Girl Scout Hall of Shame

An article in our local paper alerted me to the fact that several local women were about to be inducted into the local Girl Scout Hall of Fame.  I had no idea such a thing existed.  But then again I wouldn’t.  I’m not a Girl Scout.  Did I mention Devoted Spouse was an Eagle Scout?  It’s a very big deal.  Okay, I’m procrastinating…

I was deemed not worthy of the Girl Scouts.  There, I’ve said it…it’s out.  The shame of it all.  You see it all started when I was a little girl and wanted to be a Campfire Girl.  Stay with me — we’ll get to the Girl Scouts soon.  Anyway, I wanted to be a Campfire Girl — I really liked the uniforms and the little kerchiefs and my friend in my 3rd grade class wore hers to school.  It was so cool.  So I signed up – it was easy in those days. 

About the time I became a Campfire Girl they had their annual moneyraising campaign — you know all kids are required to sell things these days — well we had to sell cans of peanuts door to door.  Really.  It was so lame.  And people were so rude to us.  We were just a couple of little fat kids trying to sell peanuts.  You know the inevitable…we got bored.  We sat down on the curb and opened a can of peanuts.  One can led to another and it was quite late by the time I got home.  Wow was my dad ticked off – plus I had peanut salt and stuff all over me – it was obvious I had been on a peanut bender.

The next day I was asked to leave the Campfire Girls.  It continues to bring up shameful memories and I still am not that fond of peanuts.

Fast forward a couple of years — we have moved (no, not because of the Campfire Girl incident…at least I don’t think so).  I want to join a group – I’m such a joiner.  I find a book in the school library – The Girl Scout Handbook.  It’s green – I like green.  I check out their uniforms – they’re green — did I mention I like green?  Oooh…they get badges and stuff and they have cookies.  I like cookies.

I talk to dad and the stepmonster and they agree maybe Girl Scouts is a good choice – it will give me “direction.”  Little did they know I had inside information…there was a Girl Scout campout coming up and it was going to be a good one – far away and everything.  How cool is that.  I applied.  I talked to whatever they called the lady in charge – Girl Scout Leader?  I don’t remember what she was called but she wore this cool uniform too – it was a Girl Scout uniform for a grown woman – thinking back it was kind of dorky.  Now wait a minute…if cub scouts have Den Mothers do little Girl Scouts (brownies) have Den Mistresses?  Yikes…we need to get back on track here. 

Anyway…I wanted very badly to go to that campout with the Girl Scouts.  But the lady in charge said I had to be a Girl Scout for a certain amount of time before I could join them in a campout.  The nerve!  I was good enough to join but not good enough to go on their campout — I had to be on probation??  I was devastated.  I had the uniform all ready.  I never got to be a Girl Scout.  If I couldn’t go on their stupid campout, I wasn’t going to join their silly group of merit badge pimping….whoa let’s not get too snarky.  I admit it…I really wanted the cookies in addition to the campout. 

So I was drummed out of Campfire Girls and summarily ignored by Girl Scouts deemed unworthy of a simple campout and not allowed to sell cookies.  It has left me forever scarred.  I still have the Campfire Girls kerchief.   But I lost my Girl Scout Handbook.

And you wonder why I am the way I am…sigh


10 thoughts on “Girl Scout Hall of Shame

  1. A makeover segment for @sueannesjewelry : Wonder what our fave fashionista would do with those leaders in adult size kids uniforms?

    BTW – I’m a member of the twice failed club too; once as a Cub Scout and the second time as a Cub Scout parent. Did okay in bowling league though – lol! Great team uniform shirts. Cool shoes too. #shoebizbuzz
    I feel better now – the failure factor was really starting to affect me. As for jewelry – I’m afraid no jewels of any sort could possibly help those uniforms! Sueanne would prob say at least they aren’t all in black since no one looks good in black (her quote not mine). LOL I would add some dark green Crocs – ROFL As to bowling – I used to, but can’t now with the back – I like bowling attire too. But no rented shoes for me – blechhh. I had my own. Very cool.

  2. Do they even wear the uniform, anymore? Now it’s just a T-shirt and a vest from what I can tell.

    Selling things. I remember the popcorn that was packaged with a generous amount of some kind of artery-clogging goo…and of course the candy bars.

    An unrelated childhood memory. Do you remember those (either red or black) plastic flutes they handed out in (for me) third grade. We played those shrill things loud…and were responsible for scores of Excedrin headaches, I’m sure.

    Have a great weekend, big sis!
    Don’t pay much attention to the uniforms now – coz I’m too busy running like crazy to avoid buying the stupid cookies!!! I always feel bad when the kids show up at the door but I am vehemently opposed to parents allowing their kids to sell door to door – I don’t care if it IS for a good cause. GET AWAY FROM ME –it’s those pleading little faces that get me every time. Then I throw out the candy, popcorn, whatever. The only thing I liked that some of the kids were selling were annuals for my garden. That was acceptable. Wow, shutting up now…giggles

    Flutes? You got flutes? Crap on a crutch all I ever got was week-old graham crackers and a carton of milk that had been sitting on the flipping radiator warming up. Flutes. No wonder I had a crappy childhood – wrong schools.

    You enjoy ur weekend too lil bro! Hugs and blessings being sent ur way!

  3. I was a Brownie and I think I got bored with it and quit, plus we moved a lot so it was hard to stay in anything for any length of time, I also was in Campfires, actually in them longer then the Brownies. But I was a tomboy and ran the streets playing sports with the boys.

    Congrats to the Hall of Fame winners. Must be nice to be so stable.

    God bless.
    …stable…and let’s not forget normal…must be nice to be so normal…LOL

  4. Am so glad you aren’t a Girl Scout – filthy group in my neck of woods; posted about a GS and HER MOM who sold me cookies, did not deliver and made off with the loot. Basta!
    I know — I can’t imagine what kind of person does that. We need to bring back public flogging and pillories. I get tired of the tables of GS in our outside the grocery store – I really get tired of that. No, really! Stop yelling at me to buy your &^%&* cookies and let me leave the grocery in peace (and w/lighter pockets). Gah…

  5. As the fourth out of five daughters, all of whom were brownies and then girl scouts–I have to say I hated being forced into it. Definitely not my idea of fun.
    It was bad enough the year they sent me to this horrid summer camp but that’s another blog posting for another day. Ugh. Childhood simply sucked.

  6. As someone who did make it to a Girl Scout campout, I can tell you that you didn’t miss much!!! I hated, hated, hated Girl Scouts; many of the girls were so cliquey, and the troop leaders daughters were the worst.

    I’m also married to an Eagle Scout!
    Yes, sort of like the cheerleaders in high school – phhttt! Eagle Scouts rock! Devoted Spouse has a special wooden box with all his merit badges and whatnots – it was a very special time for him and he loved Scouting. Guess I just wasn’t cut out for that stuff. I was more the hide in the back yard under the corner tree and write type of person. Fortunately I have merit badges in life…

  7. I WAS a Girl Scout clear up until I started high school. I loved the challenges but finally decided that I had enough badges, etc. I spent the summer between my freshman & sophomore year as a counselor at camp and decided I hated little girl scouts. They were all so screamy and whiney and snotty! I think I would have made a great Boy Scout because I loved all the outdoor stuff and building stuff but alas they wouldn’t let girls in BS.
    I wanted to be a Boy Scout too coz they got to do the cool stuff with knives and such. We got to do girly stuff. Ugh.

  8. I can just imagine you eating all of those peanuts, it’s the sort of thing I would have done. I don’t think the scouting life would have suited me though.

    At out local supermarket they wait by the till, cram all of your shopping into little bags then smile sweetly while holding out their hand for a reward.

    It sounds quite cute doesn’t it? you would not believe the times I have got home to find the loaf of bread I bought is not compressed to a one inch slab.
    I was a pitiful child. Truly pitiful. I hate it when they wait for you at the grocery – you can’t get away from them — at one of our local stores these children actually yelled at me because I said no – and their mothers just sat there – I wanted to go over the smack the crap outta the little snots and explain to them about respecting your elders but that would have made me as bad as them…but oh I truly wanted to at least say something totaly sarcastic and snarky – I held my tongue and the blood ran down my chin all the way to my car…

  9. Just popping in with a quick hello.

    Sorry I’ve not been around – but so many things going
    on. Hope to be more active soon.

    Take Care!
    It’s nice to see you again old friend…I like re-connecting with my earlier bloggy friends! Hugs!

  10. I was a girl scout and was even cookie queen, which means I sold the most boxes of cookies yea my dad worked at Armours Meat packing plant and I sold over 300 boxes. any how We had a very nice leader but her daughter was very snarky and rude and I despised going to her house for our meetings. well one day in particular it was my turn to bring homemade cookies to our meeting and of course I had to bring them to school, had them in my back pack and the rude little %**## made the comment that my mom made nasty homemade cookies. which was not true all my friends loved my mom’s cookies. so I got mad I had enough of this little twit and so I doubled up my fist and punched her right in the mouth. she ended up with a fat lip and I was no longer allowed to be a girl scout.
    If I had been in that troop with you we would have been best friends and I woulda knocked the snot outta her for you! 🙂

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