HEY I am Starting A New Blog – Yippee


To all my faithful 11 readers who every once in awhile go see my Crap on a Crutch blog.  I am in the process of closing that one down because it costs too much to maintain.  I am starting it up again at Blogger.  The new URL is:


I have my first posting up — I need to tweak the blog so please be patient with me, but feel free to go take a look and leave me a comment.  Thanks!

OH – Don’t forget to change your links from the old Crap on a Crutch to the new Oh Crap on a Crutch.   Thanks!


3 thoughts on “HEY I am Starting A New Blog – Yippee

  1. I love your new blog and it looks as though I am the first to comment on it Yay.

    Although you would not believe how confusing I found it getting used to blogger 🙂

    I will keep a look out for your “Oh Crap on a Crutch” postings.
    Thank you sweetie for being my first visitor – you should win a prize or something — I would send EmmaLou to visit you but she would have to go into quarantine I’m afraid. Oh well LOL I love your new blog too! Yay us! 😉

  2. DS sound a lot like JR. They’ll do anything we ask. At least once.
    I try not to take advantage but I’m so spoiled. lol

  3. I like Blogger so much more than wordpress. Can I say that here? 🙂
    Hi Julie – You can say anything you like here 🙂 I use wordpress for this blog & my writing blog Parchment Monkey simply because I stumbled on it first. I have no idea why I decided to move my domain-hosted Crap blog over to Blogger – it would have been easier to add a third blog here on WordPress – but I never make life easy. If my life was easy, I wouldn’t need you to help me with organizing, would I? LOL Hugs!

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