Almost Wordless Wednesday

Yippee Skippy – New Asus laptop in its new home!!  Woot!  Mama is back in laptop heaven!


4 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday

  1. Pretty awesome. Yea, it has a quotation key, what more could one ask for. Now we will be wanting to see a lot more quotes. Okay, just kidding, you still did a lot.

    Pat yourself on the back for doing a great job. And charge that battery really good before your first use.

    God bless.
    I like it – I did charge the battery but had problems so took it back to Best Buy – first time they had to swap out for new machine, second time I went up bcoz battery was not charging. Geek worked on it and said that some machines had what he termed a “battery memory” (what do I know?) and that they only get to a certain percentage and then don’t charge and having it say 99% battery not charging is not a bad thing – it may not ever say 100% battery. I thought that was suspicious so I asked my own IT guru and he said he had never heard of that but as long as the battery didn’t start discharging while plugged in I was ok. I wish I understood this stuff more. I swear there are days I just want to give up all technology and live like an Amish person except with makeup and no grey roots in my hair.

  2. You would have tech withdrawal within the first week. ;D
    crap on toast, you’re right – I can’t live without blogging and Twitter and FaceBook and oh what a time-wasting monster I have become! LOL Now if I can just get used to Windows 7…

  3. I am with the IT guru on this one. I think the guy was giving you the run around. I just checked and mine says 100% charged. And tell that guy that if you have it fully charged and then keep it plugged in while using it, that it should say 100%, then tell him that you want a new one and that you checked your manual and it should say 100%. At least that is what mine says. I think your manual should say the same thing.

    But I will have to say that as long as it does not say that it is discharging while plugged in, that you are okay. But tell them you want 100% or you just need to pay 99%. See if that doesn’t get it replaced.

    You have read your manual, haven’t you? LOL

    God bless.
    Yes I read the manual – manuals are not what they once were – it didn’t address this particular battery issue. I talked to another IT guy and he said it was fine as long as it didn’t start discharging and it DID have to to with battery memory – weird stuff this IT – besides, I have a 2 year warranty that covers the battery so I am going to leave well enough alone for now and just watch it – last night I used it on battery and then plugged it in and it charged to 100%. Today it is plugged in and at 99% and not charging, so if it discharges, back it goes. OK? OK! I’m on top of things, trust me. Hugs!

  4. Congrats on the new laptop, you were due one.
    Yes I was…I have a permanent indentation on my finger from where I had to keep banging on the quotation key that had no key cover – ouch. lol

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