…Come on Get Happy…

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Okay so yet another old troupe of actors from a long forgotten sitcom is reuniting.  Who cares?  Why do we have this morbid fascination with these people?  Is it because it brings back our childhood?  Or is the real reason that we love to see the fact that they have aged right along with us and in some cases we actually now look better than them?  I hope that’s the reason.  I mean, c’mon have you SEEN Danny Bonaduce lately?

A few days ago it was reuniting the old cast from Eight is Enough.  Network tv trotted out who was still alive and crazy-glued them to stools and interviewed them.  Gah… Stop this reminiscent stroll please – it only serves to remind me the years are flying by and I’m flying by with them.

I like to think time has been kinder to me thank you.  sigh…


8 thoughts on “…Come on Get Happy…

  1. Gaaaa! Some of these guys look like they’ve been rode & put up wet! If I want to reminisce I’ll watch re-runs. I sure don’t want to see these guys NOW and be reminded how old I am thankyouverymuch!
    Thank you – I knew you would agree. Re-runs only!!! No live performances! lol

  2. They all have so many problems it’s a wonder they can get on those stools to answer a question.
    I enjoyed them then but I just don’t care what they’ve done and I don’t want to be reminded I’m this old! lol

  3. lol. everything seems to be coming full circle int eh entertainment industry these days as if they cant come up with some new idea…
    yeah, reunions are just a sad way of filling air space…air space we pay for…

  4. Ok, I’ll confess. I LOVED The Partridge Family. I can still sing along to the majority of their songs. There, I said it.

    Danny Bonaduce used to be a morning DJ on one of our local rock stations and he was absolutely hilarious. A total train wreck, yes, but hilarious.
    Oh I Loved them too – and The Monkees and Eight is Enough and yes, I’m even old enough to remember the original Star Trek – but enough with the “look at me now” nonsense. Train wreck? I can’t believe he’s even still alive. Thank gawd it was announced the other day that The Brady Bunch aren’t coming back – I’ve heard enough from them too!

  5. Here’s yet another reason I don’t watch the telly anymore…!
    You are so smart! So many better things to do. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Unless Susan Dey shows up…who cares? I had a big crush on Laurie Partridge. 🙂
    Honey I can relate – I thought I would grow up to marry Keith Partridge! I think he has aged well and is more and more resembling his famous father, but still these things serve to remind me that time marches on. Hugs!

  7. I did see them interviewed on GMA or Today, I forget which. Tough to see everyone looking so damn old.
    Kind of like someone’s dressing up for Halloween. Ick.

  8. I am too young to remember any of these shows. Who are these people anyway? LOL

    Oh wow, I just saw something about the Beaver the other day. Who was he? I can’t remember either. Crap, I remember when we first got color TV. Now that was cool, to watch Star Trek in color TV. I mean lets face it the extra TV in the house was Black and White, not color. No one owned “two color” TV’s. Shit, we felt lucky to own two TV’s period.

    Wait I am not talking about my life, I am talking about my Mom’s. Oh crap, she remembers when they only had a radio. Sigh!!!

    God bless.

    PS…I was just trying to remember when hubby and I got two tv’s and how old the girls were when that happened. Now we cannot even survive with less than 3 of them. We finally got rid of the fourth one. But everyone we know has at least 3 to 4 of them and some people we know have 5. Everyone just wants to watch their own thing. No one watches tv together anymore. Too many cable shows. We all have to have cable too. We cannot get regular TV out here. I think they do that so that they can make money off of us.
    I’m too young to remember black and white tv. You believe me,don’t you? LOL

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