A Weird and Shady Wednesday

women mechanics from a photo in The Library of Congress c.1927


 I don’t have much to discuss today.  Well, I do, but some of it I’m holding back…kinda like a teaser…I’ve got some ideas on the Midlife Crisis resolution — I liked the train trip idea from Doggonedmysteries ALOT and we are looking into that.  But there were a couple more that I’m giving thought to…could even be life-altering in one way or another.  Enough teasing.  You will have to wait longer.

So what’s going on?  Well I was cruising around the neighborhood running errands and I spotted a little business we have here in town.  Now I told you about Elliot the Accountant the other day, so why not tell you about this little enterprise too?

I can’t name it for two reasons.  The first is the legal thing – they could sue me and then I would no longer blog and ya’ll would miss me terribly I just know.  (snort)  The second reason is there is no name listed on this business.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nothing to actually TELL you what they do.  But…it looks somewhat like an old quasi-dilapidated gas station and there are always lots of cars parked outside….cars in various sof disrepair.  Usually when I drive by there are two or three junkyard dogs chained up outside, too.  Did I mention I hate people who chain up their dogs? 

Sounds like this is an auto repair shop, doesn’t it?  But they only have one garage bay and it’s seldom open.  When it IS open, it doesn’t seem as if any cars are bein worked on.   Now I don’t want to jump to conclusions here…but don’t you find it odd that a business would sit out there in the world and have NO NAME and NO SIGN on it at all?  That’s NO advertising.  So all their work shows up from word of mouth?  I have one word for this…bizarre.

I actually have two more words for this and it’s killing me with curiosity:  chop shop.  There, I said it.  I think it’s a shady place but I’m not about to identify it or do anything about it whatsoever.  What’s odd is a couple of years ago the police raided a residential house a street away from this business and found a gambling parlor complete with bookies and slot machines – the whole shebang.  So the few streets around this section of town have a somewhat shady past.  Except there is a church nearby so maybe I shouldn’t get too graphic about this. 

So if you show up here on a fairly regular basis like my 11 faithful readers….and one day I mysteriously disappear… it’s coz I actually dropped into that business and asked them what they do.    Uh-huh…chop shop…and I ain’t talkin’ Ginzu knives baby…sigh


8 thoughts on “A Weird and Shady Wednesday

  1. We have an old gas station here in town that is just across the street from a restaurant. I used to think all the pickups parked there were just overflow from the restaurant but recently found out it is a domino parlor. No sign, no nothing. All the old guys & a few unemployed younger guys meet in there daily and play dominoes. Wonder what they would do if a bunch of women waltzed in one day and wanted to play? Probably move to another empty building – there are plenty in town.
    Leave them alone; their wives are probably happier this way. LOL

  2. Uh, don’t those old mechanic shops have underground bays. Maybe they have built something inside of them and enlarged them. You and DS should drive by and take some pictures of the place and then drive by the next day and take some more and then do this for about a week. He could take them with your phone and make it look like he is talking on the phone and they will not know. Then you could see if the vehicles change everyday. It could be a gaming house, a house of ill reput, a bookie place, or a drug house. A place that houses illegals, who knows, but you could also send an annonymous letter to your city council, the mayor’s office, the police chief, the city zoning commission and anyone else who you think should be notified. But then again it could be just a club house, or a strip club.

    We do have a car repair shop that has no signs and they only work on one car at a time, it used to be a gas station and went out of business. Their business is all word of mouth and there are always cars parked around it. I go there when I need to get a tired plugged. They do a good job and are always very nice. Maybe you could stop on in and ask them if they do that. Do you see tires around the place. Just tell them that you are looking for a new place that plugs tires and someone told you that they might do them there. The most they will do is say no and then maybe you could ask what exactly they do there. Do they repair cars and maybe they could fix that dang light that keeps going on all the time. You just never know.

    Well if we do not see you for a while then we will know what happened and send in reinforcements to come save you. LOL

    I am sure it is a good place.

    God bless.
    You’re probably right – they fix cars and don’t advertise – it just looks kinda seedy and weird. And the dogs are nasty. I saw a lady one day plant some type of cactus thingie on a strip of dirt over on one side of the place – beautification I guess. Hmmm. Yes, there are usually plenty of cars parked around the place – you just never see them doing anything.

  3. We have a place like that here. It is really mysterious, there are dark deeds being plotted from within, people who enter are never seen again and sinister people stand guard outside.

    It’s called 10 Downing Street 🙂

    Sorry about the really bad attempt at humour but it’s election time over and the politicians are driving me to distraction.

    Take Care,
    10 Downing St – you had me going for a moment there you silly thing – that’s funny! Did I ever mention I once met Margaret Thatcher? She had the most beautiful complexion; I was so jealous. sigh…poor dear…

  4. Gee, and my first thought was just “Crack House”. After reading some other responses, I guess I’m less jaded than I thought. Go figure. @juliebavi
    Talk about disorganized – you would faint if you saw this place – it’s horrid looking.

  5. oh, break out the binoculars and the tele-foto lens…love a good mystery….
    I’m tempted – there’s a parking lot by an ice cream place that I could set up with direct line of sight to this place – and I have a nifty telephoto lens on my camera.

  6. Ooooooo…I wouldn’t be able to resist busting out a pair of binoculars to confirm my suspicions! And, I also hate people who chain up their dogs.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog on my exciting BON day! I appreciate the comment love, and I did not know you were an adult student as well–how exciting!!
    Hello dahlink – nice to see you – wasn’t BON day just the very best day ever??? I loved mine – so many more connections – so little time. As to binoculars – It is probably all a figment of my twisted mind…then again…I’d like to chain them up and see how they like it. If I found it was a legit business, because they chain their dogs outside, I would not do business with them. You are as you act.

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