Take That You Big Old Toad!

When I was in middle school one year St. Patrick’s Day fell on a school day — okay many times it did but that isn’t important.  Gah… already I’m starting out ADD.

Anyway I went to school and I wasn’t wearing GREEN!  Oh the horror of it all – and I’m even of Irish descent on my paternal grandmother’s side.

What is the big deal you may ask?  There was a particular bully at my school; this toad was named (naturally) Rocky.  And on that fateful “Wearin’ O The Green” day, he pinched the everlovin crap outta me all day long every time our paths crossed.  By the next morning I was black and blue on both arms and had a rather angry father.  I begged Dad not to do anything about it — I didn’t want to get embarrassed at school and make it worse.  He agreed not to call the school and complain.

The following morning I went to school and as I was walking down the hallway toward my classroom who should I meet?  The infamous Rocky.  I tapped him on the back of his shoulder, he turned around…AND I PUNCHED HIM IN HIS NOSE AND BROKE IT!  I also broke one of my fingers.  We were both dragged into the principal’s office (Rocky & I both first being ministered to by the nurse) and parents were called.

Ya know what happened?  My Dad just laughed.  Yay Dad – one of the few times he didn’t scare me because I was certain he was gonna beat the daylights outta my behind for this stunt.  He said, “Serves him right.”  Don’t mess with the Irish redheaded stepchild.  Ever.

Ya’ll have heard the song and know the lyrics…sometimes you’re the windshield; sometimes you’re the bug.  I got to be the windshield just one day of my life and it was worth the pain of a broken finger.  sigh…


8 thoughts on “Take That You Big Old Toad!

  1. What is it with you and fingers? Slicing them off, breaking them…Never mind shoes, I’m getting you boxing gloves!

    ::Sueanne, Linda gets a seperate roll of one thousand sheets of questions::
    Yeah, funny how my fingers seem to get in the way sometimes – sometimes that’s good sometimes not so much! I wore that splint proudly. 1K sheets of questions? stop this nonsense and secret messages now or I’m gonna boot you one (shoepun heeeeheeee) 🙂

  2. I had something very similar happen in junior high. That started my reputation as I’m sure it did yours. My mom told me that she was going to whip me if I didn’t lay this guy out! Good things come from incidents such as these but usually later on. I’d shake your hand if you were standing beside me right now. I like good punchers.
    I’m fond of strong punch, too. Oh..wait you said punchers…nevermind. giggling – nobody disses the redheaded stepchild and walks away unscathed – nobody. (fist pump)

  3. Yay – I am so proud of you. You have really made my day with your story. I hope it hurt him lots, shame about your finger though.

    I was bullied terribly at school, it still effects me to this day so I know what it must have been like for you, so very well done.

    Sending you a big hug.
    I really need to state that hitting someone is certainly not the best way to handle an issue – but it was a case of one bullying too many and I just lost it and hit him – I had no clue I was that capable of hurting someone and yes it felt good to stand up for myself finally and not take it anymore. But truly there are other ways to approach this type of problem and violence should always be the last resort…then beat the crap outta him. LOL

  4. I too had a bully after me in Jr. High. After almost an entire school year of trying to follow my father’s rule of ‘you don’t hit anyone’ I’d had enough. She started in on me on the school bus and I told her, “let’s get off right here, right now and after you pick yourself up from the ground, you’ll understand my father’s rule.” She refused to get off the bus and left me alone for the rest of the year and beyond. I should’ve stood up to her sooner but Dear old Dad kept telling me to ignore her.

    I’m a redhead with a Irish temper. Well, Irish and Iroquois–slow to anger but once angered, explosive. DH tells people “never get the Irish Indian mad.”
    I’m with ya sistah – don’t get angry often but when my Irish is up ya better batten down the hatches! LOL

  5. good job…perhaps you taught him a valuable lesson…
    well he never picked on me again — I think fighting back was my only option at that point because it had been going on for a long time. I hope he grew up into a nice, well-adjusted kind man…I have a sneaking suspicion he ended up as one who picked the wings off insects, and had the potential to end up a serial killer…j/k – I’m sure he’s a nice man somewhere.

  6. Maybe if more people stood up to bullies, then there would be less of them. I think they are all chicken shits and would pee in their pants if people stood up to them. Bullies are just future terrorists in the making. They get a thrill out of terrorising people and you are right in that some of them probably do become serial killers or rapists. But then again, sometimes their victims become the serial killer. Either way the bullying needs to stop and more people need to stand up against them.

    Look at what happened when those two girls were fighting and the security personnel just stood by and watched. What the hell was wrong with the other people standing by and them not calling 911. Yes, mob mentality is such a sad thing. It would be a lot better if there were more heros in the world. I think with all the violence in the video games, movies, and TV shows, make acceptance of violence a more common problem then anyone is willing to admit. I guess they just proved it with that show from France where they documented how willing people were to press a button to cause painful shocks to a person because they were egged on by the audience. Just some sick, sick people out there.

    Where are the leaders of the world anymore. Oh wait, I know, they are all out there trying to force socialism upon all of us. Screw them!!!

    Got my census today and in the part where they ask what’s my race, I think I am going to mark other and write American. Let them figure that one out. My ancestors came from somewhere else, but I am an American and they can kiss my ass if they do not like it. Everyone needs to do this. To the rest of the world we are Americans and we need to stand united as Americans.

    I am an American and proud of it. Take that you freaking government census, nosey people. A census should just count how many people are living in the house and how many are female and male. That is it. They do not need to know anything else. But at least it is not much different then the last census. All those other questions that they had wanted to ask us are not in there. But there are more questions then the one before the last one. I guess they will keep adding one at a time, until they get them all in there.

    God bless.
    The world is full of bullies these days and it’s not a happy place – it’s a dangerous place. So I do a lot of praying for the world in general. Did our Census the other day – let DS fill it out coz his printing is hard to read – hah my lil poke at gov’t. At least they paid the postage…oh wait OUR TAX DOLLARS paid the postage…nevermind. sigh

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