Theme Thursday – Boxes


I live in a big box…a sometimes cluttered, messy box.

I collect boxes of all different sorts and sizes.

I often put others in a box and not always in the proper order.

I color outside the box all the time because that’s who I am.

I box others with fists and a mouth that can lash out quickly in anger and in haste.

I had a litter box for awhile but the cat kept using other places…then the cat died and was put in a box.

I take cereal out of the box and put it in Tupperware which is a box all its own.

Sometimes I think if I hear the phrase “think outside the box” one more time I will scream…I’d rather think outside my brain.  Now that takes some talent.

If a box falls in the woods, will anyone open it?

Speaking of boxes and woods…we just planted boxwoods…sigh

Below are a few of my own boxes and to see other Theme Thursday bloggers go here


14 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Boxes

  1. LINDA! I’m such a box person. I think I even have a box for my boxes. Oh, You think I’m kidding. No. No I am not. Wonderful post. xoxo
    I love the little boxes you use when u send ur jewelry! I keep the jewels (family? yikes!) in them so they don’t get jumbled with any other jewelry. I have tons of boxes and tins in this house – it’s an odd collection. For many years wherever we traveled I would get another box (preferably porcelain) so I have little boxes from all over the world – the white and blue one in picture is from Russia. I love boxes!

  2. Uh, I almost posted about thinking out of the box but then I thought everyone else will, so I thought out of the box and posted something different.

    Okay, I just could not help myself.

    I have a few litterboxes laying around and my cats never use them. Well there is no litter in them and they go outside. If I could just get Bud to do the same thing. My cats are so well trained. Our very first cat would not use the litterbox after he had used it a few times and would use the bathtub drain. We never took baths back then unless it was bleached and scrubbed out first. I guess that was pretty smart of him, but I have heard some cats use the toilet, and those are some smart cats.

    I like these two cats we have now cause outside in the neighbors yards is even better. They are even smarter then the cats who go in the toilets. I love these cats so much. Smart kitties that they are. Actually it is fairly easy to train them to go outside. A lot easier then the dogs. You just put the litterbox outside the back door and show them where it is and then they sit at the door and meow until you let them out there to use it. Then you take it away and they search the neighbors yard for it and give up and go where ever it is they go.

    Okay TMI about cats, but maybe someone wants to train their cats. LOL

    Just thinking out of the box here.

    Those are some beautiful boxes that you have collected. Funny how we forget that all boxes are not square shaped. I too have boxes for my boxes. But I like to collect baskets too. And I put boxes in my baskets. Not sure why. It is just that I like to divide the things up that I put in the baskets and that way it is easier to find in the basket.

    Is a basket a box without a lid?

    Is a basket with a lid a box?

    Okay, too much thinking going on here. You can tell I need to go to sleep now.

    God bless.
    Oh don’t get me started on baskets – I have boxes for my baskets and baskets for boxes and Devoted Spouse says there are entirely too many baskets in this house but what does he know? He keeps buying tools. Now I ask you, how many wrenches do you truly need?! Gah…
    BTW I forgot to mention how much I hate cats that wander outside and go poop in other people’s gardens? I once shot a cat right in his A$$ w/my target pistol as he was getting ready to spray in my garden. He took of like lightning and never returned. Unless u live on a farm cats should not be allowed to roam free outside. End of lecture. Love you, mean it.

  3. I take it you observe Boxing Day? (Dec. 26th)
    Funny you should ask. Didja know I was born in the UK? So I understand Boxing Day. And here’s the kicker… I was born ON BOXING DAY! Dec 26th is my birthday. So there. That’s my story on boxes…

  4. Love boxes and post. Never get boxed in, that’s my motto!
    Hi sweetie – thx – I don’t like getting boxed in either and try hard to always look at each new day with a sense of wonder and adventure. Sometimes it’s a wonder I can get my tired back outta bed and it’s always an adventure taking those first few aching steps…LOL

  5. As a box person, I really enjoyed your boxes. I have many of the same boxes, and love them all. Well, except for the litter box, but that’s better than the alternative.
    I read this and thought “how could she have many of the same boxes as mine?” I was thinking of the picture not what i wrote. Obviously not using that “think outside my brain” idea, huh? LOL Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Very clever. I am attracted to boxes but can look and not buy…I hate clutter!!
    You strong, lucky person you can look and not buy — I have gotten better, but some I still cannot resist. I hate clutter too so I bought a bigger house. ROFL

  7. I like this post and I also like it that you colour outside the box. More people should do that.

    The box in the top left of your picture is very similar to one I have, I keep a few petals inside it from my sisters wedding.

    My best wishes to you Linda.
    Hi sweetie – thx. The box you refer to (the red one?) is a jewelry box that my father brought back for me from Japan more years ago than you were born (since I was just a child at the time) – so it’s very old. It still plays music and is lined in pink. One of the 3 or 4 things I salvaged from my childhood before the Stepmonster got rid of everything. Cheers.

  8. I have boxes in about every room of my house. I don’t collect them but they seem to collect me.

    Mrsupole, don’t get me started on kitties who like to use my gardens for litter boxes. Let’s just say I don’t appreciate them.
    Boxes tins and baskets seem to be the bane of my existence. Oh yeah cats and litter boxes – I must go back and remind Mrsupole about how I shot that cat using my garden…and would do so again (it was just a bb gun and I only winged him in the butt…BUTT he stayed outta my garden!) Cheers!

  9. if it fell in the woods i would definitely open it…kinda curious like that.
    I would have to peek in too. I’m also the curious type…

  10. Haha I hate that phrase ‘thinking outside the box’ then I have a plethora of boardroom euphamisms that would make your eyes roll!
    I spent the last 10 years of my working life in a cubicle farm surrounded by the latest buzz words – thought my brain would never stop leaking out my ears….ack ack

  11. I love me a good box but also think it’s good to step outside your box, think outside the box and get up on the soapbox once in awhile 🙂
    Hey precious! I forgot all about soapboxes and heaven knows I get up on ’em myself now and then! LOL MUAH!

  12. I seriously would hate having other cats use my yard, oh heck they already do. But my cats will chase them out if they are here. Now Bud is chasing them out.

    Actually the neighbors know those are my cats and they also feed them too. Plus one of the neighbors thinks one of my cats is their cat. So he shares himself with them too. So I just figure that since my cats are so friendly with the neighbors then the neighbors can enjoy everything about them.

    They are really nice friendly cats and I think that is why the neighbors like them. Plus they have never destroyed anyone’s gardens that I know of. Well at least no one has told me anything about them doing that. And they do use my yard, I just like to pretend they go elsewhere and ignore what they do. Hubby must clean it all up and never complains since he is the one who always has to have cats.

    These cats used to belong to our daughters and needed homes and so they each brought them here. Hopefully when they are gone then we will be done. I am not allergic to the cats but I am allergic to some of the plants they rub their bodies on. And I started letting them outside because they would sit in the windows and whine about the world outside. I just could not keep them as prisoners in the house. Cats need to roam and we always fix them so they cannot make more babies. I would never let them make more unwanted cats. Too many wild cats roaming around here.

    Gotta go, Jericho is at the door meowing about wanting outside. I am a freaking doorperson.

    God bless.
    I’m letting u and ur cats off the hook coz I love ya. I have a neighbor who has a cat but her daughter is allergic so instead of finding a good home for the cat, they toss it outside during the day and lock it in the garage at night. Now that’s sad. It sometimes wanders over to me and one of these days I’m goin to pick it up and bring it inside and keep it. I love cats and I miss mine terribly — if you have an animal you should take good care of it, not lock it in the garage. I know u take wonderful care of your pets. Coz ur a good person. Hugs and blessings!

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