your kind visit!

  5. Now there’s another waste of our tax dollars. It’s almost as bad as a half million dollar toilet seat.
    Or a way to get more gov’t jobs for Library of Wrongness. I’m absolutely amazed at this. It really shouldn’t surprise me but it does. Please file under D for Dumb…

  6. Somebody is stirring up national pride again, sounds like somebody is ready for another war to begin.
    Just saying!

    Thanks for dropping by. Interesting comment and one I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of. The gov’t prob reads all our tweets anyway, now they’ll just have them on file. Still seems a waste of time and money to me – this isn’t really indicative of our culture — at least I hope not. I’d rather the Library of Wrongness focus on art, literature, documents that have true historical value, etc. But what do I know…I’m just a simple taxpaying blogger. 🙂

  7. One question: Why?
    Two answers. Serious: It’s cultural and archival evidence that we existed. Not-so-serious: Because they have nothing better to do than sift through 140 character nonsense under the guise of documented history. Dumb IMHO.
    Thanks for your visit!

  8. Its not so much for cultural evidence but much more for data retention purposes. You know, to look for terrorists or for evidence at Judicial courts or hearings of cyber criminals. Its more about the raw data thats inside twitter than preserving American ideas forever in a data center.
    This is my analysis of why they would like to archive all of this micro blogged non-sense. Sorry if I offended anyone who uses twitter.

    You are entitled to your opinion – I use Twiter and I wasn’t offended by what you said. Thanks for stopping by my humble blog! 🙂

  9. Yes, I did hear something about that. What a waste of monies and time.

    How many write a letter or thank you note, by hand any more?

    Great post!

    The waste of money and time seems to be the prevailing opinion so far. I just thought it odd. MUAH!

  10. You know what they say….vinyl is final and so is anything you put out on the internet.
    Well, actually I didn’t know they said that…snort! But you’re right once you put it out there, it’s out there for the world to see. As for tweets I think what they’re going to find is alot of just silliness and a few people trying to push their business and some just staying in touch with friends, etc. I figure the tweets of Ashton Kutcher could probably fill up the Library all by themselves! LOL

  11. Just think that our Cheese cutter society will be there for future scholars to read. LOL. and the ramblings of Emma Lou :-)Woof
    One of the first topics I thought about was our Cheesecutters and then I thought about all the martini jokes – the Slaptinis etc. And all the goofy nonsense from my dog. Yeah…great legacy…the future world will know for sure that I am a raving lunatic who spent her hours cluttering up cyberspace. Crap on a crutch. 😉

  12. Wow, I’m on twitter and I didn’t even hear of this. My question would be “why?” too but I’m sure the answer still wouldn’t satisfy me, lol. At least Congress will know what books I’ve read, LOL. 🙂 Nice blog EmmaLou.
    Hi Mary – I guess they think it has value as documentation of our society. By the way, EmmaLou is my dog. The blogwriter is me – you can call me Linda. 🙂 thanks for visiting me! EmmaLou waves a paw in your direction!

  13. I don’t mind our activities being archived on the Library of Congress. The historians there know what’s up. The internet is the new “publishing” format and can hold a treasure trove of new ideas in the forms of words, pictures, and videos. This generation is writing more, but in the form of the internet.

    I view it as a beautiful occurrence. Twitter details the workings of the lives of everyday men and women. This however can reflect badly on a culture as future peoples could come across some very vapid and superficial tweets. Either way, it makes no difference because American popular culture at it’s current state is not up to par with what it should be.

    I guess people will look back and say “man, those were some messed up people”. But if you want a real cop-out for people’s behavior, just blame it on the times.

    I think it’s an interesting project and will definitely cement a piece of the puzzle in history that might have been missing otherwise.

    A good summation of my thoughts on this. I just hope they find the other puzzle pieces so we are put in proper perspective as a society. Thanks for dropping in!

  14. The cultural impact of social networking cannot be overlooked, despite the fact that it’s just seen as idle internet chatter. It has changed the way we completely relate to people and the world. Just something to keep in mind.

    Couldn’t agree with you more – part of the technological revolution. Just wish I’d thought of it first – would be rolling in dough now. sigh…Thanks for coming to see me!

  15. I wonder how they’re going to display the archive?

    I thought Twitter was also searchable, unless you have the privacy filter on…which makes me wonder, is Congress going to archive the private ones? (They probably could.)
    I don’t know that it will be viewable by the general public. Capturing the DM’s makes the issue very dicey on the part of privacy – as in gee we don’t have any anymore do we? George Orwell is just laughing in his grave. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Yea, can’t stand Twitter myself! But the sad thing is, we don’t know what other rubbish is being archived for posterity!
    I enjoy Twitter as a quick way to say hi to friends and have a little fun when I have free time. I don’t have a business to advertise – I just like to chat and laugh. I think we have to err on the side of everything is being held for posterity now. We know there are cameras everywhere now and our phone calls can be heard – so why not save everything on the net, too and go through it? I used to worry about privacy – but it’s a losing battle these days – nothing is private anymore unless it is your thoughts and you keep them to yourself. Thanks for dropping by!

  17. OHG. I tweet more than once a day. The idea of my great grandchildren (if I ever have any) reading this stuff has me ROFL. Well I’ve got to get back to Twitter -TTFN (just remembered that’s a pre-computer expression).
    I discussed it today w/my hairdresser, Buffy the Mane Slayer. She is adamantly against any social networking at all, preferring instead to keep her privacy. I reminded her of cameras, NSA listening to our phone calls, and the fact any yahoo can go on the internet and for a few bucks acquire a complete history of anybody. So who cares if my tweets are kept for posterity? Not me. I figure I gave up privacy the day 4 years ago I started my first blog. Thanks for coming to see me!

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