A Blogger of Note? Me? Well, Crap on a Crutch…


Hi kids – My faithful readers — all 11 of you are in for something different today.  Today I’m not here to make you spit out your coffee as you laugh at the latest antics of EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer.  I promise not to rant or give you silly lists to read. Nor will I regale you with stories of my own stupidity, lack of attention to important things like sharp knives, my bouts of CRS and ADD…where was I again?  Oh yeah…

Today’s post is about my being given a great honor — the lovely ladies over at Words of Wisdom are highlighting me today as one of their Bloggers of Note (or BON as they say).   I am just flabbergasted that they would include this lil ole piddly blog in their list, but I am grateful, nonetheless.

So to all of you visiting me for the first time:  Welcome to the somewhat skewed and slightly deranged world of a middle-aged redheaded stepchild who looks around her at what is going on and mostly laughs.  I like to poke fun at things and people and I try not to get too snarky – okay a few times maybe, but they probably deserved it. 

My bloggy world is made up of my husband of over 26 years known to ya’ll as Devoted Spouse and my adored and spoiled rotten fur-child, EmmaLou, aka The Golden Destroyer.  EmmaLou has her own page here and there is also a page where you can see me and read more totally boring information than you ever wanted to know about me.  Gah…

I came to blogging in 2007 when I quit my jobfromheck in the cubicle-farm because I was burned out and in need of a change of direction in life (read: if I didn’t get out of there they would have found my dessicated body hunched over my keyboard one day in the 4-person cube-‘o-demons).  I started this blog Crone and Bear It as an outlet for my big mouth brand of humor.  Not satisfied with just one blog I started  Oh Crap on a Crutch to show the silly crap that happens to me or crap in general.   I also started another blog Parchment Monkey  which is a place I go to write stories, memoirs, poems and it highlights the small but ever-present quasi-serious part of me.  I enjoy social networking and can be found on Twitter (@Croneandbearit and EmmaLou is @GoldenDestroyer – yes she tweets and her claws are destroying my keyboard).  In between all this social stuff, I am reading voraciously, attempting to attain a graduate degree, getting ready to do some volunteer literacy tutoring,  hanging out w/Devoted Spouse, and generally trying to make this world a little better by spreading humor and nonsense wherever I can. 

Sandy and Pam said I must give ya’ll links to 3 of my posts.  D’ya know how hard it was to come up with 3 that I think represent me?   Crap on toast – it’s hard enough just getting out of my jammies every day.  But here you go – 3 of my posts from the archives of Crone and Bear It. 

Here is a post that pretty much sums up my philosophy of life (I obviously relate well to food & please don’t get me started on self-help gurus)  If the Egg Is Broken Scramble It  

Here is a tongue-in-cheek Christmas letter I did back in 2008 called Holiday Newsletters…Oh Joy

The final post was the most difficult to choose because I had to find something about EmmaLou.  I have written many posts about this little bundle of fur – some good and some not so good.  When I had my accident in 2009 and broke my back, this adorable dog never left my side – but once I got a little better, she went back to her mischievous antics.  So I have chosen something that epitomizes that which is EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer.  Here is a posting I called Inside the House Poopers Anonymous (IHPA) which just goes to show ya gotta love your fur-kids, regardless. 

Again, thanks Sandy and Pam for showcasing my humble blog.  I hope ya’ll have enjoyed getting to know me a little – come back and visit any time – I’m usually here ranting and raving about something.  sigh…

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Words of Wisdom for other Bloggers of Note!


36 thoughts on “A Blogger of Note? Me? Well, Crap on a Crutch…

  1. Nice post! Congrats on the fav blogger award too 🙂
    You are too kind – glad you stopped in to visit me!

  2. Great job! Funny, funny, funny, even at 2:45 a.m.
    Maybe BECAUSE it’s 2:45 a.m. and my brain is not awake but it won’t sleep either!
    Swee’pea I could say good morning and you would giggle. I just love the stuffin’ outta you! Thanks for adding me to your tribe – it was hard to pick out 3 – I hope I did you justice. Hugs and blessings!

  3. Congratulations on being BON for the day! I bow to your wittiness.
    Thank you so much – trust me there are many days I’m simply witless – no wittiness in sight! Glad you visited!

  4. Since, I’m one of the 11 I’ve read and enjoyed all of these. Just keep it up whatever it is. Ha!
    Hi cupcake – sorry I had to bore you through re-runs! I’m glad you’re one of my 11 faithful otherwise I would have to give up writing and take up skydiving and we all know writing is safer since the only thing I jump out of is my own mind occasionally. LOL Hugs!

  5. Happy BON day! I’m here from WOW and have really enjoyed looking around. You have a great sense of humor, and everybody needs a little humor in their lives!
    Thanks so much – this is such fun! I agree everybody needs a little humor and some of us need copious amounts! Hugs!

  6. Howdy found ya at WOW and am coming by to check ya out.
    Howdy back atcha! Glad you dropped in and hope you return as often as you like!

  7. I’ve been married almost 36 years and my Dear Hubby and I share the same type of skewered humor and way of looking at life. It’s helped get us thru some majorly hard times. Plus just given us hours of entertainment thru the years, ha! Congrats from one BON to another…enjoy your day in the spotlight! 😀
    Thank you sweetie – Devoted Spouse has a very dry sense of humor and he can make me fall on the floor in hysterics. Appreciate your visit!

  8. My new favorite saying is “crap on a crutch”. Thanks for that.
    I have said that for so many years and have no clue why – it just came out one day and stuck. Then it became the name of another blog of mine which I had to shut down coz I didn’t like the porn spam I was getting and thus started the newer version, Oh Crap on a Crutch instead where I continually allow the world in on other silly crap in my life. Thanks for making me a BON – you and Sandy are both treasures! Hugs!

  9. Crap on a crutch and crap on toast – I must find a way to use those this week. I’m sure my husband will laugh.
    By all means pass the crap around…LOL Thanks for visiting!

  10. Holy crap. Even your comment comments are funny!
    Crap on toast woman – now you’re cracking ME up! Yeah…sometimes I think we were separated at birth. 😉

  11. Happy happy BON day!!! 🙂 I can already tell I am going to enjoy your highlighted posts, and probably most of your others as well, just from reading this post! I am so going to be walking around saying “crap on toast!” now!!! (of course with my potty mouth it will probably eventually turn to “sh*t on toast!”) 😉 I am definitely going to be following you now….I need this humor in my day!!!
    Woot! New best bloggy friend…LOL I am happy if I can make u smile; then my job is done! Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting my humble bloggy world. 🙂

  12. Oh, WoW is such a good idea, isn’t it? I’m glad I came by here today. I, too, used to toil at a cubicle farm (hey, may I use that term, if I give full and proper credit?). They are heckonwheels! Now I have a classroom, where I share my own brand of knowledge, almost always encased in some kind of humor. I look forward to coming by here again, and continuing our conversation!
    Hi sweetie – I did not coin the phrase cubicle farm – if I had to guess I would say it probably came from someone like the guy who writes the Dilbert cartoons. Crap on toast came from a book I was reading and unfortunately I don’t remember who wrote it or I would credit that author. Crap on a crutch is mine and has been for at least 20 years but I have no clue why. Sometimes strange things come out of my mouth without my knowledge (or always approval) ROFL. I’m working toward doing the classroom thing one day I hope if all works out and school doesn’t put me in the grave first. Thanks for coming by and I look forward to getting to know you better! Hugs!

  13. We are both redheads, ya know.
    And we both rock. The rest of the world needs to catch up to us. Gah… Oh, EmmaLou sez to mention she’s sort of a redhead, too. I’m not counting it. Phttt! LOL

  14. Glad you’re a reader…I love “meeting” fellow readers. Going to check out your posts now!
    If I could spend my summer the way I wanted to I would be on an island with my hubs, my dog, maybe a cabana boy (oops) and an unlimited supply of books…and 3 Musketeers bars. 🙂

  15. Congratulations Linda, I am very pleased for you and cannot think of a more deserving person.

    I am sending you all my best wishes hugs.

    Oh and thank you for explaining what Nascar was all about 🙂
    Well thank you sweetie! You are too good to me. Lotsa hugs right back atcha – no problemo on the NASCAR thingie – anytime you need “Americanese” translated, give me a shout! 🙂

  16. Congrats on being today’s BoN!

    I was never a dog person until my mom rescued Cody, a seven-year-old Golden Retriever, eight years ago. He passed away this month and even though I haven’t lived with him in years, I miss him every time I go to my mom’s house.
    Thanks! So sorry to hear about Cody…I am so wrapped around the little paw of EmmaLou it’s pitiful. I told Devoted Spouse the day I have to say goodbye to her is the day he will have to bury me with her. Goldens simply steal your heart and she’s a sweetie. Of course she makes a crappy watchdog – if she could figure out how to open the door she’d invite the whole world in to play. LOL Thanks for visiting me!

  17. Congrats! What an honor…I’m going to check out your other posts now. Happy Wednesday…
    Thanks Lisa – it is an honor and I’m so excited to be one of the tribe. Sandy and Pam are the greatest. Happy Wednesday to you too, sweetie – and thanks for visiting. Come back anytime and chat!

  18. Crap on a crutch? Love it!
    giggle – on my other blog Oh Crap on a Crutch, I try to incorporate a crutch in the pics I post (of course I forgot the crutch in the latest posting, but I was tired…really tired that night.) LOL Thanks for visiting!

  19. Love the blog…can’t wait to read even more..love the story about emmalou…so adorable..I too have fur-babies..but they are the mini variety!
    Thanks Shannon – How kind! Yeah those fur-babies just steal your heart away. EmmaLou is laying at my feet at the moment and her dad gave her some Taco Chips earlier (against my advice) and she has some really lethal doggie gas. Ack Ack. Still love her. LOL

  20. Congrats on being today’s BON! I am currently wasting away in cubicle land and have visions of my body being found slumped over my desk; that was one of the main motivating factors for me to return to school and change my career!

    I’m off to read your highlighted posts. I suspect the House Pooper one is gonna be all too familiar!
    Ewww visions of the cubicle farm still are in my head and I can’t get them out! Ack Ack. LOL Thanks for visiting!

  21. Congrats sweetie you really deserve it and I hope more things come your way.
    Thanks bb – we both have come a long way haven’t we? 😉

  22. congrats on your BON day! Great blog!
    Thank you kindly! It’s been so much fun meeting all these new bloggy friends! Thanks for visiting me and drop in any time. 🙂

  23. Our second oldest granddaugther was making a picture of the family when she was little (she 15 now) and said…Your hair isn’t red, Grama, it’s orange” So I have an orange dog and need an orange cat.
    I love the things that come out of innocent “younger” mouths! I was at a training class tonight to be a Small Group Leader at my church and one of the “young” women who was at my table started talking about how she read my blog and she thought I was older than she was and she was horrified that she said that to me. I had so much fun ragging her about the fact I’m really only 29. What a hoot. I had to explain why I chose the name Crone and that I was using an archaic definition of an older, wiser woman – and it was okay that she thought I was older — I just laughed. So now you have orange hair – mine was orange once as Buffy the Mane Slayer was trying to strip out some old color and fix it – the in-between stage was pumpkin colored and I kept waiting for her to add the green stem to the top! LOL Aren’t we blessed that we can laugh at all this stuff?

  24. Congrats on your BON day!

    I had a great time reading your rants and raves. I’m heading over to see what books you’ve been reading. I’m also an avid reader… I can’t get enough of books. I’m trying to get hubby to build me floor to ceiling book shelves in the living room to house all my many many books. (Most of them are packed away in boxes right now…)
    Thanks so much for stopping by! My books read this year have mostly been fluff – you should have seen last year’s list – it had some heavy duty stuff! LOL I enjoy mysteries and I find I get in a rut and read every book in a certain series. I’m really, honestly trying to branch out into some more non-fiction vs the chick lit I’ve been hitting a little too hard. My books aren’t in boxes, but they are on table tops, floors, a few bookcases, some are stored in the basement – they just live everywhere!

  25. Congrats Linda!

    I would’ve seen this sooner if we weren’t bogged down with the hospital and the MIL shuffle they’ve been playing.
    Thanks sweetie – I’m so sorry you are continuing to have to go through this. I’m thinking ’bout ya! Hugs and blessings!

  26. Congrats on being the BON of WOW! I hope you will receive loads of love on your special day.

    My first visit to your side of the blogosphere. But I read only good stuff this far.
    Thanks! I have received so much love that it’s almost overwhelming – and I’m having so much fun meeting new bloggy friends and trading stories and such. I’m so glad you visited – come back anytime!

  27. Happy Happy Bon Day! Thanks for assuring me it was safe to visit, I like it here! I’m going to check out your reading list next! I so wish I had time to read more… well I guess I do but then I couldn’t blog… and I am really addicted on that front at the moment!

    Outrageous joy!
    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss
    Hi Kathy – I’m happy to see you! Hope to see you again soon! Hugs!

  28. Wow! And I’m happy that I’m closing in on my 1000th hit. We’re both moving up in the world!

    I’ve also taken to using your catchphrase of late. “Crap on a crutch! What does CRS mean?” Congratulations!
    Hi sweetie – I’m glad you stopped by on my “special day”! Wow – 1000 – nice milestone! Congrats! CRS means Can’t Remember Stuff (although some folks substitute another “s” word) I picked it up from my dear bloggy friend Mrsupole (go check her out from my blogroll, she’s so funny) and we constantly laugh at each other because we forget stuff and then think we’re old ladies! I get visions of blue hair and orthopedic shoes and start giggling. Cya over at your blog! Hugs and blessings

  29. “I have received so much love it’s overwhelming”….boy, I hear you on THAT one! Ditto here, too.
    Isn’t it amazing?? I really am flabbergasted at the lovely and kind comments. I knew that Sandy and Pam would get tons of traffic – I mean, c’mon what a super idea they had!!! But I didn’t expect so many nice folks to take the time to actually read my nonsense and then comment, too. It has knocked my socks off. WOW is such a great place and I’m happy to be part of the tribe with so many great bloggers such as you sweetie! (…wrapping large pieces of elastic around head to reduce swelling now…) 😉

  30. Well, here I am with the ‘ol “day late and a dollar short” excuse on congratulating you belatedly for being yesterday’s ‘BON’.

    I am a new follower as I, too, am ‘a reader, a writer and a redhead’.

    There’s so few of us in this secret society that we simply must stick together.

    Okay, sorry ’bout that. That was my ego speaking out of turn. I apologize for it’s ill manners.

    I’m happy to meet a fellow reader, writer and redhead and am pleased to make your acquaintance and follow you wherever you go.

    I’d like my collar and leash to be purple, bedazzled with fuschia rhinestones, if you please.

    My heartfelt congratulations.

    Peace and serenity,
    ‘The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy’
    Sweetie I’m so happy you came to the party at all, I don’t care when you got here! Thanks for visiting and I can see we’re gonna be great bloggy friends. We redheads must stick together – I’ll come visit you soon I promise. Hugs!

  31. Congratulations and may I be the first to say “WOW”! Great blog!

    OK, it looks like I may not be first.

    But I will continue the kind sentiments for your amusing blog.

    Thanks for sharing your sense of humor with us!
    Thanks on the congrats – I’m a bit overwhelmed at how many have shown up here to say that to me – WOW on the WOW eh? Glad you stopped by – drop in any time! Cheers!

  32. Congrats on your honor! But I knew you were a BON from the first time I read you!
    Hi sweetie – have I mentioned lately that I just love the stuffin’ outta you? MUAH!

  33. Congratulations on this honor! You Go Girl! 🙂

    Just checking in a for a minute… (ever-so-slightly after I ran screaming several loud and not very ladylike words straight out of my kitchen. Ahhhh, holiday meal prep.)…to wish you and The Devoted One a joyous Easter! And of course, the beautiful Emmalou, as well.

    I so want your hair cut in your profile pic, by the way. Gimme it.
    Hello my dahlink and Happy Happy Easter – I have no big meal prep – just me and Devoted Spouse so a small ham, some beans, potatoes, salad, blah, blah, blah. LOL Thanks for the congrats – it came as QUITE the surprise when I was invited to join the group – the WOW ladies are doing such a great service to the blogging world – go visit them please and support their efforts by checking out the other BONs. Sending you hugs and blessigs (and EmmaLou sends a big slurpy doggie smooch!) 😉


  34. Dang it, I thought I had left a comment here congratulating you for this award, but it was when I was sick and if I do not double check when I click on submit then I know sometimes it does not always go through.

    Anyway you deserve this so much for all the entertainment you provide for all of us with your great posts. I almost always know that I will either laugh or cry when reading your posts. Indifference is not an option. And you do have some of the best commenters out there. They provide a lot of entertainment too.

    Congrats again.
    Thank u swee’pea and it’s okay – I have done a terrible job of visiting blogs lately myself so not to worry. I think it’s a rather sad commentary on my blog that sometimes my comments are funnier than the original post. Sigh…

    God bless.

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