Theme Thursday – Breakfast

Breakfast is hit and miss with me.  There are days I want all the breakfast food I can find and the most unhealthy to boot – especially something delish like Lucky Charms or Cap’n Crunch cereals.  Yum.  I can also put away the pancakes, preferably blueberry with lots of real butter and syrup — the kind you get only at that healthy, organic, low-calorie, fat-free dining establishment:

Oh yeah love me some Cracker Barrel – they make the best pancakes and they have these neat little jars of blueberry stuff to go on the pancakes.  You eat and then you sit back and realize 3,000 pounds of cellulite just popped out on your thighs – but who cares?  Everyone’s got to splurge once in awhile.

Breakfast — it’s the most important meal of the day.  At least that’s what my dad always said as he put a bowl of lumpy icky oatmeal in front of me.  Blechhh – when he wasn’t looking, most of it would go under the table to the dog — we had an old collie who just loved oatmeal thankfully.  Me?  Not so much.

These days I’m working hard on shedding a few pesky midlife pounds — and I normally now scarf down some lowfat cottage cheese with some blueberries for breakfast.  But I am dreaming of the day I can go wild with pancakes at Cracker Barrel again.  sigh…

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14 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Breakfast

  1. You & ELPH and your Cracker Barrel Blueberry Pancakes, LOL! He would have them everyday. Me? I can’t even eat until about 10am. Love me some oatmeal:D
    To be honest the one in the family who truly loves the blueberry pancakes is Devoted Spouse – I get them sometimes but I get other stuff too – DS ALWAYS orders the blueberry cakes. The last time I had the flu my prior meal had been oatmeal – I may never eat it again because of the memories. LOL

  2. oh i love me some cracker barrel breakfast…
    They have this dish where they cook two eggs in cut out sourdough bread and then serve it with a potato has type casserole and some amazing bacon and I am in heaven truly. Unfortunately this stuff is not on my diet right now so I drive by Cracker Barrel, take off my ball cap respectfully, and keep on driving. LOL

  3. I had to drop 30 pounds about 1 1/2 years ago and I didn’t want to sacrifice my lifelong affair with big breakfasts so I began eating 3 scrambled egg whites with a slice of cooked ham mixed in, whole grain toast, and a couple slices of turkey bacon. A couple cups of coffee to wash everything down. A bunch of protein with little fat and great taste. I’m still eating that almost every morning and have been able to keep the weight off. Wish you luck. And I still find the occasion to visit the CBarrel.
    Thanks for dropping by sweetie – I think we all find what works for us – I am so used to cottage cheese w/blueberries in the morning – it’s just easier for me to eat that – I have on occasion done the egg white omelet w/some veggies but I simply abhor the taste of turkey bacon – bacon should not be made from turkey. Now I will eat turkey bologna, turkey sausage and I even found some very tasty turkey pepperoni, but no to the turkey bacon. LOL I’m just proud of me for getting healthier. (pats self on back) 😉

  4. Crone we don’t have Cracker Barrel out here in Californica but everytime I go east of here I stop. On our trip home from Montana we stopped at three in one day. I love me some Cracker Barrel.
    Oh yeah baby – it’s my fav place. If they ever go belly up you will find me out in front of their building lying in the fetal position crying my heart out…and dying of hunger…LOL Plus I like their gift shop.

  5. Oh, I definitely know what you mean. I am on a diet to get to my late spring, summer and early autumn weight. When it’s cold out, I can only eat comfort food. Never had Cracker Barrel pancakes. They sound so divine.
    1) Find a Cracker Barrel 2) Go in 3) Sit down and order no more than 2 blueberry pancakes (if you’re a small woman, only order 1 because they are big), 3) Realize what true heaven will look, smell, and taste like some day. 🙂

  6. I’ve never eaten at a Cracker Barrel, I don’t think we have them out here in Caleefornyah (my Ahnold impersonation) but I love me some breakfast. And none of those “healthy” breakfasts, either. I love bacon, eggs, potatoes, toast, biscuits and gravy. Luckily for my heart, I don’t eat that breakfast too often but when I do, it’s heaven!
    No, they aren’t in CA unfortunately for you coz they are something else – it’s more like southern cooking – they have grits – yum yum (but I detest red eye gravy – I like my grits w/a little butter and that’s it) Anyway I am all about those gigantic breakfasts – I love ’em – but I gotta get some of this poundage off – so no big bkfsts for me for awhile anyway. 😦

  7. I ate at a Cracker Barrel for the first time last year in Binghamton, NY. I was surprised how good it was.
    Cracker Barrel is always good – but their food isn’t exactly low calorie or low fat – they do make some of the best greens mmm mmmm. But the best of the best is the breakfasts. Pure heaven.

  8. Too many people don’t know how to make good aotmeal/porridge, sorry to say. Mos tof it here is gross and as your described.

    Cracker Barrell? I hear that but the two time sI went I was not impressed at all. Must be the ones near me.

    Well, I htink I need to eat some cheerios now!!
    My dear Mr. Toast – On behalf of Cracker Barrel let me say how sorry I am that you had such bad experiences with what is one of the best lil county-type cooking establishment this side of Paula Deen (and doesn’t use quite as much butter and is reasonably priced). Did you have a breakfast or another meal? Are you a gourmet? Because gourmets won’t like this type of down-home cooking probably and actually their forte is breakfast. Cheerios works, too sweetie – Bon Apetit! And thanks for visiting my humble blog!

  9. I’m not a breakfast person but since I know I must have something I make a yogurt, banana, and blueberry smoothie.

    However, when I’m away from home and I have to get up very early, I’ll put away a lumberjack sized breakfast. Go fig.
    Well sweetie if you’re anything like me…at home it’s just too much trouble unlike traveling and stopping in the nearest Cracker Barrel. Yum.

  10. Youngest daughter went to AZ and brought hubby a Pecan Pie from the Cracker Barrel restaurant there. It was the best damn Pecan Pie that we had ever tasted. And I rarely eat Pecan Pie, but I could have eaten and eaten that thing for days, weeks, maybe even years. 800 pounds later and I would probably still be eating them.

    Pecan Pie for breakfast, hmmm, yummy. Oatmeal, yucky, I hate it and cannot see how anyone can eat it. Although I do like oatmeal cookies.

    And yeah, it sucks that we do not have any Cracker Barrels in Cali. But then again those 800 pounds……

    God bless.
    I don’t like pie crust but have been known to eat the insides – but rarely coz pie is just too bad for me. I like oatmeal cookies too – and oatmeal bread – just not cooked oatmeal. Ahhh Cracker Barrel – get your butt out here to the Midwest so you can experience it just once – it is soooo worth it. Staying away from that place while I diet is taking so much willpower. sigh

  11. Cracker Barrel’s hash brown potato casserole, all gooey with sour cream and cheese (and heaven only knows what other horrible-for-you stuff!), is one of my guilty pleasures. That’s probably the reason I avoid Cracker Barrel! I simply have no willpower.
    I know – it is so yummy – one reason I stay away right now – that is DEFINITELY not on my diet! 🙂

  12. Oatmeal is ok, but honestly if I try to eat it several days in a row, then I feel like I’m going to vomit. Can’t do it every day.

    Now, give me a bag of Hostess donettes, and we’re talking BREAKFAST. yum!
    When I started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, I was in the grocery store stocking up on “good” food and passed the chips/donuts/goodies aisle — I gazed at the bag of Hostess powdered sugar donettes longingly, probably drooled a bit, and kept on going. Willpower – I hate dieting with a passion – and there may come a day when I will have to indulge in a donette or three (hundred) LOL

  13. No Cracker Barrel in Sydney thank goodness it’s hard enough resisting Pancakes on the Rocks!
    Come visit me and I’ll take you there. What is Pancakes on the Rocks? on the rocks here means over ice – I KNOW that’s not the case. Must be the name of a local place in Sydney? LOL

  14. I actually like oatmeal. Lately, when I wake up early enough to make a bowl of it, I’ll spoon a little peanut butter in for flavor. Completely disgusts everyone in my house, except the dogs, who would eat anything with peanut butter. Come to think of it, they would just eat anything, including stuff out in the yard, so guess they’re not the best judge of what’s good. My dad used to make oatmeal that way. As a kid, I thought eeeewwww, but now I like it, too. Sadly, I’m usually running late for work, so I just have time for a quick cup of Cheerios or yogurt with granola, maybe add a little fruit if I’ve got an extra 30 seconds to spare!
    Had I not had oatmeal as my final meal prior to the flu I might be inclined to try it with peanut butter as I am quite a fan of pb. However, I have not gotten over my general queasiness at just the thought of oatmeal yet. Oh well. LOL

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