It’s Not About the Cleavage – Quit Cleaving to It So Publicly



Many of my 11 faithful readers know that I spend an inordinate amount of time on Social Networking sites such as Twitter and FaceBook and then of course you can usually find me around the blogosphere too.  On blogs,  one normally finds a nice picture of the blogger so you can get an idea of whose work it is you are reading.  Those who are concerned about privacy issues (and face it people anyone can find anyone these days – so give it up and get over it) will insert a picture of a nice flower or some other such item as their “gravatar” of choice.  The same usually goes for FaceBook where, much like Cheers, everybody knows your name.

For some bizarre reason I cannot fathom on Twitter the pictures (or avatars) used of many women are just chock full of cleavage; major boobage spilling out the front of whatever and the picture is so concentrated on the “girls” that there isn’t even a face included.  Now if I want to get to know your boobs, well, okay then let’s take a good look.  But frankly, I’m not interested in how squished together your mammaries are, nor do I care how humongous they may be in that little picture.  And here’s the real kicker…if that’s what you portray to the Twitter world, I’m not going to follow you because there’s a good bet you have nothing of any value to say to me, or anyone else for that matter.

My friend Sueanne will  back me up on this as she has attempted to help ladies understand how to handle boobage on her own fashionista blog (with the help of her extraordinary handcrafted jewelry…shop from her, trust me).  And I know we both agree on this point — if all you bring to the Twitter table is your “pointies” – hit the road. 

Really, ladies, I know many of us fantasize about being strumpets with our leather or lace, etc.  But on Twitter where the entire world is watching – kindly cover up and use a little good taste when choosing how we all see you and your assets.  

Class dismissed…I need to get back to tweeting something terribly important…sigh…




11 thoughts on “It’s Not About the Cleavage – Quit Cleaving to It So Publicly

  1. I use a photo from a 1949 yearbook because I’m too lazy to get a good picture of myself. I take all the photos at our house so usually there are none of me.
    I am not photogenic, but Devoted Spouse actually captured what I consider an acceptable pic – it’s the same one as here on the blog. I hate having my pic taken.

  2. Good point lady. That seems to be a major pet peeve of more than a few women. Don’t get me wrong, I like that area but I’d rather know how your mind works by your writings instead of seeing body sections. That would be like a guy putting a pic of his junk up instead of his face. I’d rather see a pic of his kneecap or one of his ears if’n he don’t want us to see his face.
    Thank you for showing that there is a voice of reason in men. LOL No junk pics pls men or women. Drives me insane – block, block, block. 🙂

  3. Some day the boobage flashers will have pictures to show their grandkids…or rather their grandkids will find them while surfing the web. Now that’s something to keep in mind.

    I’ll stick with Gavin holding my place for me. He’s much better looking than I am.
    I saw a pic of you from the conf you attended and you are much better looking than Gavin no matter how cute he is! Silly woman! I truly like to see who I’m commenting on or discussing with or just talking to. Funny quirk of mine I guess. I changed my avatar on Twitter to a lovely painting of a red-headed angel and no one talked to me. Go figure. So back to my pic I went.

  4. Thanks for this post. I’m all for modesty! @juliebavi
    Yup – me too! Don’t wanna see ur bellybutton piercing – don’t care ’bout your tramp stamp, pull those pants up! And God made buttons for a reason! LOL

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with you! I know what boobs look like; I see ’em everyday. I don’t need to see anyone else’s thankyouverymuch!
    You summed it up just perfectly thanks! 🙂

  6. I pretty much agree with the comments of the others. I am very much in favour of modesty.

    I’ve never heard them called “pointies” before – very funny 🙂

    Nor have I ever heard as “simstone” called other things “junk” that made me laugh too.

    I am learning quite a lot from your blog. 🙂
    Sweetie – u never heard “pointies” coz I made it up – and as for simstone’s remark re “junk” – you’re living on the other side of the ocean baby – that’s classic Americanese. LOL Stick around – we’ll teach ya all you need to know! Hugs comin’ at ya!

  7. I agree Twitter and or Facebook needs a boob blocker, I have denied several followers on twitter for the simple fact that they only show cleavage, If your a lady and have some class you won’t show your cleavage on a social network for your avatar. There are times that my son hovers over me when I’m on Face book, I don’t need him looking at buxom boobs just yet..
    Can’t remember the last time I saw or heard the word “buxom” – has a nice ring to it…but I still don’t want to see them online! 🙂

  8. Oh, I can top the boob pictures. I received a”So-and-so is now following you on Twitter” notification and the photo was of Miss Thing on her hands and knees from behind, sans underwear, if you get my meaning. This lovely photo was included in the e-mail notification.

    After rinsing my retinas with bleach, I filed a formal complaint with Twitter. Oh, and I did not allow that person to follow me.

    I still shudder when I think of it.
    Oh honey – we’ve ALL had Brittany follow us at one time or another – we call her the Microphone girl…nudge, nudge, wink, wink. I’ve blocked her time and time again and complained to Twitter. She’s been gone for awhile now…hope I’m not asking for trouble to show up at my tweethouse. (shudders)

  9. So sad that there is so much importance placed on that area of a female, which has then caused so many women to have the implants put into their body. Then with all the problems so many women have suffered due to the implants, makes one wonder if it is worth it.

    We, women as a group, need to quit judging each other by our looks and show that it is what is inside of us that counts. Ones looks can be taken away in a second, but what is in our hearts and minds lasts our lifetime. Our outer casing “body”, changes as we grow older, gain weight, have babies, change hair color, lose our hair, and so many things, happen to what is on the outside. Our souls, our feelings, our loves, our happiness, our treatment of others, is what truly counts.

    Why some women let theirselves be degraded by men, and even other women is beyond most of our comprehension.

    Women need to have some self respect if they want respect from others. With all the crap put out there by the entertainment industry, is it any wonder why there is such degradation towards women in general. In some weird way it is almost like they are prostituting theirselves, just not sexually, well maybe it is sexually, just not outright sex.

    This is probably the root of the problem as to why these women are showing so much cleavage, cleavage, buttocks, pointies, etc, are in front of us everywhere. Children see this all day long, and grow up thinking this is the norm.

    Some things have advanced too far, and not in a good way. So very sad.

    God bless.
    Once again, I agree with ya sweetie.

  10. .Thanks for “supporting” me in this matter Linda. As I said in my radio interview on this topic, what’s more important is what’s between your ears, not below your neck. But for crying out loud, support those girls so my jewelry can continue to look fabulous, ladies. : )
    We are so in agreement here – boobage managed correctly is an asset not an in-your-face-omg-I’m-suffocating situation. And absolutely the correct jewelry (that would be yours of course) is important for that oh-so-fabulous look. I should know dahlink. 🙂

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