It’s All Random

I’m borrowing the theme for today as well as the cute little button up above from my bloggy friend Michele.  It’s Tuesday, and I’m feeling random…actually I’m just all over the place today.  It’s a case of too many things to do and not knowing where to start.  So today I’m gonna ramble a little randomly and you’ll just have to settle for that.

My first random thought is I absolutely adore Sam Champion – if you aren’t familiar with morning tv, he’s only THE weather forecaster from NYC on Good Morning America.  This is the happiest man in the world and watching him tell me about the news always makes me smile.  He can be standing in the midst of a hurricane and he will still laugh at something.  That’s my kinda person.  So imagine my dismay as I’m sitting in church Sunday and my pastor comes out with this sage advice…..”Don’t watch “Bad Morning America”.  WHAT?  Not watch my beloved Sam Champion?  I don’t think so.  Okay, I understood what he was saying and when you put it in context he was talking about our general obsession with news and nonsense of the day.  I get it.  But I’ll give up CNN…I’ll quit reading our local pitiful newspaper, I’ve got NO PROBLEM  skipping Regis and Kelly whats-her-name…but I am not leaving my Sam.  Nope, not gonna do it.  I need me some Sam.

Random thought Number 2:  Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Justice.  That made me laugh almost as much as just watching Sam Champion; but with Sam it’s a happy laugh; with Hillary it was a laugh caused by mass panic.  Hallelujah for rumors and finding out the rumors are not true.  Breathing easier now.

Another random thought flies through my head….I’m really, I mean really, getting tired of all the brouhaha going on with the Pope and whether or not he allowed a “bad priest” to stick around.  Ya know – I got issues with the Pope period.  If that man would go into his Pope Palace and make a few wise decisions to sell some of the HUGE art collection and then take that money and…oh, I dunno…maybe feed the poor and help the hurting people around the world….I think I would have more respect for him.   I don’t remember reading any parable in the bible about amassing the wealthiest church in the world in order to love your brother.  Nope, seems to me I remember something about Jesus advising one to sell all their goods and follow him.  Between the ridiculous celibacy issue (and no I can find nowhere that celibacy for anyone serving the church is biblical), the amazing pain that some priests have caused children and others,  and the outrageous display of wealth, I’m about fed up with the Catholic hierarchy.   No hate mail, please, remember these are MY random thoughts. 

More random garbage from my brain…I’m sick of hearing of Conan O’Brien and now that he’s going to TBS…well, congratulations; can we talk about something else now?  Like which celebrity is sexting whom?  Yeah, I haven’t had enough of Jesse or Tiger — (yes that’s sarcasm; if I hear one more story about these people I may strangle myself to put me out of my misery.)  The next big hype is going to be the book about to come out by that illustrious biographer (more sarcasm) Kitty Kelly on everybody’s favorite, Oprah (uh-huh more sarcasm).  News is dear Kitty interviewed something like 800 folks for this books; one of whom was John Tesch (remember him) and John Tesch actually admits to having a fling with Oprah.  I’m sorry – the visual is making my eyes bleed and I may indeed simply implode.  Ick Factor 12.

Okay last random thought…I got such a kick out of a recent interview of our president as he was asked about Sarah Palin’s skewering of him on nukes and you could see his face — the man was totally ticked – and he came out with this lame response about how he didn’t  think Sarah was too knowledgeable about nuclear weapons — I just snorted coz I’m not so sure he knows much about it either.  Personally, I think we’re all in a heap of trouble but that’s going down a road I don’t want to travel – I try not to get political here.  I just laugh at all these people snarking back and forth at each other.  It’s always somebody’s else’s fault, isn’t it?

It’s time  – Sam is on “Let’s get to the boards” (happy sigh)  – so I get some blinding smiles now.  Come back tomorrow; I’m gonna talk about boobs…sigh…

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10 thoughts on “It’s All Random

  1. That Sam I am, that Sam I am. Oh how I do love that Sam I am!!! Thanks for a wonderful tribute to my favorite weatherman.
    He’s my fav too – NOBODY disses my Sam – he’s the ray of sunlight (apart from Devoted Spouse mind you) in my day every day and I’m never giving him up. Love me some Sam!

  2. What, no random muse of shoes? What a Croc of ruby slippered crap on a crutch.

    My fave Sam of all time? Sammy Davis, Jr who is quoted as saying, “Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.” Is it happy hour yet…somewhere?
    Swee’pea shoes are your forte or should I say foote not mine. Leave my Crocs outta it! LOL I always liked Sammy too – I was a bit on the young side for the Rat Pack – but I remember watching them when I was a child and to this day I love anything sung by Dean Martin – that man had a voice – Frank Sinatra was no slouch either. Man, I’m gettin’ old…would ya send me some orthopedic Crocs please? You’re so good to me…

  3. Sam Champion is definitely a hottie and a half 🙂
    He is cute as a button and has a grin the size of the whole United States. He always cheers me up whether (weather?) the sun is shining or not. Love that man. Love that laugh!

  4. Our priests can be married, if they are married before they are ordained. Makes life interesting in seminary. The Orthodox gave a big thumbs down to the Pope 1000 years ago.

    John Tesch and Oprah? Gak!

    Who says a big dinner makes you sleepy?
    Hi sweetie – I don’t get the celibacy thing at all – I know historically why it was instituted and sorry but it was not for biblical reasons it was due to tremendous corruption in the church way back in the Dark Ages – it’s time to stop this nonsense but who am I to tell the Pope what to do? Then again, seems to me biblically speaking the Pope is irrelevant – we all now have direct to access to God through Jesus Christ. Pretty simple – don’t need the Pope, don’t need to confess to a priest – I just talk to my Heavenly Father. Ezy pzy. But that’s just my opinion and I don’t want to offend Catholics out there – and there are so many wonderful Catholics, don’t get me wrong. My grandmother was Catholic and always took me to Mass and gave me all the saints medals and the cards and what-have-you but my father was adamant – we were Lutheran and that was that. My poor grandmother.

    As for the big split – yeah I studied that in one of my Christian History classes early in seminary journey – I love history of the early church – fascinating stuff. I dunno sometimes I think we place our emphasis on the wrong stuff – on people who are “special” and we elevate them when we oughta have our sights on Jesus instead. But I’m starting to preach and people hate that….let’s talk John Tesch and Oprah – I am so thoroughly grossed out I may never be able to listen to his music again. Blechhhh.

    I’m a bit slow today swee’pea – big dinner sleepy comment I don’t get. Sorry. ‘Splain to me. (giggles)

    Hugs and blessings to you and my best to the Mrs.!

  5. I was referring to Oprah’s long standing (and profitable) battles with her weight. Hey, I lay a few eggs, sometimes.

    In our church it’s not so much as an either/or, but a both/and. When I screw up I certainly can say, “Oh! Crap On A Crutch! Forgive me, Lord.” But if were talking trends (having a problem with anger, lust, whatever) then it helps to talk it out. My priest usually gives me an hour, we sit face to face (no booths) and talk about whatever is on my mind, a free shrink at my disposal. At the end we go and pray the prayers of confession…the priest is a witness and there to assure me of God’s forgiveness…and he prays for me with his arm around me. He will give me advice, but nothing like “Say 47 Hail Mary’s” for penance.

    It’s really quite healing. I wrote in my last (scandalous) post about struggling with guilt for 17 years over something I did. Confession had a major role in breaking most of the power of that particular guilt over me. Sometimes you just need human ears. I could never come to terms with it “just me and Jesus.” But that could just be my particular neuroses. Hugs, big sis!
    Slaps forehead and screams OH that’s what u meant – get it. Got it.
    Now – I didn’t go into enuf detail to make myself understood because this wasn’t a posting about religion – I’m not saying we ONLY need to talk to God thru Jesus – I’m saying He has given us that opportunity now. I often talk to my own pastor(s) about issues in my life and recently I had tremendous guilt issues with the ongoing illness and upcoming death of the Stepmonster and I simply couldn’t handle what I was going through and I turned to one of my pastors who helped me tremendously work my way thru what I was experiencing and assured me of God’s undying love, mercy, compassion and understanding as far as what I felt I had done was concerned – so Yes absolutely we need our spiritual leaders’ guidance and help and confessing your sins in front of others is biblical – it is important to confess – I’m simply saying I don’t agree that the ONLY source is the little box and anonymously confessing to a priest – I like the face-to-face interaction I get and when my Mentor pastor puts his arm around my shoulder or lays hands on me and prays it is a tremendous help to me and a real gift from God. So – don’t misunderstand me – priests have their place, I don’t dispute that – my point is if I want to talk to God I can now talk to God. I was brought up to believe that you didn’t talk to God – you only talked to your Pastor and he did the talking to God on your behalf. Not so. We all have direct access any time we want. And I do agree with you that there are times in our life when talking it out w/Jesus is great, but we need other ears as well. Religion needs to be relational – relationship w/God and His Son and with other believers is so important.
    peace lil bro

  6. I’m so scattered lately I can’t get enough random thoughts together to make a post!
    I’m struggling too – and I think it’s showing in the quality of my posts. Must be spring. Pretty soon I’m gonna take a little blog break I think to let the creative juices mix around in my brain again! LOL

  7. I think John Tesch is trying to revive his ‘career’.

    No hate mail for me about the Pope. I’m still trying to figure out a way to kick him out of the Vatican – that place would make a really great fortress in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse.
    I’m afraid John Tesch is simply desperate – has anyone actually heard from him lately? Didn’t think so. The Zombie Apocalypse could never breach the walls of the Fatican. Excellent idea. Thanks for stopping in.

  8. Keely is the one that came up with the button I just pass along the love. John Tesch and Oprah? There is so much wrong with that picture.
    I’m a little slow…but I figured that out LOL. Yeah it’s wrong. ick

  9. Okay, I have not got a clue as to who Sam I Am is, well you know since I am never awake during that time to watch that show.

    And you know I am scared about things too and won’t go there for now well except to say that a lot of people are bugging him and he just keeps blaming everyone for everything wrong except for where the blame actually lays, which is with him and his cronies.

    And I have said for years that if the Pope would just sell one jewel encrusted robe, he could probably feed almost every hungry person in the word for, oh lets say, a month. Have you seen one of those robes used for just one ceremony, let alone all the land the church owns. The sad thing is that when a case against them is won it is the people who go to that church who lose. The higher ups are always protected.

    I am so glad that my parents converted when I was a kid and started going to a different church. My mom went to Catholic School and too many scary nun stories for me. I would have been in trouble if I had been sent there.

    I like being able to talk to God and Jesus on my own and to not have to go through someone else to do it. Just another thing I am thankful for that they switched. Although it is a good thing that people have a belief in God and for those that do not, well that is another story. Who is right, well I think it is all about “Faith”. My faith, your faith, their faith, one has gotta have faith.

    God bless.
    Sam I Am refers to Sam Champion the witty and fun weather forecaster on Good Morning America. He is one of my favorite people because he always has this infectious laugh – AND I actually got a Tweet from him this morning. Woot!

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