At Least This Way They Learned Something…

Ya’ll know (at least my 11 faithful readers) that I am a Lifetime Endowment member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and proud of it.  Ya’ll also know I practice shooting at the range frequently with Devoted Spouse who is also a Lifetime Endowment member of the NRA and is a licensed concealed carry expert.  So I know a little about firearms.  I like them.  I have a healthy appreciation and appropriate respect for them, and most importantly I know how and am not afraid to use one.  That should pretty well sum up my position.

Ya’ll also know I get my blog postings from what goes on around me and some days I see things that I hardly can believe let alone write about.  Today is one of those days.  Sorry as much as I tried to make this humorous it is not a “Ha-Ha” subject. 

Not too far from here there was a Police Academy Instructor who “accidentally” shot himself in his upper thigh during a gun demonstration in front of a bunch of police recruits.  This man, fully qualified, was demonstrating the use of a 9mm Smith & Wesson semi-automatic and he shot himself.  The flippin’ idiot shot himself — in front of police recruits.  Crap on a crutch.

The news article said the students were “disturbed.”  Ya think?  What kind of dork (and a fully trained one at that) shoots himself in the leg during a demonstration?  I’ll tell you what kind.  The kind who isn’t paying attention. 

You can have all the training in the world…you can be a first class shooter…you can have been working with weapons for 30 years, and it only takes one second to make a mistake.  Complacency, being in a hurry, not checking your weapon to make sure there is no bullet left in the chamber when you are done…there are many things that can happen. It is easy to get distracted and when you have a loaded weapon in your hand distraction is not an option.  Stupidity is not an excuse. 

Stories like this one drive me insane because they give the “anti-gun” faction the ammunition they need (pardon the pun) to call all of us who DO use guns “dangerous.”  These stories also add fuel to the fire to allow our government to regulate/and or take away our rights to own and bear arms – rights which we still have last time I checked the 2nd Amendment and lemme tell ya – ain’t nobody gonna take my guns away from me. 

So, yeah, cut me some slack coz today’s blog isn’t real funny unless you get a kick out of this idiot who shot himself when he should have known better.  And once again I feel compelled to remind you guys of the Basic Rules of Gun Safety:

  1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
  4. KNOW your target and what is beyond.  Think first; shoot second.
  5. KNOW how to use your gun safely – get trained before you go shooting.
  6. BE sure your gun is safe to operate.  Maintain it just like any tool you would clean and keep in good working order.
  7. USE only the correct ammunition for your gun.
  8. ON the range, use eye and ear protection – trust me this stuff is loud.
  9. NEVER fire your weapon while under the influence of alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, prescription or other drugs.  Even cold medicine can hamper your ability to shoot safely.
  10. STORE guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons – two words kids:  gun safe

I remember the first time Devoted Spouse took me shooting – and he had given me lessons prior.  And STILL I unwittingly held my finger on the trigger of a loaded gun before I was ready to shoot — he quickly put his hand on my gun which lowered it and we had a little talk.  Not long after, we took a friend shooting with us – and I had to teach her the same lesson.  You put your finger on that trigger and the gun is loaded you best be prepared to shoot that weapon.  And I’m hoping you are aiming at a paper target.  If you are aiming at an intruder in your home (which is now protected by the Castle Law at least here in OH) you best be prepared to kill that intruder coz he will have no qualms whatsoever over killing you and your family. 

The instructor who shot himself is embarassed, as well he should be.  I imagine he won’t be teaching at that academy any time soon.  I believe his license should be pulled and he should be required to take additional training. 

This can happen to anyone – while guns are a wonderful recreational hobby, they can kill you in an instant.

Be safe kids – pay attention.  And I’ll see you on the pistol range…soon…sigh…

(Here’s where I got the rules:  NRA Gun Safety Rules )


11 thoughts on “At Least This Way They Learned Something…

  1. I’m sure more than a few of those “disturbed” recruits were peeing their pants laughing at the first opportunity. Especially if the instructor was a pompous jerk.
    You know I wondered at the use of the word “disturbed” also – I would have been in hysterics because that is the dumbest thing an instructor could possibly do, short of shooting someone else in the class.

  2. Very sad when anyone gets hurts with a weapon. And this does provide fodder for those anti 2nd Amendments rights people, or, okay I will not say. The thing they do not realize is that it is not guns that kill, it “is” people. I read something that said because guns are banned in England, that the killers there just use knives, and they have some mighty big knives. Something the size of a machete is often used by the crooks. Seriously a weapon is a weapon, and you can try to take all the weapons away, but a killer will just find another thing to use as a weapon.

    So should we take the butter knives away, the forks, ice picks, scissors, box cutters, well you get the picture. Oh heck what are we going to do with all the freaking rocks out there.

    The truth is, a weapon is a weapon, and where there is a will, there is a way.

    Governments who want to take away their citizens rights to bear arms, is just a government who wants to force their beliefs upon their people by taking away their rights to protect theirselfs from the tyranny of a controlling government. Once a people lose their ability to protect their liberties, and cannot stand up and protect theirself from an oppressive government, then they become the enslaved.

    I see this happens all over the world, and it has happened throughout the history of mankind.

    So please keep on going to the shooting range and someday if need be, some will stand behind you and let you protect them, while hopefully, many of us will be standing there beside you helping.

    And you know how I feel about weapons. Oh yeah, love that M-16, just wish I could have kept mine. Sigh.

    God bless.

    I agree with you that a weapon is a weapon and the bad guys will use anything they can so taking away the guns does no good. I am partial to my baby – my 380 Bersa – that’s what I practiced with the other day at the range (plus my 22) and I surprised myself – the back must be healing because I hit quite a few bullseyes and my hand no longer shakes. Plus all the standing really didn’t bother my back too much. Tried shooting last year and it killed my back so that’s good news – I must be healing praise God.

  3. Your article shows you’re fully qualified to apply for the recent position err…created at your neighboring PD academy.

    Rules 11. + 12.

    11. Don’t mess an angry woman with a loaded weapon.

    12. Don’t mess with an angry woman with a credit card who hasn’t hit the limit yet.
    I agree with #11 but only if it involves an intruder in my home who is brandishing a weapon endangering me and my loved ones – otherwise I don’t make jokes about loaded weapons, period. Truly I take this very seriously. As to #12 – damn skippy ROFL hmmm mama needs some new shoes…

  4. Yowza! At any point, I think those recruits learned a valuable lesson. Not the one that was intended, of course, but a valuable one nonetheless!
    I’m glad none of them were hurt – Gun accidents are quite common because people don’t pay attention and I just expected better of an instructor. But it proves that it CAN happen to anyone.

  5. Having just taken my Concealed Weapons Carry Permit test I am all too familiar with these rules. To me it’s just common sense. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t have an over abundance of common sense. As for the instructor, I’m nearly at a loss for words. Training with a live weapon??? WTH was he thinking?
    Well, they were police recruits – so I can understand training with live ammo – but he should have known better. It just disappoints me when someone who is so well trained makes such a stupid mistake. Good for yu on ur Concealed Carry – I need to sign up and get that done. On the list. I did go shooting the other day and was quite surprised at how well my back held up. It was so much fun to get out there again!

  6. I bet that hurt, his leg and his pride. I have always been quite impressed that you know how to shoot a gun. Please don’t think I am being wimpish but they absolutely terrify me.

    You know now that I spent the grand total of three weeks in the Royal Air Force and they told me part of my training would be to learn to shoot guns. I was so glad I left before I had my lessons.

    I am so pleased you have a hobby you enjoy.

    Happy shooting 🙂

    My best wishes to you.

    Yes I would imagine the old male ego hurt worse than the bullet wound! I didn’t know you were in the RAF – I never would have made it in any of the Services for even 3 weeks – the Basic Training would have killed me! So I married a military man instead – all the benefits without the pain. LOL Yeah, can’t wait to get back out to the range again – that was so much fun – I’m so amazed my back is holding up. Hugs!

  7. It’s been a while since I was on the range. DH has been talking about going when we can find time–not easy right now with his Mother back in her home.

    I read about the instructor on Lee Lofland’s blog The Graveyard Shift

    Unfortunately, accidents do happen when one is distracted. DH was a Police Tactical Firearms Instructor and was shocked when he read it.
    Yeah it was hard for both of us to read because it was so unbelievable.

  8. Wow…what a story. This should have been a tv comedy – not real life!
    It’s really rather sad – but it shows that accidents can and do happen even to those who are trained.

  9. I haven’t been on the range in a while myself. I started shooting weapons at age 11, ‘course back then it was a bb gun. Even so, I developed a healthy respect for guns and a love for target practice and passed that on to my son. Imagine me on 40 acres of swamp land with my .22 long saddle rifle:D

    As far as that instructor goes, I really can’t add anything in the way of a comment. Y’all covered it very nicely. I will, however, join everyone in shaking my head in disbelief that he could do such a dumb thing and in front of students at that! I’m sure everyone in that class learned a valuable lesson–especially the instructor.
    Hi – thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry he got hurt, but I’m kind of glad it happened because it was a perfect lesson for police recruits to learn – they will spend their shifts with the knowledge that at any time they might have to pull that weapon and use it and they better know what they’re doing. Gun safety is really one of my big issues as a gun owner and target shooter myself. Cheers!

  10. Hey sweetie, sorry I haven’t stopped in lately. Read my last post and you will see why. I am shutting down for awhile but I promise to stop in at least every once in awhile to see what all of you are up to.
    Take care.
    Hi baby – I’ve been very bad on reading my bloggy friends’ posts lately – too much going on in my own life. I’m headed ur way now. Love u.

  11. Not a funny moment in that post. But good info. Having lived with a life-long hunter, hunter safety instructor, concealed permit carrier (who regulary carries), multiple gun owner (what else can I think of?) for a quarter century, I know what-of you speak, sister.

    Everytime I hear of another shooting, I think, here we go with the anti’s. The only good part of that story is that the dumbell shot himself and not one of the recruits.
    You are correct – this was not a humor posting – although I laughed at his stupidity I was so thankful no one got seriously hurt and that’s what prompted me to post this – I am a proponent of gun safety and will take every opportunity to lecture the world on the subject. I love my guns – I enjoy target shooting (I don’t hunt nor does Devoted Spouse) but I know how to use that weapon. End of lecture. 🙂

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