Today? A Fairy Tale Methinks…

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Luvenwahr there was a young maiden named Silvan; kind, sweet and the prettiest maiden in all the land.  She lived in a small country manor with her father, her wicked stepmother and an ugly stepsister named Drusilla.  It was not the happiest of homes, but the lovely young Silvan sang as sweetly as the birds in the morning and nothing could make her lose her joy for life.

Silvan’s father, a successful and respected merchant for the King was often away for long periods of time procuring goods, leaving the poor child at the mercy of her wicked stepmother.  Silvan’s hard-hearted stepmother lavished her attention on her own daughter, Drusilla, a young woman downright unattractive, with a shrill voice, and a penchant for playing nasty tricks on the lovely Silvan. Silvan would find the gowns her father bought her ripped or muddied.  Her stepsister would eat not only her portion of breakfast but Silvan’s as well, and Silvan would go hungry.  She was pinched and bullied on a constant basis.  But the lovely Silvan never complained to her father. Nay, she was strong and brave and returned her stepfamily’s nastiness with only kindness and love.  The wicked stepmother had great plans in store for her daughter, Drusilla.  She was determined that Drusilla would be a Princess one day.  Her stepdaughter could rot.

Silvan cheerfully did whatever her stepmother wished and continued to smile and sing while doing her chores.  Yes, Silvan was the perfect maiden.  She would never harm her stepsister nor talk unkindly to her wicked stepmother. Knowing how much her dear father loved the stepmother and daughter, Silvan would never disappoint him by treating them with less than respect.  So she remained in the background, treated as a lowly servant.

It was known throughout their small hamlet that the future King of Luvenwahr, the handsome Prince, would soon ride through on his annual survey of his father’s vast holdings.  Silvan’s father invited the Prince to stay at his home during his journey through the kingdom.  Wicked stepmother knew this was her chance to introduce her daughter to the Prince knowing he would naturally fall in love with her. And so the wicked stepmother planned a sumptuous banquet in honor of the Prince. All the important people in their hamlet were invited to the fete.  Wicked stepmother knew surely it would be this night (given the wine held out) that the Prince would be captivated by Drusilla and ask her to be his Princess.

The banquet hall filled to overflowing, the Prince was enjoying himself, full of the finest wine and was being polite to the not-so-lovely Drusilla.  But the lovely maiden Silvan was nowhere to be found.  Her father queried his wife only to be told that Silvan had become ill and could not attend. Silvan’s father was concerned but the wicked stepmother assured him Silvan would be fine and he should concentrate on ensuring the Prince of Luvenwahr was happy.  And so the merchant went back to his hosting duties assured his sweet daughter would be fine and there would be other opportunities for her to meet the Prince in future.

Unbeknownst to her father, Silvan was not ill.  In fact, she lay on her bed weeping softly.  Alas, her beautiful gown had been ripped to shreds, beyond repair.  With nothing to wear she kept to her rooms.  Dressed plainly Silvan crept out of the manor hoping perchance to catch a glimpse of the Prince of Luvenwahr and mayhap hear some music.  Seeking solace, Silvan went to the stable to share the company of her gentle mare.

With the feasting over and Drusilla hanging on him, the Prince felt in need of some fresh air.  He told his host he wished to partake of a walk around the grounds.  Wicked stepmother and Drusilla offered their company, but the Prince assured the ladies he would return soonest.  As the Prince of Luvenwahr walked the grounds of the small manor, he heard the loveliest music coming from the direction of the stables.  To his ears it was as if a choir of angels sang.  Upon entering he noticed a beautiful young woman singing to a dappled mare.  The Prince thought this maiden the loveliest he had ever seen and her voice filled him with a joy he had heretofore never experienced.  Instantly smitten, he approached the young maiden, who quickly curtseyed and kept her eyes down; shamed by being caught.  He asked her name and Silvan had no choice but to reply. After all this was the future King of Luvenwahr.  Hearing Silvan was the daughter of his host; the Prince took her hand and led her from the stables back to the banquet hall.  They entered the room hand in hand and a hush fell over the guests. The Prince called to the merchant, “Why pray tell is your lovely daughter not a part of this feast?”  Silvan’s father gasped and cried out, “Silvan my love, I thought you ill and taken to your bed.”  He then presented his daughter to the Prince.  The wicked stepmother fainted and Drusilla turned shades of green in her hatred and envy of her stepsister.

All the plotting and scheming of the wicked stepmother was for naught, for it was the lovely Silvan who captured the heart of the Prince.  The future King of Luvenwahr announced to the gathered guests he had surely found his Princess and there were shouts of “Huzzah, Huzzah” from all those gathered.

 And so this tale ends happily thus proving that, yes, all is fair in Luvenwahr.


14 thoughts on “Today? A Fairy Tale Methinks…

  1. I saw it coming and it was still a great tale. Huzzah!
    I hate it when someone says that…it’s like telling a joke and someone shouts out “Oh I’ve heard this and it’s funny!” If there’s a next time, pls don’t tell me. Sounds silly, but it just takes all the fun out of it for me. 🙂

  2. Huzzah, Huzzah!!!

    Usually when I write a fairy tale it’s only the peasants who cry Huzzah but this time I left the peasants out of the story. No fairy tale is complete without at least one Huzzah! thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ha! I was pronouncing it a “Loovenvahr” until the punch line.
    I was afraid that might happen – too much German influence on me afraid. LOL

  4. Huzzah to you and Happy Friday. Although this Drusilla was mean and sucky, it made me think of MY Drucilla, the lovely lady that taught me how to make jewelry… so go forth and do not judge all Drusillas because there is one…one that rocks. And yes, this is a test comment because I’m an idiot and I can’t get my wordpress name link thingie to work.
    I didn’t like this Drusilla which is why I spelled her name w/an S – I also know a lovely Drucilla. Obviously yours knew her jewelry-making business since the jewelry you make is so fabulous. All links are now working my lovely.

  5. I am like so dense sometimes. I was sitting here reading, and get to the last line, and all I was thinking was, “Did she put two German words together that mean Love and War.” Then reading the comments I, uh, get this “duh” moment. Yup, totally dense at times. It must be because it is 4am and bedtime for me. And I haven’t even had my p*lls yet. Good thing I waited to take them, and read this first.

    God bless.
    Well, Devoted Spouse laughed outloud so that was good enough for me! LOL

  6. Oh you are just awful.
    I should have seen that one coming!
    Well if u ever do, don’t tell me – pet peeve. LOL

  7. Amazing story with an amazing ending. Have an amazing day! 🙂 Isn’t it nice it is all amazing? lol
    I’m simply amazed u think it’s amazing. Amazing you managed to read the entire story coz it got a bit long-winded there. I’m amazed I have this many comments. Frankly, I’m always amazed anybody even shows up here. Amazing. LOL Thanks for dropping in sweetie! You’re amazing!

  8. I called you a name at the end!!! One I save for only my closest of friends. Good one.
    Giggling like crazy – glad I caught ya! Sometimes girls just wanna have fun…I love writing fractured fairy tales and used to regularly regale my coworkers with them and manage to weave in something official that was due at the same time. So much fun. I live for puns. 🙂

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