We All Know What They Say About Good Intentions…

When I fired Gretchen the Immaculate I just knew doing my own housework would be no big deal.  Afterall I had plenty of time on my hands so I can do chores around the house.  I even thought about it logically (yeah, me logical) and set up a tentative plan of action for when certain chores would be done.

She’s been gone almost two weeks now.  I got the upstairs and the downstairs vacuumed.  I have dusted everything except the family room coffee table – and what hasn’t been dusted has been Swiffered to death.  I have cleaned all 3 bathrooms every few days and wiped down every surface with Clorox wipes.  The kitchen is tidy, the family room is a tad cluttered, and the table next to my comfy chair is a disgrace (but underneath the stuff the wood is nice and polished).

What I’m finding out is this cleaning house stuff is for the birds.  I took it on with a good attitude and told myself I would take pride in keeping my house spotless.  Oh who was I kidding?  There’s 3 days worth of newspapers on the coffee table and I truly don’t care.  There is a pile of books on my table and it doesn’t bother me in the least.  I’m not even sure I made the bed today — although in my defense that bed has been made daily!

A friend of mine on Twitter had links to her interior design friends and I just had to hit those links.  OMG those houses make mine look like a reject in the worst trailer park available.  My house is never going to look that well designed or that perfectly put together and I can live with that — I live in my home; I don’t use it as a showcase.  (Note to self:  don’t visit those sites anymore; they only increase your dosage of Valium.)

I bought one of those Shark steam cleaners for the kitchen floor  – I’ve been spot cleaning this floor since Gretchen left and the Shark is sitting in the corner still in the box.  That’s the big project for Monday – take the stupid machine out, put it together and steam clean this floor!  At least that’s the plan.

It’s about good intentions.  I just need to attack this housecleaning thing a little at a time.  I did manage to get the dining room back in order after Scriber’s Web-inspired collage challenge was finished – man that dining room table was a disaster area for a few days but it looks nice and pretty again.  Just in time to mess it up with my next craft project.  And just so you know I didn’t make up the collage challenge,  here’s my finished project for what it’s worth:

Did u think I would pick any other subject than EmmaLou??

But back to the cleaning…

I don’t know about this kitchen floor.  I’m thinking moving the rug around might work for awhile to hide the dirty spots.  I’ll get around to cleaning it…that chore really is on my list but I just remembered I have some other things to do on Monday…


14 thoughts on “We All Know What They Say About Good Intentions…

  1. I shuddered when you reported that you got rid of Gretchen. I’d get another job before I would go back to cleaning my house. But the best thing about having a housekeeper (after not having to clean the toilets) is that it keeps the clutter down. We are pilers and we have to get rid of piles before she comes since I don’t want her cleaning around piles. Good luck.
    Actually for me it’s the other way around – now there is no pressure to “hide” clutter from Gretchen and I am slowly making my way through the hell that is my home office. I have also cleaned out the double closet in the master bathroom and been working on junk drawers. I like not being rushed – if I had a craft project on the dining room table and it was Gretchen Day she always freaked. Now I can keep my own house tidy but have something out I’m working on and not worry about it. It’s also saving me tons of money coz she was rather expensive. It would be different if I was working, but my back still won’t allow me to work at a regular job so I have to cut back somewhere. I’m also making Devoted Spouse pitch in and finding that he’s a very good house keeper! LOL

  2. I let my cleaning lady go too. I really do not look forward to the floors. I have 2,000SF of hardwoods to vacuum and wash. I wouldn’t mind so much if all the mops weren’t made for people under 4’5″. Ergonomics would help too.
    My back will not allow me to do the usual mopping type of cleaning. Thats why I bought the Shark (plus my friend swears by hers). We dont have hardwood we have a very high end vinyl that looks like tile so the steam should work fine on it. And I dont have to do that terrible pushing and pulling motion that so hurts my back. Can’t have that. I vacuumed and was on a heating pad for two days – DS will now be taking over that chore!!! LOL Yeah – they definitely need to work on the ergonomics. I have issues with bending for too long a period of time. Bending is not good for a bad back. sigh…just give me a few hours notice if you decide to visit so I can hide the newspapers and tidy my table. ROFL

  3. Linda, since I can’t find an email address for you, I’ll have to leave what I wanted to say here.

    Your message makes me incredibly sad. As I’m sure you can tell I realize we are special. What I don’t understand is why more people can’t see the big picture. Life is so short. I really mean it when I say that I share our story to inspire others.

    I’m not naive There have been moments when I’ve held my tongue when his ex said something I didn’t like. In my head I’ve said “I’ll give you one” and that’s all it’s ever been.

    Thank you Sandy for your very kind words – they mean alot. Forgive me for editing your comment and deleting one sentence about who we’re discussing, but it was too personal for this blog – I know you understand – this is a part of my life I don’t discuss in this forum. Trust me in my case, it isnt for a lack of trying on my part – it is a very complicated story and sometimes we must accept that there are some things we will not be allowed to be a part of. Hugs! BTW anyone who wants to get in touch with me can always reach me at:

  4. My husband suggested I let the house keep go a year before I retired…the best part of my world went away on that day. I loved have a lady come in to clean. But this is the deal. I have been at home here in Portland for two weeks without my husband (family emergency) and I have finally come to the realization that I only need his messes cleaned up. Mine don’t bother me at all. Is that weird or what???

    I will put it all away neatly before I return to Arizona. In the mean time, for one more week, I get to live with my own clutter and feel perfectly at home. 🙂

    A little clutter never hurt anyone – it shows you have a life. My husband is rather neat – I believe that is the product of his 26 years in the military and always having to have the uniform perfect, etc. It is being disciplined. Me? Not so much. I’ll put it away when I get to it. I loved our house cleaner but the house was only perfect for about a day – so what’s the point? Clean a little each day and it all works out fine. Life is too short. 🙂

  5. My husband has this hilarious (delusional) story he likes to tell that when we got married, I supposedly claimed that if he bought me a house, I promised I would keep it spotless.

    I tell him I would never have been so stupid as to make that kind of promise and everyone who knows me always backs me up on this.

    But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become much better at keeping the house clean than I used to and I’ve gotten really good at decluttering and getting rid of “stuff.” Except all those books I buy about how to declutter your life. I gotta keep those around.
    My husband would never have a story like that – although in the early days I DID tell him I could cook and the silly man believed me. The older I get the more I get rid of “stuff” – I think that’s natural. I want to have more play time and less time I must devote to keeping “collections” dusted. Except for my books – cannot part with most of my books – a few leave, but very few. And I’ve pared down the closet since now I’m retired I don’t feel the need for all those “outfits”. I am slowly decluttering. I thought about getting an eBay account & selling a lot of this stuff, but I’m too lazy to do the work of posting and shipping! There will be a huge garage sale this Spring – I’m getting rid of tons of crafting items this year (hopefully). Now if I could just sell this big house and find a smaller one much further south…sigh…

  6. My house will never be in a magazine and we just manage to be too clean for Hoarders.
    Then you and I should be neighbors baby! Woot! Devoted Spouse is gettin in the groove with this — as long as he keeps asking What Else? I am gonna tell him. ROFL – I bet if they hired out Chippendales to do housecleaning We’d ALL have clean homes! giggles

  7. I won’t go into how my house looks. I’m not a great fan of dusting, vacuuming, and…well, gee, housecleaning in general. Chippendale Housecleaners?!?!?! Now there’s a money maker! Where do I sign?
    It’s not a bad idea, is it? hmmm…reminds me of the old Arthur movie where the rich grandmother hires a personal trainer just so she can watch him work out! LOL

  8. It honestly has never been important to me to have a spotless house. Now there are times when the clutter is overwhelming and it makes us cranky. But to me, there are not enough hours in the day as it is, and I certainly don’t want to spend them cleaning, my 2nd least favorite activity (coloring my hair is #1).
    In the effort to cut back on the budget due to the economy (what a stupid time for me to retire) I have let go of many of my “luxuries” such as Gretchen the Immaculate. I flat out simply REFUSE to fire Buffy the Mane Slayer — we have been together for far too many years, and she does fabulous things to my often unruly mane. I will give up food before I give up my hairdresser to the stars. There it’s in print. As to housekeeping the clutter does make me cranky sometimes and then I clean it up and get happy again. Problem solved.

  9. Seriously, you were looking for a business to start. Well you have just come up with it and I am going to give you a name. “Hotties For Cleaning” . Only you can use this name, for anyone else it is now copyrighted. Unless it is already in use, which I have never seen it, so I am thinking it is mine. And when you are rich just let me know what it is like.

    Now will come the hard part, finding men who like to actually clean. Although I do not see how it can be any harder then some of the other jobs they do. And if you have some good looking women to clean houses for bachelors than no one can say you are running a sexist company. Did we once have this conversation? It just seems so dejevu for some reason.

    I too need a heating pad after I vacuum and so nothing gets vacuumed unless hubby or granddaughter do it. Sometimes I will do a little but not much, heck they are lucky if I do the dishes or laundry. I think I could get rich, for a year at least, if I started selling my stuff on e-bay. Then again if things get really tough out there, then I will have lots of things to trade for food. In the meantime I think I am gonna go visit the HoardersRUs website and see if they have a 12 step program that I could join.

    God bless.
    I thought it was a fabulous idea myself. I thought a good name for the business would be A Mop and a Thong. But then again, I may be getting close to that line I’m not supposed to cross. And besides, I’m too lazy to start a business right now. I also thought selling all my junk on eBay was a good idea but turns out they now charge you a hefty fee if you consistently list fewer than 100 items and its just way too much trouble to run it, watch when the auctions end, send out the emails, wrap and ship the stuff, do the taxes, blah, blah, blah. I’m having one of those garage sales this year like you see on Clean House — it is going to be enormous and take up my entire driveway and half the front yard I imagine and hopefully it will get rid of a lot of this junk. I should soon start getting things ready; it will take me that long. sigh…

  10. I actually feel less stressed when the house is a mess and there are no plans to have my “house beautiful” friends over.
    I honestly don’t mind clutter. Filth does bother me so I keep those clorox wipes on hand but piles and empty coffee cups make it look like home.
    Several people I know are way up there on the stress meter because of the angst caused by worrying about crumbs and kids. I tell them to take one day to clean up the same bag of ripped open garbage three times (thanks dogs!) and see if their house seems so bad now.
    I’m with you – now that I don’t have to run around “hiding” things because Gretchen is coming, I’m much calmer…the clutter is being dealt with and the house is clean enough for anyone to drop in – okay it looks lived-in but that’s how a house should look. I’m feeling much better now…

  11. When I had my own home I used to pay someone to come in once a week to clean for a couple of hours. Now that I live with my daughter the only cleaning I have to do is washing the dishes. The dishwasher is broken and for some reason they prefer me washing the dishes anyway. My daughter won’t hire anyone to clean because her hubby does it for free. I am on facebook under Joan Hawkins Burden. I’m on there alot. Not much time for blogging lately.
    Well no wonder I couldn’t find you! I’ll go send a friend request now. 😉

  12. Clutter is a sign of a life well lived. If I had to pick between cleaning house and kayaking on Monday nights, well.. wait… yeah.

    So, kayaking. It’s good stuff.
    Ooooh I like your attitude about clutter. Kayaking not so much – putting me in a kayak and sending me into the water is just signing my death warrant as I am petrified of water and would probably simply tip over and drown. LOL My Devoted Spouse on the other hand thinks kayaks rock. Hey thanks for stopping by!

  13. I have a wonderful lady that cleans my house once a week. As long as I can afford to keep her and as long as she will continue to come, we’ll keep it going. My weeks are so busy, and she helps keep me sane. Right now I think of it as a gift to myself (and a gift from her) … I get to keep my Saturday for doing things besides cleaning house! :0)
    I’m happy you can enjoy the help! Not working leaves every day a Saturday for me right now. LOL

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