Sense and Censusbility


I first noticed news of the upcoming Census via a commercial during SuperBowl.  I thought to myself…I can’t imagine how much money the U.S. Government paid for that advertisement.  My tax money at work.

Since the SuperBowl I have been bombarded with tv commercials regarding the upcoming Census.  Okay – I get it – Census is important – very important.  I understand it is directly linked to political districts and all other types of stuff I don’t want to bore you with here.  Bottom line — I get it — when the Census paperwork arrives in the mail, I will do my civic duty, fill it out and mail it back in.  No big deal.

The other day Devoted Spouse tells me he read we will soon be receiving a letter in the mail telling us that our Census paperwork will be arriving.  Well, crap on toast, we already know this, why are our tax dollars being wasted in mailing a letter to announce the Census is arriving?  We are back to the Office of Redundancy Office…

In my local paper there is an article once again alerting residents that the Census is coming, the Census is coming — I’m seeing a visual of somebody riding horseback through the streets in the dead of night yelling at the top of his lungs…The Census is Coming, The Census is Coming. 

On top of the already untold millions of dollars wasted, I read in this article where the Census Bureau and its no-doubt-highly-overpaid-director sponsored a NASCAR driver for three NASCAR races to advertise the Census – to the tune of $1.2 MILLION – yes you read that correctly.

Crap on a crutch…Dear Mr. Robert Groves c/o Census Bureau:  Please send me a check for $100,000 and I will make magnetic signs advertising the upcoming Census and have them put on both my and Devoted Spouse’s cars and we will drive our cars around the country for your advertising.  Look at all the taxpayers’ money that would save.  Heck, I’ll even pay for my own gas.

To my knowledge the total tally for the upcoming Census that has been approved within the last decade by our tremendously intelligent Congress is upwards of $14.7 BILLION. 

Oh, and we’re not EVEN going to discuss the notice we have all been given that if you don’t fill out your Census paperwork and mail it back, a Census worker WILL show up at your door…oh and by the way, the Census Bureau has hired people who are KNOWN felons.  We’re gonna slide right on by that tidbit…

For all this money, they better include a postage-paid envelope in my Census package…sigh…


9 thoughts on “Sense and Censusbility

  1. Yeah, I already got the letter telling me I’d be getting a letter. Dumb! I have no problem with telling them the basic info about me, stuff I think they have a right to and need for all the reasons you mentioned.

    But I’ve been hearing that they are going to be asking more info than they need in my opinion and if that’s true, they ain’t getting it from this household.

    Name, rank and serial number….that’s it.
    Honestly, I haven’t paid attention to what they are asking – assumption the standard stuff – if there is optional info I won’t provide it – but I will provide what is required. They better not come knocking on my door – mine will be mailed back as required. I hate bureaucracy though.

  2. I had a Census Volunteer come to my door last year. To remind me that 2010 is a Census year and that there are just 10 questions and when it arrives in the mail to please fill it out and return asap.

    As a person who has been trying to research her family tree for the past 20 years, this census will be useless to future genealogists.

    The 2010 Census 10 questions: Name , Sex , Age, Date of birth, Hispanic origin, Race, Household relationship, and If you own or rent .
    I vaguely remember doing the last one – I think we were at our old house and it was a long questionaire as I recall. The Gov’t is certainly spending enough money on it.

  3. I can’t remember the last time the Census came around, obviously there wasn’t the flurry of publicity about it then. But I did get the letter telling me to look for the Census, after someone knocked on my door to tell me to expect a letter to tell me to expect the Census. Way, way too much hype.

    It reminds me of the Principal of the elementary school my kids attended. Every year when it came time for the state tests, she would constantly tell the students how important these tests were and how they just HAD to score high on the test and pressure, pressure, pressure to the point where many kids got all freaked out and probably didn’t do as well as they would have if she had just said, “tests are coming, do your best” and left it at that.
    I know…makes me crazy…

  4. We got the letter informing us it was coming about a month ago and lo and behold! The Census showed up a few days ago. Haven’t opened it yet….maybe this weekend.
    I haven’t received our letter yet – but then again we miss mail all the time for some bizarre reason.

  5. I think all governments are the same, we have just had a major campaign about sending our tax returns in on time. You would not believe how many adverts we were getting. The jingle “self assesment doesn’t have to be taxing” is imprinted forever on my brain.

    This will amuse you, a few months ago our goverment had a thing about getting us to use less salt. Our local council wanted the fish & chip shops to use salt cellars with smaller holes to stop us shaking out too much salt.

    I wonder sometimes if they think we are all still in nursery school.
    Our government is trying to enforce a tax on “bad food” like things to snack on or sugar. Drives me crazy. Get out of my business and just run the country. Salt cellars with smaller holes simply lead to more shaking! LOL

    Hugs and blessings!

  6. We got our ‘letter’ today. Thank you US government for a gross waste of tax payers money to send out all these useless letters telling us the census is comeing. Shade of PAul Revere’s ride. You’d think they could’ve enclosed something for the people who don’t watch TV, read a paper, or have any brains, in with the census to ‘splain it all and saved us big bucks.
    The stupidity of it amazes me. I really think the Census package should be “postage paid” – a lot more people would send them back if they didn’t have to find a damn stamp. Think of how many children in this country we could have fed and clothed with the money they wasted on sending out the useless letters. It makes me sick.

  7. Will they also send it in Spanish? If they have to ask if I’m of Hispanic origin, well…what if I was? I’d be out of luck.
    Hi sweetie – not only is that kind of funny, but it’s actually a good question – we are a very diverse nation. If those who don’t understand the form don’t fill it out and return it, will the guy who shows up at the door be able to speak Spanish, or Korean, or whatever is needed? I understand some of the folks the gov’t has hired to do the canvassing have records – I wouldn’t expect them to be bi or tri-lingual. Hmmm. We shall see.

  8. I am with Sandy on this one, name, rank, and serial number. Oh screw that they are getting our names and just the basic crap. I have heard that they are going to ask a lot of personal questions that have never been asked before.

    The government is getting too nosey if you ask me. One question that might be on there, I think they are still debating, is if you own a gun or rifle. See if I answer that one properly. Whoops the pen slipped and my brain isn’t working correctly cause I have a bad case of CRS that I suffer from.

    And if you do not send it in then you will get fined a lot of money. They will give you chances to fill it all out and then if you don’t and they have to keep calling and knocking on your door then they will fine you. X amount at first, then each time the fine goes up. Screw them. How do they know if I answered them correctly. Everyone just needs to suffer from CRS and fill them out with the wrong answers as a way to protest their freaking noseyness. Only answer the basic info correctly, and all the rest protest with the wrong answer.

    The White House has taken over the census, something that has never been done in our history. That is why they are asking so many questions. You know in case they need to know where to pick up all the weapons if an executive order is passed to take control during a crisis. Cause you know that one can never let a crisis be wasted.

    Yup, they are gonna come pick me up now. I will not go quietly, growing up in the hippie era makes me still distrustful of the freaking establishment. Oh wait, I am over 30. Damn it, I am part of the establishment, but not the government, so screw the government. They need to keep their noses out of my ass. Free speech rules!!!! Freedom rocks!!!! Freaking jackass government. Vote their asses out!!!!!

    Okay, getting off the bandwagon again.

    God bless.

    I am oh so going to be taken away. LOL
    There is nothing wrong with a healthy distrust of one’s government. It is called free speech and it is one of our rights last time I checked. No one is taking you away – heck I’ll be with ya. Did I mention I demonstrated and got maced in DC during the VietNam war thing? At the same time I was doing my hippie thing, Devoted Spouse was actually serving in VietNam – and we ended up together – the dove and the hawk. Life is interesting. Now I’m more of a hawk and he has a few dove tendencies. And as for the guns…as the late, great Charleton Heston said, “From my cold dead hands.” We are lifetime members of NRA. Hugs!

  9. This whole census thing has been so amusing to me.
    First came the articles saying they are looking for census workers. My husband and son applied. Then, as you say, came the ads, and we just got the letter telling us another letter will come. It is like a SNL skit. When that first letter came, my husband said don’t lose that census letter; we have to send it in. And I said why? If we don’t, you and Joe have a better chance of getting that job!
    We haven’t received our Census letter letter telling us the Census form is coming. But that’s not unusual since I still haven’t received that bill I’ve been looking for, nor have I received the duplicate I ordered. Stupid bureaucracy!

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