If It’s Spring…It Must Be House-Painting Time!

The above picture of a house painted on a house is a little more extreme than the current state of my house, but they might as well be the same — I am still sitting here with a house that is yellow with light and dark blue trim….and old dead-whale gray left up at the top in front of the house, at the top of the chimney, and on the garage door; oh yeah and on the fence and the shed.

Okay I admit we hired the house painter rather late in the year – it was last autumn but he had plenty of time to paint the house.  He just had one issue after another; something with his daughter; he got sick; he had to go somewhere; his assistant got sick; he couldn’t get the 32-foot ladder.  Before you knew it here was Winter and we have a house that is only partially painted and neighbors who are probably horrified that we painted the house yellow to begin with in a neighborhood of mostly drab beige or gray houses (with one truly ugly gold one up the street) but the fact that it isn’t done I am sure is just driving them crazy.  Okay…it’s driving ME crazy.

Today the phone rang.  Devoted Spouse was out.  I was in my comfy chair.  I hoisted myself up and scrambled to the kitchen where the landline resides (remember them?  yes we still have one) only to discover thru Caller ID that it is THE HOUSEPAINTER.  Oh joy!  He’s calling.  He remembers that he hasn’t finished this job yet. 

Bottom line?  Another couple of weeks – we’re looking at the middle of April and then he will paint until it is complete and I am happy.  Then he starts the deck refinish job.  I’m doing the No Rain in mid-April dance!   Yay! 

Even though no one has said anything to our face over the Winter, I have seen how the neighbors look at us and I can just hear them calling us “those people”….”those people” who couldn’t even get their house fully painted; “those people” whose privacy fence is now gray with one yellow board; “those people” whose shed in the backyard is still grey….”those people” who obviously didn’t get the memo on the appropriate house colors for this type of neighborhood…”those people” ad nauseum.  They’re lucky I didn’t put the old couch out on the front porch.  Or park a huge RV in the driveway.  Or any one of a thousand obnoxious things I could have done like replace my front lawn with astroturf (don’t think I haven’t considered it).  There were no covenants or restrictions in this neighborhood when we bought this house so I can paint it any color I want and I chose yellow!   Woot!

Gimme about three weeks and I’ll show you a gorgeous happy house in the midst of all those sad, depressing, boring, beige, grey, and brown houses.  Bwahahahahahahaha.  They’re just jealous of my happy yellow house.   I may add a plastic flamingo to the front yard to celebrate. 

Now if I could just get him to help me with my crafts and maybe paint my Easter eggs….sigh…


9 thoughts on “If It’s Spring…It Must Be House-Painting Time!

  1. I must say, I also have a yellow house, and, much like ME… It is extremely awesome. Good choice!!!
    See? Great minds think alike. The heck w/what the neighbors thing. bwahahaha

  2. You have a great blog, Linda. Laugh-out-loud funny!

    Rob Hanson of the Chrislip Journal
    Gee…aww shucks…thanks Rob! 🙂

  3. Having gone through this last year and having our house done just as our grand baby was born in Nov., I know your pain, as we just squeaked by. We were also doing a new roof and the driveway.

    I look back on that and think “what the heck got into us and what on earth were we thinking?” At least we made it and I hope yours is finished soon.
    Just a few weeks and God willing some good weather and please don’t let anything happen to my painter. One more thing I have to worry about. LOL I mean honestly can u see ME climbing up a 32 foot ladder to finish this? Oh I don’t think so – I get lightheaded looking down to the foyer from the 2d floor landing. Yikes.

  4. Hurrah, on getting the painting done at last.

    When I give directions to my house I tell people, “it’s the house with the yellow porch.” They always find it.
    I love yellow and I’m so excited this is getting done. If you go visit my latest Oh Crap on a Crutch you will get a hint of what part of it looks like since I took a pic of my car and the side of the house is in the pic.

  5. OMG I remember all too clearly your Easter egg-scapade last year. You were under the influence of some heavy-duty pain killers.

    One of my neighbors just painted their house lavender…with pink trim.
    Now I am in search of our new blog.
    Yeah the drugs for the Ice Incident of 2009 and trying to do crafts – it was pretty funny – I imagine some of my comments were pretty funny too. And my blog postings…and just about everything while under the influence of Percocet. Thank goodness my back is better and I hardly ever have to resort to using drugs exept Advil. Woot!!

  6. A fine example of trompe l’oeil….funny story, too.
    You think that’s funny…you should seem my real house – I’m not making this up…it’s part yellow with some light blue (okay it’s a little brighter than I planned) and some dark (almost Navy) blue trim and then there’s this unfinished horrid wanna get the plastic wendy’s knife and saw myself grey sections. Ugh. Can’t wait to get it finished. I really will show you guys a before and after.

  7. very cool. look forward to seeing the finished product…the house on a house is really cool too.
    I only wish I could have gotten away with painting a house on my house but they would have locked me up somewhere I just know. Sometimes I’m a little too spontaneous and I can be dangerous and make very fast decisions. Fortunately the yellow and blue go well against the dark brick – it was just such a complete change that I had to get used to it and now I love it and the neighbors can simply bite me. Oops, I mean…they will get used to it. ROFL

  8. You HAVE to post a picture of your multi-colored house!

    There’s a house on our street that is painted screaming neon blue. It’s hard on the retinas.
    No I don’t – it’s ugly until he finishes it and gets it to the colors I want. THEN I will post before and afters.

  9. I love a yellow house–it reminds me of the old farmhouse I grew up in. Your threats of astroturf are hilarious. I do think you should go with a flamingo. Congrats on being the WOW BON. Your blog is really fun, and I think you have a great sense of humor!
    I love yellow!!! If not astroturf I have also threatened to turn my front yard into a natural meadow. Boy would the City Council have a field day with that (pardon the pun) – I just hate the nonsense of grass and mowing and putting chemicals on it to make it grow – so stupid and senseless. I know – maybe a big rock garden. Or just nothing but flamingoes. Oh yeah… I like the last idea best. Thx on the WOW BON – I will show up on Wed the 31st. woot! Thanks for visiting Emma – come back soon!

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