It Auto Be an Auto Show…Not an Auto No-Show

they may emit gas, but they sure don't use it!


Saturday was a day to get out of the house and what better function to attend when one doesn’t feel like getting dressed and spackled than the Auto Show?  Devoted Spouse found 2 coupons in the paper for $2 off each so off we went, excited about seeing new cars and some antique cars and some concept cars.  Plus I could have sworn they advertised a NASCAR simulator.  Cool – they had one the last time we went a couple of years ago.

Know how long it took us to “do” the Auto Show?  Less than 45 minutes.  I think this was Auto Show Lite.  One of the cars I wanted to see was a Nissan and right there in the program it showed where Nissan had set up — but there was no Nissan to be found.  Well, that didn’t make me happy.  So I trotted off to check out the Subarus.

Now, I once owned a Subaru Outback.  It was one of my favorite vehicles until one day the cat peed in it.  Okay, he didn’t actually pee in the car…when I picked up the cat at the vet’s he was already ensconced in his cat carrier and much to my surprise, there was cat pee on the bottom of the carrier which then landed and soaked into my front passenger seat.  I thought I smelled something…duh.  We tried everything under the sun to get that smell out.  Devoted Spouse even took the seat out, took it apart, replaced the foam inside and STILL you could smell the lovely aroma of le chat du’jour.  Blechhh.  Traded in a car I really liked.  Wait a minute here…I think my vet OWES me a new car.   Okay, maybe not.

So…I’m thinking of ditching the Kia from Hades sometime this year if I can ever get all the appliances paid for and what better place to scope out the new stuff all at once than the aforementioned Auto Show?  To get back to my story…I found the Subarus – two Outbacks, a Tribeca, and a Forrester.  I sat in all of them and since the time I owned an Outback, Subaru has done some major restyling and I wasn’t that crazy about any of them.  What truly made me crazy was there was nobody to talk to about the Subarus and no literature in sight.  Now I know an Auto Show is not a place to SELL the cars, but shouldn’t there at least be some literature floating around and a stack of business cards on a table?

I found one Volvo – I don’t remember the name, but it is a small-mid SUV — again, nobody around, no literature, but this time there were two business cards jammed down  into the car window.  That struck me as so tacky I decided I wasn’t going to even consider a Volvo.

There were plenty of Fords – Fords have some good marketing going on and folks were interested.  I had a Ford a few years back and I didn’t call  it Found On the Road Dead for kicks (there are other assorted nicknames for Fords but we won’t go into them here).  So I wasn’t interested in looking at a Ford.

I hate Mercedes and I don’t feel the need to explain myself.  So I skipped them.  Not crazy about Dodge.  Mercury Mountaineer was too expensive and I don’t want to have to actually climb up into it.  Cadillac?  Nope.  Buick?  I liked the Enclave but it was too much money and probably a little too big.

Toyota?  I don’t have enough words to explain what was going on over on the side of the room where the Toyotas were sitting….alone….all alone…with this big sales guy with a happy smile pasted on his face…and nobody went near a single Toyota while we were there.  Snicker. Snicker.  The Hondas weren’t being crawled over either for some reason.  Could it be that pesky brake issue we’re hearing about?  Dunno.

We looked at Jeeps, only because I used to have a Jeep Cherokee and drove it for about 10 years and loved it.  But today’s Jeep isn’t the same – the insides are cheap looking, the gas mileage sucks big time, and the prices are through the (sun)roof.  Nope, no Jeep for me.

I liked some of the Chevys.  But what I liked most of all was a nice lady named Wendy who talked to me about the GMC Terrain, an SUV that’s a little bit bigger than what I currently drive, but not so big I will ram the side mirror into the brick wall at the bank drive-thru.  She spent a good deal of time with us.  I sat in the Terrain and liked how it felt – comfy.  I liked the price and I liked the gas mileage until I noticed that it had a 4-cylinder engine (hence the better gas mileage).  I’m a 6-cylinder kinda gal.  Now I know they have made great strides for 4-cylinder engines but that’s what my old Pinto had and I swear I needed a friend in back pushing just to go up a small hill in that car.  Then again, the Pinto was a long, long, long time ago back before most of you were born.  I loved that little brown car though.

Oh… there was NO NASCAR simulator to be found.  What a rip.

So the auto show was a total dud — it’s a good thing it only cost us $5 to get in.  And we did get to see an old friend of ours, Ricky, who we used to work with over at the base back in the fun times before our customer turned into vampires and sucked us dry.

Will I buy a new car any time soon?  Doubtful.  Gonna keep the Kia Sportage limping along as long as possible coz it’s nice not to have a car payment.  That way maybe I can get some new carpet in this house so EmmaLou has a clean space to yak on.

I auto go now and go say something nice to my Kia so it doesn’t think I’m ditching it any time soon…sigh.


8 thoughts on “It Auto Be an Auto Show…Not an Auto No-Show

  1. C&B:

    I have put on over 750,000 miles over the years with multiple Ford products (mostly Ford Ranger pick-ups) Never had a major problem. One went 92,000 miles with nothing but an oil change then I had to put air in an unrotated tire.

    Owned one Jeep and it was junk on the inside. Auto windows broke 4 and Jeep would not acknowlege their defect as MANY others had the same problem.

    As for me I will stick with Ford
    I have had 3 Fords; a Pinto, a Taurus, and a Silverado. The Pinto was awesome until someone ran into me and did so much damage the car was toast. The Taurus always had problems and the Silverado was off and on but the biggest issue was it was just too big for me – my problem, not Ford. My Jeep was the most awesome vehicle ever – it ran and ran and ran until I just wore it out. Talked to a guy today in the coffee shop (as I was waiting again for my Kia to be fixed) who was driving a Jeep Wrangler and loves it but complained about the gas mileage. I’m gonna drive the GMC and I may drive a Ford – we’ll see. The prob is Ford is so popular now they have you at their advantage — good luck negotiating a good deal. GMC not so much. I dunno – we’ll see.

  2. Oh, do I remember the Pinto. That was my first car. It was white with brown paneling. Station wagon style. I drove it every where and through every thing when I was in high school! I couldn’t kill it, and I really tried! Oh the perks of the four cylinders: Zero to sixty in just under 30 minutes. It ran on cheap gas, and I had to buy oil by the barrel (black burning out the back end-forget buying it by the quarts)! I’ll bet that thing is still running some where today 😉
    I would have driven my Pinto till it curled up its little toes and died; unfortunately some idiot ran into me at a stoplight one day and hit me so hard it pushed my car all the way into a gas station. I was just a cute young thing…all these young mechanics came to my rescue…the other driver was from out of state and tried to leave but they literally had him on the ground. Knights in shining armor…hated to get rid of that car but once it was that damaged I had to ditch it. Sigh… that little car sure knew how to corner. Back then all gas was cheap, sweetie! LOL

  3. I don’t think it would be possible for you to write something that didn’t make me laugh out loud.

    I have found my two last cars at the auto show. Or at least figured out the ones I wanted. As you said, you’re not there to buy.

    I remember one of the last we went to and there were some definite gaps in the inventory. Always takes more than 45 minutes though. But I usually end up finding a cafe table somewhere because I get bored long before Paul is ready to go.
    If you keep goin on about how I can’t write something that doesn’t make you laugh, people will think I’m paying you…btw did u get the last check? ROFL I love the stuffin’ outta you!

  4. I want a new car but they no longer make the Edsel. Oh well I guess I’ll settle for a Saturn, wait they don’t make those anymore either. Hum…maybe I’ll look at a Kia.
    I had a Saturn Vue and LOVED IT with a passion but the maintenance shop guy and I got in a MAJOR disagreement over work he said he did but didn’t and I sold my Saturn and vowed I would NEVER do business with that dealership again. That dealership now sells Subarus (which I like) but I won’t step foot in that place…period! Never tick off the red-headed stepchild. She forgives but she never forgets and never does business with someone who has done her wrong. As to Kias – that’s what I drive now – a Kia Sportage – and I have really enjoyed it – very few problems until recently and the stuff that’s going wrong now is minor and to be expected when you hit 50K miles – stuff is gonna happen. I would have no problem recommending a Kia to anyone. I got a hankering for a GMC Terrain though and it’s not going away…”wants” are powerful things…like “temptations”. I’m fighting it. I would like to continue classes in August which means tuition payments and with Devoted Spouse retired and me not working a car payment is not a good idea. sigh…

  5. May I put in a good word here for my little Ford Fiesta. Ok I admit it will probably fit into the boot (trunk) of your car, it is not very fast but I love it to bits and it goes forever on one tank of fuel.

    I used to have a little Honda but I drove it into a bus shelter (eek).

    This may be a stupid question but is Nascar the race or are the cars thay race called Nascar’s?

    Happy motoring my friend and take care 🙂
    Hi sweetie – NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and sometimes we mean “a” car when we use the term even though NASCAR is an association with several levels such as the top level which is currently sponsored by Sprint and called the Sprint Cup. So when I said a NASCAR simulator what I meant was a stock car racer simulator like NASCAR uses. Clear as mud now? ROFL. You drove your Honda into a bus shelter? Well now I don’t feel so bad about some of the things I’ve run into (like Devoted Spouse’s snow blower, etc). giggling. Don’t want a little car – Devoted Spouse has a little sports car and I get claustrophobic in it – need something bigger, sigh. 😉

  6. I can match the Pinto…remember the Chevy Vega? The Vega is in the Crap on Four Wheels Hall of Shame. I don’t know how many clutches I burned out. Burned so much oil that it made more smoke than the N&W 611. Aluminum block engine…that eventually warped and lost compression. GM will never live that one down.
    Yes as a matter of fact I do remember the Vega because I HAD ONE! It was blue and I think it was 1971 or 72 (mind freeze). I got run off the road down in the country of southern VA by some good ole boys who had a snootful and I ended up wrapped around a telephone pole and they got away. I walked away unharmed by the grace of God, but the Vega was towed to the nearest town and they pretty much wired and duct-taped it enough to get me back to DC where my insurance company just shook their head at me and wrote it off as a total disaster. I was okay with that because it was indeed a POC (mine was an automatic). Ah, yes, the 70’s… it was my decade for car wrecks. But what is truly FUNNY about owning the Chevy Vega is the fact I had married husband #1 (the mistake) and talked him into trading in his 1969 GTO for this POC Chevy Vega. bwahahahahaaa I’m betting he wished he had that GTO today coz it’s worth a mint. Watch for it…here comes another evil laugh….muaahhhahahahahaha.

  7. I am very surprised that some of the cars had no people associated with them. That is just sad. And the poor Toyota guy. It’s not his fault that they got into such a mess.
    Me, too – I was really surprised – maybe it was because we got there early? That’s a poor excuse. I felt bad for the Toyota guy standing there all alone – I really wanted to go up to him but I just knew I was going to say something inappropriate because you know how my mouth gets me in trouble – so I stayed away. Our local paper talked about the NASCAR car simulator today and I’m telling you Devoted Spouse and I walked the entire area and never found it. Just like Nissan – nowhere to be found. Very strange.

  8. I have 1 year left on my Saturn Vue lease and then adios! It’s not that I dislike it, it’s a nice little crossover but it gets AWFUL city mileage, which is all I drive. My diesel Ford Excursion (I miss the heck outta that truck. I LOVED that truck) got the same mileage AND could tow our toyhauler. But we got rid of it when diesel hit the $5 a gallon level. And of course as soon as we got rid of the Excursion, diesel dropped back down to under $3 a gallon.

    I *was* considering the Toyota Venza for my next vehicle. Now, not so much.
    I am trying to be strong, keep researching, and wait for closer to the end of the year to make this decision coz that’s when I’ll get a better deal. By then I may have found something else I like, who knows? Yeah, my Saturn didn’t get good gas mileage either – but I liked the way it handled. I like the way my Kia Sportage handles but it’s starting to nickel and dime me to death with petty maintenance issues.

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