Theme Thursday – Sign

I saw this sign a few years ago  – I believe the summer following my retirement –  as Devoted Spouse and I strolled through a local park.  I had to stop and take a picture of it because it reminded me of my life at the time – Do Not Enter, This Area is Resting.  I had  retired from my toxic job as a Defense Contractor and I was one tired puppy – about 40 lbs overweight, unhealthy, simply sick from stress and having people scream at me each and every day. 

When I found this sign it just renewed my spirit and I wanted to immediately put up a sign in my front lawn, or make one with cardboard and a Sharpie and wear it around my neck – Do Not Enter {this space} This Area {this poor sad human being} is Resting.

We should all come equipped with these types of signs.  sigh…

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10 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Sign

  1. That is a GREAT sign. I can think of a few variations but they might not be fit to publish.
    I had some others in mind, too – one dealing w/alligators…lol

  2. Mine would say “Caution! She bites!” 😀
    Nah, u don’t bite – you just growl a little LOL . Here’s your sign: Caution: I’m a hooker (Crochet hooker that is!!!) ROFL

  3. cute. i like it…i could use some rest…
    I try and learn from my Golden Destroyer – see header pic – that fur-child knows when and how to rest!

  4. I love the sign, we could all do with a resting place. There is a really steep hill in Devon as you approach a town called Lynmouth. Dotted along the road are sand bunkers to slow you down if your brakes fail.

    The signs say “Escape Lane Ahead”. I always though that when life gets a little too steep an escape lane would be useful.
    I’m with you swee’pea I want an escape lane and a hidey hole would be nice, too.

  5. Went to doc’s today and got the sign that I am sick with a lung, sinus, and ear infection. Put me on meds again and I think I slept 12 hours today. I am gonna go back to bed and sleep some more. I am so tired.

    God bless.
    Glad u went to doc – take meds, rest like ur supposed to and GET BETTER b4 I hafta come all the way out to the other side of the country and kick ur butt girlfriend!

  6. Whoops, I loved the sign. I need to put it out on my front door.

    And am glad that no one is yelling at you anymore. Suckyass people that they were. Hope they are yelling at each other now.

    God bless again.
    You DO need my sign. You may borrow it at any time sweetie.

  7. I wear an invisible one of those, no wonder people keep violating my personal SPACE! Love your Golden Destroyer. Dogs have the life don’t they?
    LOL! My dog has a wonderful life and we just love her to pieces. But she can be a handful.

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