Theme Thursday – Green

photo by Dusan Bicanski -

When I decided to accept this week’s Theme Thursday: Green challenge the first idea in my twisted head was it’s March and time for St. Patrick’s day, green beer (blechh) and leprechauns.  But that would be so obvious that I simply cannot do it – not even the little guy on the Lucky Charms box.  Did I ever mention I love Lucky Charms?  Okay I just like to pick out the yummy marshmallows and throw the rest away, but I’m getting a bit off the subject.

Anyway – whilst browsing the web for public domain photos I came across the lovely pic above of a sunflower bud and I knew that would be my Theme Thursday muse:  Greenery.

You see – I’m so sick of Winter I could scream but I imagine I have also mentioned that a few thousand times in the last few months.  White, white, white, every where snowy white.  Yes, the first snow of winter was lovely.  By this point in the Season I am sawing at my wrists with my plastic Wendy’s knife (j/k) and eagerly awaiting the first hint of green anywhere on my property.

It will be a long time before I see any of my favorite sunflowers pop up — they need to be planted first.  But there are tons of crocus (croci?),  jonquils, daffodils, and other little early-blooming spring delights just waiting around the corner.  I look out my kitchen window each morning hoping I will see the new green shoots cropping up for my lovely irises in the back yard.  I know it is too soon, but I peek out any way.  A girl can hope.

In the meantime I will have to live with a half-dead green philodendron and a Christmas Cactus that never bloomed once this past year. I also buy fresh herbs & put them in little glass jelly jars so I can look at their lovely green color and remind myself soon there will be herbs in my garden.   If I’m really desperate for green I can always gaze at the green patch of craft paint on my dining room carpet (which isn’t green unfortunately) courtesy of EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer.  And I can always put on my Green Bay Packers tee-shirt for a shot of green.

But I truly long for the green only Spring can deliver.  Sadly what I don’t have is a Green Thumb — but I always plant a garden in the hopes something lovely will get past my gardening goofs.  sigh…


9 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Green

  1. Popeye would be proud of your post.
    Actually involved here in effort to organize a community garden as part of a downtown revitalization effort. Check it out on Facebook: Riverhead Downtown Community Garden
    Hi sweetie – I will check it out. I’m just happy I will be able to putter in the dirt this year. Last year with my back healing there was no chance of it and it depressed me so. I never care what grows – it’s the getting out and playing and planting and tending that I love. It does something good for the soul I believe. Unfortunately I end up feeding mostly rabbits instead of Devoted Spouse and myself – this year: better fencing!

  2. Yes, it was obvious, but I did it. And surprisingly few posts, so far, on the St. Paddy green.
    Probably many of us felt too many others would take that route? But it’s an okay route to take – I just wanted to do something different. 🙂

  3. Awww…So you’re a Mr. McGregor gardener re. feeding rabbits. Yes, gardening does the SOLE good – shoepun. I’ve had some success w/ container veggie gardening. Just gotta water, water, water and garden net to keep the hungry critters away.
    Yes dahlink no matter what we try (fences, EmmaLou, special sprays) the rabbits are EVERYWHERE and last year they totally destroyed my entire crop of Swiss Chard (my very favorite veggie) and they decimated the little shoots of other crops until I just gave up and let them eat the garden bare. I only got some tomatoes and a few beans last year – that was it. This year we are changing the structure of the garden — it has been surrounded by stone but now the stones will go decorate some other part of the yard (ouch my aching back do you know how much those slate-like stones weigh???!!!) and DS will enclose the garden patch with fencing to keep the little buggers out!!! I want my Chard! I’m also going to try some container gardening this year. But I forget to water plants. Hugs!

  4. ”Did I ever mention I love Lucky Charms?”

    Me too! – so in your honor I’ll eat those green shamrocks first next time I have a bowl. 😉
    Yum yum yum giggles!

  5. Most of the snow has retreated from my yard! I can see my spring flowers peeking through the mulch. However, there’s this rabbit out there that must go away.

    Come see Gavin and Patty doing some bone chewing…Patty doesn’t share well.
    I’m beginning to see ground too and if I look real close I can just see a teensy bit of green coming up out of the ground – yay!

  6. try herbs, if you think you don’t have a green thumb. they are very forgiving, especially chives! Happy tt, cronie
    I have wonderful luck with parsley – I can grow acres of parsley! LOL I usually have a small herb garden going yearly – the standards, rosemary, oregano, basil and they do fairly well as long as I keep they tended so they don’t bloom!

  7. Well, we do have some green around here in Florida, but believe it or not it is fairly brown. Reminds me of Colorado in the winter after the snow has turned a dirty gray brown color and melted leaving behind brown trampled grass. And it has been darn cold, so I can imagine up north has been miserable. And yes, when I say cold I do mean cold even in Florida. The frost has been killing much of the greenery around here including the plants on my balcony – at least that is what I am planning to tell everybody because I do not have a green thumb either, Linda. 🙂
    So many of my Twitter and bloggyland friends have talked about how cold it has been in FL this year – and some of you even got snow! Amazing. It has been cold and snowy here and it is slowly warming up. The snow is melting and I have a sneaking suspicion there may be some little green shoots under that white blanket – at least I hope so. The Hope of Spring! Nice to see ya D! I need to come visit you – long overdue on my part! Hugs!

  8. Sometimes it is hard for us here in California to realize how much everyone else misses green things. With pretty much everything staying green all year round, I guess green plants is not something we think much about. My tomatoes plants are still making tomatoes even though they are on their last legs and it is almost time to start planting new ones. Flowers are still blooming although by next month there will be twice as many.

    Our winter this year has actually been fairly mild even with all the rain. And we have also been so lucky to not have had a frost this year. That will help with the citrus prices because of the losses that Florida has suffered. It is really bad when both of our states suffer a frost during the same year. Some years the advocado crops are just wiped out, along with the citrus. And thank goodness our drought is over for this year, but it will all start over again soon.

    Somehow this state is so screwed up about not building the much needed reservoirs to save the rain water or the snowmelts when they do come each year. Most of the rain water is washed back out into the ocean. Unfortunately because the water conservation is handled by each county or each water company, it is a screwed up system. And the ones who do a crappy job of saving end up depending upon those that do a better job.

    Anyway, I hope that your snow melts soon and all those beautiful flowers of yours begin to pop up soon. And yes, tending the garden is good for the soul. It is also great for the pocket book. I would like to have a bigger garden this year, one that is actually in the ground and not just the pots. But hubby is taking months to put in the new sprinkler system and at the rate he is going it will be two more years before he gets done. Our ground is clay and so tends to be as hard as cement. Worms around here are a highly prized commidity. I have been known to get out in the rain and pick them up off the cement and put them back into the grass. Well at least the five or six worms that I can find. I need to find a place that sells worms. Supposedly they can take the soil that I have and turn it into black gold within a few years, depending upon how many worms you have. Worms are just beautiful little creatures.

    God bless.
    You should start your own worm farm – think of what fun the grandkids would have!

  9. Ya know, my cactus didn’t bloom this year either! And that’s a first. A little off topic here….I have little bulbs poking up around the yard. Makes me very hopeful.
    My first sign of Spring arrived this morning – my mourning doves have returned. When I hear the first mourning dove cooing I know it’s just a few more weeks till Spring – happy happy joy joy!

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