The Sledgehammer Cometh…

And there I was in the midst of something very important and my laptop crashed…again.  The wonderful little blue screen of death.  Earlier it just quit working right as I was writing what I thought was rather important…it stops dead in its little Dell tracks.  I tried everything.  I did the Control Alt Delete thingie a thousand times – I pounded on the Escape key until I broke a nail (note to self:  look inside keyboard for remains of nail).  I finally had to manually shut it off AND take out the flippin’ battery and then put everything back together again before it would come on.  Let me tell you it was not a happy laptop with my actions.

I do not own an external hard drive, no matter how many times I have said while perusing the aisles of Office Depot, “pick up an external hard drive and back-up POC laptop.”  So the other evening I spent several hours with as many flash drives as I could round up in this house backing up data.  I cannot afford to lose my gazillion and one pictures of the ever adorable EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer.  And then there are my stories, and websites I cannot remember but certainly can’t live without, blah, blah, blah, infinity.  It is an ongoing pain.

On the advice of my IT guru (who also I might add advised me 2 years ago to buy this particular POC Dell), I went to the HP website and started “building” a new laptop.  He is now advising I stay away from Dell since this is my second Dell that has not performed well and he now advises I buy from HP.  Anyway…so I’m on the website and following the instructions building this laptop and I stopped when I had reached the monetary value of a third world country.  Oh for the love of Pete – they claim you can buy a nice laptop for around $799.  IT’S A LIE!  A LIE, I TELL YOU.  D’ya know what you get for $799?  The friggin’ shell and a supply of yellow Post-it Notes.

The laptop I finally decided upon came in at around $1400.  I about had an aneurysm and I’m not sure why I didn’t.  I know for a fact my left eye was twitching.  Was this laptop a fancy model?  Nope.  Did it have cool stuff like fingerprint technology so no one can sign in but you?  Nope.  Did it have a webcam?  They offered a link to eBay where old Polaroid machines were listed.  Aye aye aye.

So I have put off actually calling these HP people (which my IT guru advises I should do because if you get a live body on the phone you may get a better deal).  Maybe tomorrow.  It is just so much stress and pressure — I sat here going through all the specs on the laptop and realized my chin was sore.  Here’s a little medical fact heretofore unknown – the stress of a crashing laptop will cause a normally non-facially deformed woman to break out in pimples.  I have a pimple on my chin.  I am not making this up – that’s what this POC laptop is causing.

Soon I will be a brave buckaroo and make the call and end up ordering a new laptop and no doubt spending more money than I want or need.  The other day online I noticed there were a couple of freebies.  I plan on asking for a wireless printer, some ink cartridges, a power cord (they always seem to be extra), a free dinner at the restaurant of my choice, a new car, and a kiss.  I’m betting I get the kiss.  sigh…


14 thoughts on “The Sledgehammer Cometh…

  1. Hello, I randomly happened upon your blog and think you’re hilarious. Perhaps a bit long-winded, but funny! 😉

    Also, we have the same theme. Isn’t that nice.
    Hi thx for stopping by. Glad u enjoyed – sorry I took up a lot of your reading time – I do go on a bit at times. Most think it part of my endearing charm 🙂 So where is your blog???

  2. Yikes, not exactly an HP luvah myself, but to each his own. You may want to tweet @jreck about his HP laptop experience.
    ::Sueanne, put down the Oreos and tweet a bit::
    Ya know I never was either – Devoted Spouse has one he loves. The particular model my IT guru thinks I should buy has a good rep and he really knows his stuff but then again he WAS the one who talked me into this POC Dell. In his defense I’m the only one in the whole group of us who has had a problem with Dell – so I still listen and respect his IT advice. I’m staying away from @jreck – I don’t want to hear it or I’ll get all freaked out and another pimple will arrive. Leave Sueanne alone – she can have all the Oreos she wants – gawd she’s tiny and can afford them. ROFL!

  3. Darling. Though I do not find your wind to be long personally, I am sure that there are those who might because, well, who would want to read about a PC when they could be reading about a Mac. *sound of choir of angels singing*
    It’s kind of like reading about Snackwells when you could be reading about Oreos or Pie.
    Eating chocolate frosting out of a jar instead of homemade fudge. Putting on the Lees instead of the Luckys.
    That being said, it’s a good thing you have this blog because quite frankly, if you didn’t, I’d probably have to listen to you whine on the phone or worse, Skype all day, and we wouldn’t want to cut down on my shopping time.
    Xoxo Sueanne
    I agree my wind is exactly as it should be. And if you would get your a$$, er, I mean your head out of your silly Mac you would know that homemade fudge beats a jar of nasty pre-made chemical frosting any day. Although I will admit to putting my head into that jar of frosting when desperate. And, yes Oreos rock.
    Whine? Whine? Me? Au contraire you are the queen of whine, no, make that ‘tinis. Okay I will be queen of whine, you knock back the ‘tinis dahlink. Stop shopping & get back to making the jewels. No shopping for you! Cya in Twitterland.

  4. I was going to say you might have referred to it as the “green screen of death” but I realized I was on the wrong post. LOL
    That’s Still funny! 🙂

  5. Now you know I am an HP fan, well being as we own two of them. My laptop is one of the very large Pavillion Entertainment ones that had everything that HP sold a little over a year ago, well except for the fingerprint thingy. That is the only thing missing. I even have blu-ray disc and TV capabilities on mine. I use none of it. Absolutely positively none of it. I now know it was all a waste of money. And it did cost me as much as a third world countries budget.

    I pretty much just use the basic functions. I have a TV, a really big one that I watch. I have the DVD players and blu-ray’s cost an arm and a leg and so I have only bought a few which I still haven’t watched. I just quit buying any DVD’s or blu-rays cause I have run out of storage room for the ones I already have, which is a very large collection. They just sit there and no one watches any of them. Thousands of dollars that could be in a bank earning money instead of just sitting there taking up space. My laptop even has a little remote which I think I have taken out twice, well you know just to look at it.

    And because it is one of the large screen laptops with all those bells and whistles, it is freaking heavy. It is too heavy to sit upon my lap. After about ten minutes, I want the damn thing off my lap. It is truly not a “lap” top model. It might as well be called a tabletop model.

    Youngest daughter and her son, each have one of those little teeney tiny $300.00 laptops that have a 9″ or 10″ screen, I cannot remember the exact size. But I do know that when my grandson brings it over, I really enjoy putting that little thing on my lap. It can sit there for hours. It is just a basic computer, but it does everything that I need. I am seriously thinking of getting one of them.

    So I will offer this advice to you. Do not get a screen bigger then 15″, screw all the bells and whistles, just get one with a large hard drive and maybe plays DVD’s if you want to watch them sometime, but you will probably find that the bigger TV is better. Save your money and put it in the bank. Plus with less bells and whistles there is less to go wrong with the freaking thing.

    Other than that, enjoy your HP and I hope you love them as much as I do. Oh and get the Windows 7. I am still debating about upgrading, but maybe I will wait for Windows 8 or 9. If the lap uh I mean “tabletop” computer I own lasts that long.

    Freaking heavy thing, hurts my lap and knees.

    God bless.
    The one I am looking at is also a Pavillion model a dvt6 I believe – it isn’t as fancy or as big as the one you have – this has around a 15″ screen and no fingerprint stuff – nor Blueray – just CD/DVDs stuff. I am trying to “dumb” it down as much as possible but they just nickel and dime you to death you know. Then you have tax and shipping and before you know it you could have bought a new car instead! I have not decided what to buy – I am looking at several options, even a Mac – I just don’t know yet. I hate this – if it wasn’t for the fact that I will probably go back and finish that stupid degree so I need a machine that is reliable, I would buy one of the teeny little $300 netbooks just to play on the internet. School requires more computing power unfortunately. So does all the photography I’m playing with now. Gah…

  6. I so want a lap top. However any extra money I have gets spent on my yearly writers conference. {sigh} Maybe once the books sell…
    And they WILL sell – in fact, please put my pre-order in right now, thank you. And you will be fabulously wealthy and of course you are already famous and popular at all those conferences. I already tell all my acquaintances that I am friends with a REAL mystery writer. sigh…to be famous as a published writer….

  7. After a bad Dell experience I went to Best Buy and picked out a nice little Toshiba. It’s lasted longer than the Dell did, so for that I am grateful. 🙂
    You are the 3d person telling me they like their Toshiba. Anything – parchment paper and a quill pen – would be better than a Dell. LOL

  8. I feel your pain. I’ve heard too many stories about Dell, wouldn’t touch one with a ten-foot pole. Actually my next machine I think is going to be a Mac. After seeing the technology in my iPhone, I think it’s a no-brainer.

    Good luck.
    I don’t have an iPhone – I went the Android route and bought a Motorola Cliq which I really enjoy and still don’t know all the functions! I’m still leaning toward a PC since that is what I am used to. Just which one is the big question. I hate this so much.

  9. Before my recent move to Mac I had an Acer Travelmate. That POS just wont die! It’s 5 or 6 years old, slow as hell, heavey as shit, the (second) battery won’t stay charged and the power cord is puppy chewed. I gave it to my brother. BUT! It is still working. The typical laptop (Dell) that my company sells runs $1200-$2500. Pluss software, plus printer/scanner, plus case. Just sayin’. Now I’m going to tell you what I tell ELPH when he starts to have a melt down about spending money. This might hurt. You ready?
    GET OVER IT! Really Sis, you need a new computer. Get what you need and get rid of the zits. Love you!
    Problem solved – I discussed w/my IT guru and we settled on an Asus which has same stuff on it as the HP we were looking at but it’s HALF the price. Plus I liked the sound and I liked the way the trackbar worked. And it has a number keypad on the side which I also liked. So I bought it and he will get it all fixed up for me next week. ELPH can kiss my butt – He’s not retired and on a fixed income babycakes – j/k I know he means well. But I spent thousands and thousands on THREE Dells in the past 6 years – so don’t tell me to spend money. Dell laptops suck – and I’m sorry if you’re company makes them but I have had 4 over my life time and none of them lasted two years, even the current one the keys are falling off the keyboard and I spent $1200 on this POS alone. Vent, vent. ROFL So now I have a new one ready in the box and my buddy Mike will come make it work for me soon. Whew! Glad that nonsense is over!

  10. Oh I didn’t realize my blog wouldn’t come up with my comment! Need to figure out how to fix that…

    Definitely the rambling is enjoyable. Actually, your writing style kind of reminds me of Heather Armstrong over at
    Easy fix sweetie – next time you leave a comment there is a box where you add your website URL. I feel better now about my rambling – I was a little worried for awhile there LOL. I do not know Heather but will have to look her up. Cheers!

  11. I should state that I LOVED my Acer! Until it got old and slllooooww and wouldn’t hold a charge. Had I not switched to the ‘darkside’ I probably would have gotten another Acer.
    I know – I was gonna make a snide remark about you buying a Mac but decided you were trying to be nice and help me so I’d keep my mouth shut. (I know – that’s hard for me to do ROFL) I have NO experience with Acer – mine is an Asus (they sound alike) and it comes pretty well recommended by various places like cNet etc. And my IT friend is really knowledgeable and even though he talked me into this Dell I am currently using and it’s just fallen apart on me, I still trust him so that’s why I bought the Asus. Oh that and the money thing. Tell ELPH if I had bought the HP there would be no NRA fun time…

  12. coughMac!cough

    Seriously, if you’re going to pay that much for a computer, get a Mac. You’d be surprised how much more user-friendly a Mac is over a PC/Laptop and you can’t beat the reliability. They’re totally worth paying more $$$.

    I had to buy a new PC laptop because of my job and it has all the bells and whistles and I still prefer my 7 year old iMac to the new laptop.
    ThankscoughIappreciateitcough…bought an Asus on advice of counsel. ROFL – I hate technology with every fiber of my being.

  13. Can’t wait to hear how you like your new laptop. Soooo funny, that my sister-n-laws Dell just died…killed by a virus. Not pretty ! I went the MAC route last year…and absolutely love it. It does take some getting used to, but it really is simple. Either way…get what’s going to work for you. = MAC. J/K.

    On another note…please don’t stop rambling…because you are right, that’s what most of us love about you 🙂 This is the only blog that I visit that I actually laugh out loud every time I read. Thank you !! Hugs!
    I hope it works out too – I’m pretty brown-thumbed when it comes to computers. Thank you so much for enjoying my rambling – I was starting to get a complex there for a moment! LOL Hugs right back atcha!

  14. Oh Boy! Here I go again. Hopefully it won’t be an AM to PM comment.

    As I have said before, I used to work at Dell and own Dell stocks. So it is in my direct interest that you buy Dell.

    Having said that, I do not recommend a Dell laptop to anyone! Not even my annoying in-laws! Acers are good and to me the best are Macs. HP is ok also. Better than Dell. I personally have a Sony and it has served me very well!

    My hubby got a Dell notepad a few months ago. (He never listens to me:). It is less than 6 months old. But… while he was out of the country, it died and he got the blue screen of death. He is back now and since it is under warranty, he got the Dell guys to come over. The guy came 2 days 6 hours each. And ordered everything except the body. Some parts were missing so his laptop is still not working.

    Dell refuses to replace his laptop. Instead, they want to replace everything on the laptop. My hubby doesn’t understand this. I told him that at Dell, it is all about the numbers. The replacement parts may cost the same if not more but then Dell would have to acknowledge the fact that they had to REPLACE a laptop because it was a bust and a lemon. Even the technician admitted that it would be cheaper just to replace the laptop.

    Le sigh!

    Good luck! And my suggestion to you is to complain a lot and loudly. Don’t let them push you over! They know that there is a problem!
    I will never buy another Dell as long as I live. I now have an Asus and it is fabulous! Prob solved!

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