March Madness…Is A Tea Party Included? Where’s Alice?


I think it’s only fitting that Johnny Depp’s movie version of Alice in Wonderland is out now since it deals with the March hare and the Mad Hatter and there you have it — March Madness.

No?  What?  Oh you mean it’s about basketball?  Well, then, that truly is madness because basketball is one of the most boring sports in the world in this blogger’s humble opinion — run up the court, elbow some guy, jump up and slam dunk the ball into the hoop, hang on the rim like the cool guy he is….run down the court, elbow some guy, jump up and slam dunk the ball into the hoop, hang onto the rim like the cool guy he is.  Whistle blows.  Everybody lines up opposite each other like good little teammates while the guy at the end gets a stab at tossing the ball into the hoop.  Yawn, yawn, zzzzzzzzz, drool, snore.

I realize we can’t all enjoy the same sports – I simply am one of the people who loathe basketball and would rather suck a Diet Pepsi up my nose than have to sit through an entire game.  This matchup nonsense always occurs in March, I always forget it’s coming up,  and that makes me mad so I am filled with my own definition of March Madness.  It’s basketball, it’s March, and I’m Mad.  There you have it.

If this occurred on any other night but Thursday I might not get quite as upset.  For on Thursday evenings, as much as I realize that reclining on the couch stuffing my face with a Weight Watcher ice cream sandwich and watching television is quasi-unhealthy, there is something to be said for gazing at Simon Baker’s (The Mentalist) adorable face.  And Thursday also brings Survivor, one of the worst, dumbest, most staged reality shows ever and one which I absolutely adore simply because these people make me look good by comparison.  There is also something disgustingly pleasing about watching people eat bugs and nasty rice all for the chance of winning money.  Humanity at its greedy worst – and I’m no better since I watch and revel in it.  Gah…

Not this Thursday – this Thursday the network is carrying basketball games.  All night long it seems.  And I am bereft.  I may be reduced to watching a re-run of Bones (which is not that bad an idea actually).  I have a sneaking suspicion this doesn’t last just one week, does it?  Next Thursday I will go through the same horror and disappointment and be forced to watch re-runs of House on

The good news is it won’t last forever and if I get truly bored I can always join the rest of the country and tune in to watch men in baggy pants run up and down a wooden court while the crowds go insane.  It might actually help me get some sleep at night.   Hmmm…March Madness as a cure to insomnia…I may be onto something here.  sigh…


11 thoughts on “March Madness…Is A Tea Party Included? Where’s Alice?

  1. They are calling for a mix of rain and snow this week-end after a wonderful week of spring weather. Now that is March Maddness!!!!!
    I heard we are in for “light” snow – flurries and then it will warm up again. I already am sneezing – must be Spring! LOL It’s gotta warm up fast – I need my painter to get his butt back here and finish this house before I go totally Mad! 🙂

  2. I am so with you here. Hate basketball for all the reasons you mention PLUS – the squeeky noise their shoes make!!!!! The ‘Diet Pepsi up my nose’ thing made me spit my coffee on my monitor LOL! I’ll watch Bones re-runs all day long before I’ll even glimpse a squeekball game.
    “Squeekball” – snort!

  3. Not a sports fan at all – nope not a one. I hate March and all the interruptions in TV scheduling.
    Yeah – why don’t they just start a stoopid Basketball channel and be done with it?!

  4. I don’t bother with the TV right now. It’s the perfect time to write or curl up with someone else’s book when I’m not out in the yard. It’s in the 70’s here and I’m loving it!!!
    wow wish I was at your house – it is in the 60’s but windy – we went on a picnic at a lake today and we were a little chilly but it was nice to be outside and see some sun!

  5. Were not sports fans here either, so I know how you feel. We get similar shows to the ones you mention and you are so right, there is something really awful but compelling about watching someone eating bugs for money.

    Wishing you a lovely peaceful weekend.
    Once again tonight the show I want to watch is pre-empted by stupid sports. Grrr. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who takes wicked delight in watching people eat slimy bugs just for the love of money! You have a lovely weekend too, my friend! Hugs!

  6. Television in general puts me to sleep. A ballgame puts me in a coma.

    Hey, would you send me your email address (I had it from an email you sent me but it’s buried)? I have something I want to share with you.
    Coma – yeah that’s what bsktball does to me and since I’ve had trouble sleeping maybe I should watch the games to fall asleep. But then I’d have to get up off the couch to go to bed and I’d just lay there wide awake. Nah, I’ll just wait the season out and get over it. Email sent.

  7. Oh gaw, the squeaking sneakers gets me too. How annoying is that??? I’m not a sports fan, at least not as far as watching it on TV. B-O-R-I-N-G.

    But my Flash Forward series is back and I watched my first episode this last Thursday. Most excellent! I rather like this series. Then I watched Private Practice after that…it’s one of those shows that I can watch, or not. And not miss it. It was good, but. I could have easily just fallen asleep on the couch too. LOL
    We also enjoyed Flash Forward – it’s getting creepier and we enjoy creepy – LOL

  8. I don’t really watch basketball that much but everyone else in my family does. Go Kentucky Go!!!
    yawn, zzzzzz, blah blah blah, whatever – I just want it over with. LOL

  9. They are going to have a new Vampires Diary show on this Thurs. It beats all those sport shows. And Simon does have the cutest face especially when he smiles . Oh and if you hear him talking in his native Austrailian, then whoa, lookout, I am in heaven.

    God bless.
    Yikes! I didn’t realize a new Vamp Diaries was coming out this soon – must watch and basketball better not interrupt – I think Vamp Diaries is on a different network – or I can get it through Simon Baker – my friend Midlife Slices took some EXCELLENT pictures of him on the set of a movie he was starring in and HER grandaughter was in it too. If ya like, I’ll send ya one. He’s just so -little-boy adorable – that grin makes me melt and I have heard him speak in his Aussieness – even more adorable.

  10. I know I could not watch CSI or the Mentalist or even Ghost Whisperer . Fridays are the one time that my daughter (the oldest) can actually sit down and hang out with out her smart a** mouth running like a river. I despise Basketball, why can’t they just put it on a sports channel exclusive to sports only , Most people have cable, satellite or what ever and leave my normal programming alone !!
    I would like to see all sports on a sports-related channel, unfortunately it has to do with revenues the networks get from commercials during these events so it isn’t going away any time soon. Bummer.

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