Computers, Music & General Junk

in case you don't know him, this is Bach

As I sit here waiting for my IT guru to arrive I am firmly ensconced in my 2nd favorite comfy chair upstairs in my crap room craft room home office .  My satellite radio is playing stuff from the Coffee House channel and I find I’m constantly jotting down music and artists I like but don’t have any of their music bought or downloaded.   Where have I been?   And why do I not have any of these CDs?   The last CD I bought was the soundtrack to the latest Twilight movie New Moon which has some really good music on it.   But I need to get in gear and update my music inventory.

Earlier I was listening to NPR radio and they did a feature on Sparklehorse (Mark Linkouse) who just committed suicide the other day and they were playing one of his songs off his Good Morning Spider CD and I thought to myself — why do I wait so long to “discover” these musicians?  I simply have not been listening to music lately for some strange reason. is gonna love me in the next few days as I have quite the musical wish list going.  I definitely need to catch up and there’s just a little bit of room left on my mp3 player.   It may be time to put away Sheryl Crow.  Honestly, I think the last song I loaded was Amy Winehouse’s Rehab — what does that say about me?  Always late to the show…

In preparing for the IT guru I had to clean up my  crap craft oh whatever-room and it has never looked this good.  The problem is I basically hauled all the junk from one room to another.  So now Devoted Spouse can hardly walk through his home office gun workroom Civil War book depository place-to-get-away-from-me-room because I piled up all my junk in there.  He was not a happy doober.  I promised I would start going through the junk and throwing out stuff soon.  Uh-huh.  I’ll get to it honey.

So here I sit thinking about all the “stuff” I moved from this room and really should put out in the garage to build the world’s biggest garage sale this spring and yet I just added to my wish list over at  They love me.  I have a wish list there longer than my Blogroll which is rapidly becoming about the longest blogroll in the universe.

I have so much stuff now I should be getting rid of — I have no business acquiring CDs – what am I thinking?  Oh wait, I saved so much money on the new laptop…but I also need to buy a new vacuum to replace the “Suckless Wonder”.  It’s always something.   sigh…


8 thoughts on “Computers, Music & General Junk

  1. I gotta start writing things down like music I can’t remember when it comes to buying/adding. Of course, when I write things down I then lose the paper.
    Sounds like me and notes and notebooks – I now put all my little items in my Smart Phone – I make notes and store them there so I always know where they are and then when I go somewhere I have a list of my fav authors and books I’m looking for, or music, or whatever. Love my smartphone.

  2. I find when I buy a CD there are rarely more than 3 songs that I listen to. Still on my To Do List is to go through my current CD’s and download only the songs I like and then take the CD’s to the second hand store. Yea. That’s been on my list for years.
    I’ve been taking books up to the second hand shop lately and just realized they take CDs too. Duh. Really need to clean out old CDs and take them up there – I do the same thing – rarely do I like every song.

  3. I want to come to your garage sale if the cookbooks are any indication of your stuff.
    When I throw a garage sale it is something to behold – I haven’t done one since we lived in the old house and we’ve been in the new house for 7 years now – wow – I like to put tablecloths on the tables and arrange things like you would at a store – and I put out good stuff, too, decent furniture and collectibles. The old neighborhood used to LOVE when I had a garage sale – LOL I must have good taste (don’t mean to brag) and YES I am afraid many of the cookbooks will be going out. I’m trying to let go of the 25 years of Southern Living but I don’t know if I can part with them — they are such a part of my history. I figure the cookbooks in the basement haven’t been used in over a year so obviously I don’t need them no matter how much I want to keep them. I’m being brutal with this garage sale and I WILL de-clutter this house. Oh my aching back already! LOL I should sell some of this stuff on eBay coz I’d get way more $$ but who has the time?

  4. I’m not much of a cook but I love cookbooks, especially vintage Ladies Auxiliary Society of the 1st National Church of Presbyterian Congregational Methodists of the Eastern Star-type of cookbooks.
    I have quite a collection of antique paper cookbooks – the kind that were popular in the 30s, 40s and 50s — those I will probably keep. I also love church or “womens” group-type cookbooks – you find the greatest family recipes in those and I always look for them at garage sales.

  5. When I had my satelite radio, I did the exact same thing. Listened to the Coffee House station ALL the time..and was constantly writing down new music. Maybe you should do a post on “cool must have coffee music!” – then I won’t have to pay my past due bill 😉
    Ohhh….and a good long blog list is NOT bad….except the part about ME not being on it !! 😉
    I love the Coffee House station. As to you not being on the post — sweetie there just wasn’t a question to answer on “lovely” bloggy friends. 😉

  6. This organizing thing is for the birds. I am not doing very good at it. But then all this sleeping is not helping. Today I actually stayed up all day and made homemade soup.

    I was cutting all the vegetables by hand and was thinking about what you said about gardening and realized that cutting the vegetables by hand gives you the same feeling. It would have been faster to use the food processor or one of the many other gadgets I have, but somehow doing it by hand was so satisfying. And I did not even draw any blood. That was cool, since I usually do.

    Maybe tomorrow I will get something done. Not!

    Hope you enjoy the new computer.

    God bless.
    I find cutting veggies to be therapeutic – except when I slice off part of my thumb LOL

  7. I really like the Rhapsody service. $14.95 a month and I can download almost anything I want to my Sansa player. When I get tired of a song I can delete it and download more stuff. I quit doing the ITunes downloads and rarely buy a CD anymore.
    thx I’ll have to think about Rhapsody – not heard of it. Never liked iTunes. I hate buying CDs since I rarely like EVERY song and that just seems to be such a waste of money to me.

  8. ha ha we must be related- my husband asks me to organize something and i just move it to another room…tee hee
    Yup – that’s my life – the junk just travels from one room to another depending on what room I need to use ROFL

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