Vacuum Seal Your Way to Healthy Eating…or But Wait, There’s More!

There was an interesting article a few days ago about the latest culinary gadget.  I’m all about culinary gadgets — I have a kitchen full of them – most unused.  I have mandolines (at least 3), I have steamers, I have several crockpots, I have two separate sets of dry ingredient measuring cups; one of which is missing the 1/3 cup (how do you lose something like that?), there are at least 3 different types of cooking pots and pans; some from Pampered Chef (really quite good), some from Le Creuset (oooh la la love them but they are sooooooo heavy) and a few other odds and ends.  We’re not even gonna discuss the tons of Tupperware lurking in my kitchen.  I have choppers, dicers, slicers, the massive Kitchen Aid mixer and a hand mixer.  I own various cutting and carving implements and an excellent (and very sharp) set of Henckel knives (with which I frequently lose parts of various digits to which my 11 faithful readers can attest – ow). 

But I don’t have something with which I can prepare my dishes “sous-vide” which is a French cooking term for cooking vacuum packed food in a water bath at precisely controlled low temperatures.  I hear if it is done correctly the food is amazingly good with all the yummy flavors sealed in.  AND here’s the wonderful part – you can actually purchase this cooking implement from a company called Sur La Table (they’re a little pricey but have neat catalogs) for only $449.95. 

Well crap on toast,  I gotta get me one of them.  So far, I’ve just been taking the little prepared frozen steamer bags of food and popping them in the microwave.  Certainly this “le machine” will do a better job.  On the other hand,  I once invested in that other  machine (I think it was called something like Food Sealer?) that vacuum seals your food so you can store it all in the freezer until the next nuclear war and it will still be edible.  I found it was more trouble than it was worth and one day I noticed I had not just sealed my steak in the pack; I had also included the knife — ya gotta pay close attention to this machine – it just vacuum seals everything.  Heck I got mad at EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer after she had just torn apart yet another couch cushion and I found myself looking from her to the vacuum sealer and back to her again, but luckily for her there wasn’t enough plastic in the world to fit around her so she lived to see another day. 

The issue I have with this new sealing device (aside from the obviously ludicrous price)  is you take the package out of the freezer, pop it in boiling water and who knows when it’s done?  You don’t know until you open it up and then if it’s not finished cooking you have to pour the water out of the pot and pour the partially cooked food into the pot and start all over.  It’s not like you can poke it with a fork and see if it’s tender coz then you break the seal and then you have a big plastic bag in a pot of boiling water with food oozing out.  Gah…

I think I’ll skip this latest invention – Devoted Spouse thinks I live in a vacuum anyway…  sigh…


8 thoughts on “Vacuum Seal Your Way to Healthy Eating…or But Wait, There’s More!

  1. LOL @ “Don’t try this at home” 🙂
    I’ve lost measuring cups as well. Best I can figure is that they were in a container (like a cereal box) and the container got thrown out. Thankfully they have a vast assortment at my local “Everything is a dollar store”.
    I’m blaming Devoted Spouse since other “items” mysteriously make their way into the basement or garage, but this was an AllClad and not a dollar store measuring cup – grrrr. Oh well. Who cares…lol

  2. I have 3 partial sets of measuring cups so count yourself as lucky you are only missing one.

    I am a kitchen gadget fool and must avoid that part of the store at all cost.

    With the way I have been cooking lately, I don’t use them anyway, just throw this in, eyeball that, a handfull of this and a dash of something else. LOL

  3. Wasn’t there something like this is the 80s? Put out by Bird’s Eye? I, too, have a knife vs finger problem.
    I vaguely remember that. That knife vs. finger issue is becoming a real pain. snort

  4. I’ve had people tell me this thing is great and saves them lots of money. I had no idea it was that expensive. I’ll keep wasting money, thanks.
    The regular vacuum thingie that uses the plastic baggies isn’t that expensive — I just find that using the box of Plastic Wrap that is sticky can make a good enough seal to freeze food for several months without freezer burn and it’s a heckuva lot cheaper. I haven’t seen a pic of the water-bath vacuum thing yet but there’s no chance I’m plunkin’ down $500 bucks for it. nope. Sooner suck Diet Pepsi thru my nose.

  5. I have also lost measuring cups and have no idea where they all end up! Now I love Sur La Table – we have one that’s 5 minutes away and when they have sales, I am there. But this contraptions seems like a “as seen on TV” kind of thing and the cost is ridiculous!
    We don’t have a Sur La Table here but I found one when we visited Seattle and went in and fell in love. It reminds me of my other fav cooking place Williams and Sonoma (which just recently closed there store here close to me grrr) – I love both their catalogs but their prices are rather inflated.

  6. Save your money because it will end up in the what-idiot-bought-this pile. 😉

    I lost most of my tupperware back when the other side of this twin house was gutted by fire and we got a lot of smoke damage. They tell you to throw away any plastic and wood food implements because of the exposure to toxic smoke. Funny thing, I only replaced my two super huge covered bowls and the deviled egg container. I haven’t missed the rest.

    Last year I tossed out all my old pots and pans because I bought a huge set of fantastic stainless steel pots and pans. Now I’m finding that I use only seven of them on a regular basis.

    Lost measuring cups go to the lost and found warehouse. You’ll find them on the same shelf where I found Jim’s balance.
    Much of my Tupperware has gone to that lovely store Le Goodwill. Most of the old-fashioned Tupperware can’t go in the microwave and doesn’t enjoy the dishwasher. I’ve replaced it with the cheap Target Rubbermaid stuff that CAN go in microwave and is virtually indestructable with the exception of EmmaLou chewing on it. I don’t know why I can’t seem to part w/my Le Creuset pots/pans – they cook well, but kill my back to get out of the cupboard. I like my Pampered Chef & use it mostly. I would prefer a live-in personal chef…sigh

  7. I thought you could cook the frozen meals in the Food Saver packets too. Or at least I thought I saw it in the directions. I think I did it once and it turned out just fine.

    I love kitchen gadgets, one can never have too many of them. The Titatinian Food Peeler really does work great, now I gotta get rid of the six other potato peelers I have. I just have way too many kitchen gadgets and just am a sucker to always buy more. Nice to know I am not alone, although I do want to get that Brownie Pan and that Steam Buddy for the dryer, then the………

    God bless.
    Yes you can cook the stuff in the Food Saver packets but I never remember for how long. That’s why we have been buying the frozen Steamer packages of veggies – 5 min in micro, open package voila. I like fast easy cooking and have been relying on my George Foreman grill and lots of salads until it gets warm enough DS can get outside and grill. Then I will grill almost everything especially veggies. I like the Brownie Pan – the one with the insert that you no longer have to cut the brownies, but I don’t bake goodies coz I eat them & I’m dieting so I’m gonna hold off a little longer on buying one of those. I tell myself – buy it and then you can bake brownies to give away but I know I’d end up in the kitchen at midnight eating a pan of perfectly formed brownies. LOL

  8. i love your blog, I have learned something new today, thanks for sharing
    thx Lisa – I looked at your website and u have some good info there – I’ll go back soon and comment.

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