Postal Service Should Be Called Lostall Service…

Dayton OH Post Office circa 1940

I have been engaged in an ongoing battle with my local post office.  I admit that I am not overly fond of my postal delivery person.  The person we had at our old house was so friendly and helpful.  The one on this new route keeps to himself and seems a bit put out if he has to walk up to my front door and deliver mail because there is a package that won’t fit into the box.

Sometimes he delivers mail to me with the right house number but wrong street.  I once worked as a Civil Servant and I remember taking the exam – one had to show an aptitude for alphabetizing and ordering numbers in sequence and you had to know HOW TO READ.  Apparently, my postal service delivery person is slipping in his skills set.  Then again if I drove a funky little truck around all day from mailbox to mailbox I would probably zone out sometimes, too. 

Today I was doing some bills and it dawned on me my monthly bill (for the astronomically expensive refrigerator and Jenn-Air stove) that we bought at Blowes, er I mean, Home Despot; no that’s not right it was Smears; then again, maybe not — had not arrived.  Now it’s one of those deals where the entire amount isn’t due until September (and you pay no interest if the amount is paid in full by then) so I wasn’t that worried that I would be “dinged” for not making a payment.  In this deal I don’t actually have to make a payment.  Are you with me so far?  Well the issue here is the payment is normally due on the 17th of the month – but I never received a  statement for the month of March.

So I called customer service at “that store” and said…blah, blah, blah, no statement… and the nice lady proceeded to explain in a very patient voice that I didn’t NEED to make a payment.  I very patiently explained THAT wasn’t my point…my point was I never received the statement and would she kindly send a duplicate for my records?  Sheesh – it was a painful conversation. 

But back to the USPS – my postal guy usually arrives at my house around 3 pm.  So around 3 pm I saw him coming up the street and went outside to meet him.  We actually had a nice chat — our first in almost 7 years!!!   I registered my alarm (in the kindest way possible and without actually punching him in his postal proboscis) at not receiving a bill that should have been here two weeks ago and he sympathized with me but it’s not his problem.  (It’s never anyone’s problem — I have brought this to the attention of the supervisor at the actual post office since it has happened several times now and they don’t care either really.)   Although, in defense of my postal person, I understand it is not his fault – it is no doubt the fault of whoever does the sorting at wherever they sort the mail – East Timbuktu or someplace.  Nevertheless, it is frustrating.

And now the public is being gently warned that there is a very good chance we will lose our Saturday mail delivery.  Well crap on a crutch…they can’t get the right mail delivered to me on other days — at least on Saturday I won’t have to worry about not receiving something or receiving mail that belongs a block away.  So USPS?  I feel like I’m playing Where’s Waldo with my “that store”  bill.   Grrrr.

I reserve the right to go Postal…sigh…

6 thoughts on “Postal Service Should Be Called Lostall Service…

  1. I so feel for you. I sent something back to the Smithsonian in a self addressed stamped envelope 6 weeks ago. Guess what was in my mail today? That’s right, the thing addressed to the Smithsonian. What? Can the USPS not find the Smithsonian?
    apparently they can’t find their own a$$es in their precious little priority mail boxes. grrr. Now I have to call “the company” and put a fraud alert on my card just in case this statement ended up at Joe Schmoe’s house — he can start charging his way to happiness on my nickel. Ticks me off to no end – oops losing my religion any moment. LOL

  2. And in a few days from now, you have to send census information through the post too! LoL… I hope the government gets its numbers right!
    Funny but I have a sneaking suspicion they will make a few (million) mistakes! Thanks for stopping by my humble blog!

  3. I have had so many complaints in over the years of living here that I just gave up. I just stick the misdelivered mail back into the mailbox and let them take it to the house. And if it is junk mail and says Occupant on it I toss it. I am an Occupant and reserve that right. I know someone tosses my mail too cause I don’t get half of it. One year, I got three months worth of misdelivered mail all on one day. No one seems to know who had it.

    And each time I complain they tell me that they will not tolerate misdelivered mail. Freaking liars. And they wonder why they are losing money. UPS always gets it right. Fedex always gets it right. USPS f’s it up royally. WAIT, one is run by the government and two are private enterprise.

    And they wonder why no one wants them to take over our Health Insurance. When they f*ck up there, what are we going to do? Grow another leg or arm. Come back alive after they kill us. The VA hospital system scares me to death. And with them telling us that we are too “stupid” to know what we need. F them!!! I am voting them all out if possible. I know what they need, they need another job. Stupid ass congress and senate jackasses.

    Now if we could only vote out our Postal Workers, yeah life would be great. Yes, our wonderful tax dollars at work. Only the military, police, and firemen are worth paying for. Okay and teachers too. Not all, but most. Mostly just Auntie, she rates the highest.

    Okay, getting off the bandwagon.

    God bless.
    I love my UPS guy – he is so friendly and helpful – once he was delivering a package as I was struggling to take in groceries and he noticed I was limping. So he stopped what he was doing and took by groceries inside. Now that’s nice – the postal guy would have just ignored me. I have thought for a long time we need to privatize the Post Office and things would run much smoother. I also think they have their fingers in too many slices of pie – they don’t need to sell so many different things – stick to mail and passports and be done with it. Oh, and lower some of those inflated salaries like that of the Postmaster General who makes a gazillion dollars a year. Sad. I have to go to the mailbox now…

  4. The post office is one of those deals where I have been known to say….”if I did such a lousy job of my job and expected a raise, I’d be shown the door.”

    We pay more and get less. But it’s not like you can go to the ‘other’ post office. That’s why I pay as many of my bills online as I can.
    I do the same but still it would be nice to actually receive in the mail what is sent to you. Good example, recently a friend sent me a package and it should have been here by now – – where is it? stoopid USPS…

  5. Maybe with their business dropping off because of all the alternatives to USPO they are out of practice. Then again with less work to do they should get right what’s left.
    The real problem is that real-mail-that-matters gets lost in the clutter of offers to service my air conditioner or to fix my lawn or the urgent offers for Medicare parts B thru J. Apparently if I don’t sign up right now I might as well lie down and die if I get sick because I will never get to see another doctor as long as I live.
    That’s a great barn picture up there. I loved the picture of Emma Lou in the snow but this one is great too.
    Hi Angus – I think it is inevitable that mail will be lost just based on the millions of pieces being sorted each hour. It just irritates me that the one thing lost is something which could result in identity theft for me. Grrr. As to the header pics, I keep experimenting and can’t find one that fits the way I want it to…I like EmmaLou in the snow, also, but I’m so sick of snow LOL – the barn made me happier. I would like a new theme, but again of the free ones WP offers, this one seems to work the best so why mess with a good thing… c’ya!

  6. In my area my regular postal service person delivers to the right house but when ever he has a day off we get someone that it clueless. see I live @ ** N Ellis and across the road is the same exact address only S. Ellis so there are times that I get their mail and they get mine one time I got mail for some one that lives in a completely different town yea go figure.. My regular mail carrier and I chat now and then and when it’s raining or snowing he will put my mail right in front of my door. and when its hot out side I will wait for him and bring out cool refreshment for him or leave homemade cookies or treats inside the mail box for him and christmas time I give him a gift card for starbucks..
    I used to leave gift certs and goodies for my old mail man all the time – the new one won’t accept them, the toad. But then again, I really knew my old mail man – we talked almost every day so he knew if there was a Cadbury egg wrapped up in a little package in the mailbox it was okay. That was about 15 years ago and I imagine life isn’t quite as safe even for postal ppl anymore – you don’t know what ppl will do these days. sigh. Hugs and blessings sweetie!

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