The Bard is Back in Town, the Thought of it Doth Make My Faint Heart Bleed…


The Bard is back…the Bard is back…at least that’s the latest rumor going around.  A discovery of a hitherto unreleased work by Shakespeare has surfaced; a play some scholars maintain is based on an earlier work of that witty wordsmith William, something called Cardenio.  I am unfamiliar with Cardenio.  It sounds like a drink made with vodka and tinged a pretty shade of blue.  Or an island in the South Pacific.  But a play by Shakespeare?

I’m just tickled pink by this discovery.  Okay maybe not so much.  I have several  large volumes of Shakespeare’s works up in my crap room   craft room  home office  study/library.   I have read many of his plays – I get to a certain point and then blood starts dripping from my eyes and I pass out from either overuse of archaic English or just the fact I want him to speed it up a bit.  He is difficult to read;  although I admit his works are amazing, if a bit time-consuming as I find I must read and re-read many passages to get their full meaning.  There’s an awful lot of doth, thou, and didst going on in those plays. 

Like Emperor Joseph in Amadeus telling Mozart his music is fine; it just has too many notes, I would like to tell Shakespeare his writing is lovely; it just has too many words.  Well, there it is.  And with that I am sure to have all the Shakespeare fans come swooping down on my head.  Having uttered this insult Shakespeare might have replied to me, “What villain was it spake that word?…My foes I do repute you every one: So, trouble me no more, but get you gone.”  (Titus Andronicus).  Ouch – makes my ears bleed. 

I admit I enjoyed Hamlet… oh wait, I might have been thinking about the movie starring a younger and gorgeous Mel Gibson. Oops.  Okay, I read Romeo & Juliet (what high school student didn’t?) and I do love some of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.  But is the world really ready for another work by Shakespeare?  It would be more fun if instead of one of his lost plays they discovered one of his lost video games…Othello for Wii…

Besides — I have enough reading material stacked up on my table already – this work of his has been lost since the 18th century…I think it can wait a little longer to be added to my reading list…  William might sum it up this way: 

When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
I summon up remembrance of things past,
I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought,
And with old woes new wail my dear time’s waste…
  excerpt from Sonnet XXX

As for me dear Bard, I doth desire  a good mystery written in today’s vernacular and shall visit you anon.  sigh…


9 thoughts on “The Bard is Back in Town, the Thought of it Doth Make My Faint Heart Bleed…

  1. Oh, that’s a good one. Love the link. (Thou could have used that, this week-end.) – Several times!!!!
    yup that’s our buddy. Dgmysteries: stop being funnier than me on my own blog! ROFL

  2. I had to study Shakespeare when I was in college and it was no fun. Very hard to read and I once asked my professor.. “really? what is the big hype about?’ He told me that it required love of art and maturity to understand it. Le sigh.

    But have you read Chaucer? OMG! Kill me now!

    BTW… I did post your collage on my blog. I love it!
    I enjoyed (and still do) Shakespeare but it is heavy stuff and difficult to wade through – he was a master, though. I’ll give him that. As to Chaucer? Yes, I have read Chaucer and let’s just say that is not on my reading list and leave it at that. How did I miss the collage post? Hmmm must return and look again – I’m so vain…ROFL

  3. I was a drama major in school and loved English over math or history so I got more than my fair share of the Bard with two classes touching on the subject, sometimes at the same time. I found when you are reading, writing or acting Shakespeare as often as I was, you get to where reading the plays aren’t that bad.

    Wouldn’t want to give it a whirl at this point of my life.
    I like a good challenge! Except Sudoku blechh no numbers.

  4. I always found Shakespeare rather hard going. I did however enjoy reading The Tempest, I have a really old set of books given to me by my Grandmother and there was an engraving of Ariel on one of the pages – she looked so pretty, I ended up reading the story more by accident.

    I have seen the school he attended, I did want to go inside but typically of me I picked one of the few days of the year it was closed.
    Yes, but you are lucky you have the opportunity to visit one day – the chances of me getting there are rather slim. sigh…

  5. I agree with Angel, I find the Bard a bit difficult.
    BTW, it’s been a looooong time since my last visit. I see you changed your photo in your banner. Is that barn a picture you took with your camera? What a stunning view.
    hi bb – nope just a pic I found in the public domain and it made me feel Midwesternish I guess. I’ll prob post a new header of EmmaLou soon. Missed ya!

  6. I loved Taming of the Shrew but was never good at Imabic Pentameter. I am pretty good at limbo parameters. 🙂
    Crap on toast I just live in limbo…

  7. I always had a difficult time with Shakespeare. I’ve read a few things he wrote, but only because I was force-fed in school! Never for pleasure, although you’ve given me an idea to try again. Maybe I’ll discover I’ve grown up a little and my reading tastes matured!
    The trick to Shakespeare is to find time, peace, and quiet. Then get your beverage of choice, sit back in a comfy chair, and soak him in. Savor his words slowly and see yourself in his world. That’s the only way to do it. Then you will enjoy him and understand him. Challenging, yes, worth it? yes again.

  8. Time, peace & quiet are in short supply around here, but I will remember your advice and try it some time. I probably just tried to rush through it before, and it didn’t work out for me, obviously!
    The world may think me nutz – but when I truly need something calming or something to take my mind off something that is troubling me – a work of Shakespeare will help because he makes you totally focus on him and all the world melts away. Not good for a steady diet or you start talking funny – LOL – just every once in awhile – oh and add a nice hot cup of tea too. Hugs!

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