Yes, Skippy, It’s Pet Peeves Day

I don’t rant too often here – usually I just tell ya’ll stupid stuff but there are days when I just want to announce a few things to the world.  This is one of those days.  It’s time for Pet Peeves.

  1. I detest people who are rude to store clerks who are simply trying to do their job.  You think it’s easy being back behind the counter bangin’ on some danged computer cash register and smiling through your nasty coffee-breath while you return that item you never should have bought in the first place all the time with a smile on their faces and knowing full well their check is not much more than minimum wage?!  Be polite.  It won’t kill you; trust me on this.  The clerk will be happier; you will be happier; the transaction will go smoother and the thousand people in line behind you who only wanted to buy one item will also be happier.
  2. Two words:  Twitter Art.  Two more words:  STOP IT!  Go buy an Etch a Sketch if you wanna draw and leave Twitter for those of us who actually use words.  140 characters with no letters just hurts my eyes.    Gah…
  3. Devoted Spouse wearing his white hoodie to the dinner table on Spaghetti Night.  What are you thinking??? Do you NOT remember the Mustard Incident of 2006? Okay, I know – I do it too – but you spill more frequently.  Note to self:  buy bib for Spaghetti Night.
  4. Post Offices who only have one person working the counter at lunchtime which is the busiest time of the day.  Come on – you can get at least one more warm body out there — there are 30 people in line for goodness sake.  And you keep raising the price of stamps?  Get your act together USPS.  No bonuses for you!
  5. Dear drivers:  There is a yellow line in the middle of the road for a reason – Stay on YOUR side of it, please.  And PUT THE PHONE AWAY!  If one more dirty-hasn’t bathed-in-a-week, flannel-wearing driver of a truck that is more rust than anything else throws a cigarette butt out his busted window and it flies right back onto my hood – I will follow you to your trailer and…and…and…and… I can’t print what I will do.   God put ashtrays in old pickups for a reason – use yours please.
  6. Local weathermen who predict doom and gloom and induce panic in all of us.  It is the smarmy dialogue I hate the most:  Are we gonna get MORE snow for the morning’s commute (raising tone of voice ominously)?  Tune in later and I’ll tell you.  Tell me NOW, dipwad.  And quit being so melodramatic about it.  Devoted Spouse and I were out on the town with friends one Friday evening and who do I spot at the bar?  Our local weatherman.  Devoted Spouse had to hold me back as we left the restaurant because he just knew I was on the verge of going over to that bar and giving that weatherman a SLAP. (I think I’ve mentioned that story once or a thousand times.)
  7. People who make me take off my shoes when I enter their home.  And then they make me wear a pair of their slippers that are all piled up in a basket in the hallway — I don’t know where those slippers have been.  Have you never heard of a strong, waterproof RUG at the front doorway where your guests can wipe their feet?  Is it MY fault you bought white carpet?  I have flat feet – so I have to wear shoes or my arches (or lack thereof) hurt – I mean really hurt – so wandering around your house in slippers is not my idea of a fun evening.  Get a  good vacuum, a good steam machine to clean tile or vinyl floors and allow me to wear my shoes.  (Muddy, or snowy boots do not apply to the above rant.)

Okay that’s enough for one Pet Peeves Day.  You are probably on overload already.   Go perform a random act of kindness or I may be reduced to retweeting Twitter Art to you.  sigh…


11 thoughts on “Yes, Skippy, It’s Pet Peeves Day

  1. I have a bunch of people that make me take off my shoes upon entering their home but have yet to see complimentary slippers.
    I’m going to put that in the suggestion box.
    Ick – that means ur socks or ur little tootsies get dirty from their house. No. Even slippers are better. It still irks me – I will wipe my feet. I have one friend and she has this phobia about her wood floors getting scratched – so I bring a pair of Crocs that I only wear inside w/me and use those. Seriously. I’m just not a worry about dirt that much girl I guess. Or maybe it’s regional? I dunno.

  2. I try to make people take their shoes off when they come over, but they just give me a look and keep on walking. Maybe I should supply some slippers. I always take my shoes off when I walk in the door, but then again I usually wear sandals and then I come home and put my crocs on. I love my crocs. They support my arches.

    Are you like saying that you actually have like, real life like people who work at your post office. Wow, we have to take a number and just sit for hours and pray they call our number before we die. I hate going to the PO cause I get po’ed.

    And that is why I never twitter, well and because Auntie told me to listen to her and never twitter.

    After all that global warming crap that we were fed from that lying sack of fatass Al, I am not sure if I will ever believe the weathermen again.

    DS would look so cute in a bib beside you. Can EmmaLou get one too, and can we see the pics. I love to eat spaghetti!!! Ah, I just love to eat!!!

    And screw the people who throw their butts on your car. They need to stick their butts up their own butt.

    I hate when people yell at the store clerks, it just shows how stupid they are, in that they do not know that the clerks do not own the store. The clerks do not make the store policies, and are usually overworked and underpaid, along with having to put up with rude, stinky people. Those people also need to stick something up their butt.

    God bless.
    My feet hurt if I don’t wear shoes – that’s why I LIVE in my Crocs and I don’t care what ANYBODY thinks – they always feel good. I have Inside Crocs and Outside Crocs – and sometimes both DS and I remove shoes if we’ve been in the yard – I’m not a total slob you know. Just a partial one. Dont listen to Aunty – Twitter is marvelous – but you would have a hard time because you only get to use 140 characters at a time. Ok, maybe u and Twitter is not such a good idea. Sorry.

    Bib pics? DS would not like that. Sorry. Not gonna happen. EmmaLou would not wear a bib either – she hates anything “on” her like bows, bandanas – I cant get her to wear a ball cap or sunglasses either – she flat out refuses to play dress up with me. No fun at all.

  3. 1. Been the smiling clerk. Hate smiling at asshats. But always say “Have a nice day!” (but end it with “asshole” in my head)
    2. I quit Twitter a few months back. Not enough brain power.
    3. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I stick a dishtowel in ELPH’s collar and leave it at that:)
    4. Don’t get me started on the Postal “service”
    5. Anything trown out the car window is LITTERING! That includes cigerette butts. There should be a huge fine for this!
    6. Weathermen! I’ve stopped watching the evening news all together.
    7. I will NEVER ask you to take off your shoes in my home. And I certainly will not ask you to wear some one elses nasty slippers.
    1-10 (especially 10) I love u. I miss u on Twitter and I miss our Fri morning games. I have met some very nice people & will prob continue to hang around Twitterville for a little longer.

  4. I worked retail for 5 years in my late teens and early 20’s and I learned more about patience and customer service in that time than most people learn in a lifetime. It’s also why I will never work retail again if I can help it.

    There’s something about going in to a post office that turns mild-mannered people into snarling, rabid wolverines. Maybe it’s because there’s only 1 person working the counter even though there’s a line of 50 people has something to do with it.

    Yeah, I don’t get the “shoes off” thing either. I would never demand my guests take off their shoes because I made a foolish choice in flooring. Sheesh.
    I did retail for a short time – hated it. But then in any customer service arena it’s hard to be nice when people are screaming at you for something that is totally out of your control. I’m comin to your house – I’ll wipe my feet first I promise. 🙂

  5. No taking off of the shoes at my house. Heck, your socks would probably get dirty from my floors. I have two dogs, they track mud in from the yard, I’m no Martha Stewart.

    Retail–did that for far too many years. Clerks love me though since I will usually kid around with them.

    Now I’m off to the Whimsy Warehouse District to find my concentration….
    Then I’m coming to your house – sounds like mine. If you happen to spot my concentration while you’re there, send it off to me pls.

  6. I too have survived working retail hell.

    I am the messy one in our house. Hubby always brings me a towel to wear as a bib since I always spill.

    Now I have very flat feet and cannot wear shoes with arch supports in them since they have me on the floor crying within 15 min. I am the barefoot girl and only wear shoes when we go out of the house. Winter time I live in slipper socks.
    That makes no sense at all – flat feet are because your arches have fallen. That’s what I am going through so you should NOT be able to walk barefoot or in slipper socks without extreme pain – or have you ALWAYS had flat feet? mondo bizarro

  7. I was just having one of those postal workers conversations with my secretary as I left this afternoon with an armload of mail. My exact quote was “they move like a constipated snail.”
    Yeah, I’d agree with that.

  8. Laugh out loud as usual. I actually encourage people to wear their shoes in my house. I’m trying to convince DS that we should replace the carpeting with hardwood, so no shoes off in my house. I’m the same as you with the feet thing. In fact I have a friend that I had to argue with about wearing indoor shoes that I had brought with me to wear at her house. She insisted she had seen me wear these particular shoes outside (stalking?). I told her I had 2 pairs. Yeesh!
    Holey moley – some folks have got to get over this! Quit buying white carpeting! LOL

  9. I have two mats one outside and one inside to wipe feet, we take off our shoes, but never have I asked someone visiting to take off theirs , I run around the house in socks or slippers, I have worked retail during the holidays not ever going to do that again, people would yell at me if the price came up wrong yea were suppose to get a manager over to correct it but I would change it to the price that the customer said it was, I didn’t care . My pet peeve is people driving and talking on their cell phones, Just yesterday a dumb*** was on his phone in a fancy shmancy mustang and drifted over to our lane hubby honked and the guy flipped us the bird at the stop light the nerve.. Our post office irks me because we no longer have stamp vending machines and I have to wait in line for a stupid book of stamps while 10-15 people are ahead of me and only 1 person at the counter..
    And people that must catch up on the latest gossip in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store, The aisles are not wide enough to go around these people like some maze. If you must catch up move over or walk and talk. I have been told to F*** off by a woman just because I asked nicely if she could please move over so I could get by.. Ok enough of my ranting. Have a great week HUGS

  10. I never go to the post office for stamps. You can order them from . It’s so much easier than putting up with lines.
    I normally just pick some up when I’m at the grocery store – easier. I have ordered them online too. I go to the Post Office ONLY when I ABSOLUTELY have to. I have been known to pay extra money and ship UPS just to keep away from my post office – I hate it there that much.

  11. Oh the weathermen! Or the weather women! They are all drama queens!Very very annoying! What is twitter art? Never heard of it!
    Twitter Art is where people post nothing but little squiggly characters so that it makes a picture – a TOTAL waste of 140 characters and it drives me insane.

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