Theme Thursday – Bottle

The obvious start to this post for me is that lovely little ditty by Tom Paxton, “Bottle of Wine”:

Ramblin’ around this dirty old town
Singin’ for nickels and dimes
Times getting rough I ain’t got enough
To buy me a bottle of wine

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine
When you gonna let me get sober
Leave me alone, let me go home
I wanna go back and start over

I always loved that song and there are a few more verses which I will let you Google all for yourself.  Bottle of Wine reminds me of yet another bottle from many years ago —

I was on a beach off the Gulf Coast with my roommate Bobbi Jane and we were just wandering around in the late evening looking up at the full moon and listening to the crashing of the waves on the beach.  As I walked along the sand I found an old Coke bottle half buried and dug it up.

At the time of this beach trip I had received a proposal of marriage from now-Devoted Spouse, had accepted, and was, as  is quite normal, a bit skittish about the whole thing, having had a terrible history with prior commitments and such.  Being the young romantic girl I was at the time, I grabbed the bottle and said to my roommate, “I”m gonna write down a wish and put it in this bottle and throw it out into the ocean.”  She, also being young and romantic, thought that was a fabulous idea and trotted back to the house to get paper and pen for me to write my wish.

I flopped down on the sand (having imbibed from my own bottle of wine prior to getting this idea), thought for a few minutes, and wrote my wish on that paper.  I curled the paper up tightly and put it down inside the bottle.  Both Bobbi Jane and I walked into the ocean and I threw that puppy like it was opening day at the baseball field.  Far out into the waves the bottle went.

We both sat there for a time listening to some kids further down the beach who were partying around a bonfire.  I watched and watched, and the bottle didn’t wash back onto shore.

The next day I went out and walked the beach and there was no bottle to be found.

I often wonder where it went, who found it, if the “wish” was still inside, and what whoever found it must have thought when they read my wish……..sigh…

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11 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Bottle

  1. Ok, don’t tell me … but I was just wandering…
    did the wish come true already?

    I love true story. thank you so much for sharing.


  2. “Bottle of Wine” is a good reference. I also thought of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” but didn’t use it. I’m working my way backwards from the last entry (mine) to the first and nobody has used either, thus far. I like referencing songs because they are evocative.
    I also thought of Time in a Bottle but it’s such a sad song and I’m not a sad kinda gal – it’s often difficult for me to do a Theme Thursday and keep it humorous or light-hearted since silliness and goofy are my main themes in life. Hence, Bottle of Wine. Yeah – I like referencing songs, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I sure hope that the bottle in the picture is not the one you threw in the ocean! Fairly expensive bottle these days

    No, it was just a plain old Coke bottle of the early 1980s. I do have some bottles that resemble the one in the picture though. Nice to c ya!

  4. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Mitch who will be appearing nightly at the Shoe Club, a comedy club for the poorly shod and anyone who wears Crocs… (I’ll be in the front row, Mitch!) lol

  5. OK I’LL ASK! GAAAAH! What the heck did you wish? If it came true you can tell now.
    Sigh…Magic 8 Ball says…Try again later…

  6. Maybe it went all the way to Panama or South America and the person who got it did not speak english. I have heard of stories where someone put their name and address with the message and then the person who found it will contact them.

    I do hope your wish came true. And I will not ask because I would not want to jinx it. But then again…….

    God bless.
    I think maybe something ate it…

  7. What a great story. A glass bottle? What year was it? 1950? I miss glass bottles.
    Well I would hope not since I hadn’t been born in 1950!!! Gah… The year was 1982 – Dec – I was in FL for Christmas and the bottle wasn’t an antique like the picture, but it had been there for awhile deep in the sand. ahhhhh sweet memories…

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