I Can’t Find My Sell-By Date

While perusing the net I came across an article that talked about those infamous sell-by dates that are stamped on the majority of the products we buy at the grocery store.  I dunno about you but I’m one of those people who reaches ALL the way to the back of the shelf for the freshest bag of greens coz the older stuff is always right out front.  I do the same thing with milk and other products.

I have it in my head that the sell-by date assures me the product will be fresh and will last longer and according to this article that may not be the case.

Then again, just because I buy something with a sell-by date way out in the future doesn’t mean I will use it by then, unfortunately.  The other day while cleaning out my pantry I found a foil-packed item with a single serving of salmon in it.  Yummy – what a good thing for my lunch.  I took it out and got all excited and then I happened to spy the sell-by date – Feb 2009.  ACK – I threw it out.  Now it probably was still edible – it hadn’t been opened and was sealed – but I wasn’t going to take the chance that when I opened up this package the smell would knock me off my feet.  EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer spent a considerable amount of time that day sniffing the kitchen garbage can.  Hmmm.  Clue.

The thing with sell-by dates is they give you an unrealistic idea of how fresh the product is.  That milk the grocery dude just placed on the shelf might have been produced at the dairy up to 14 days prior to arriving at that shelf.  So you can’t place too much emphasis on these dates.  Then again, stay away from year old salmon.  Note to self:  Clean out pantry more frequently.

I actually think we should put this idea of sell-by dates to use in more areas — how about politicians?  Many of them have certainly outlived their sell-by dates.  Celebrities?  Oh yeah – Barbara Streisand’s expiration date was up a long time ago.

Fortunately for all of you…I’m still fresh — I just located my sell-by date (I was looking on wrong arm)  and we have at least two weeks before I go stale.  sigh… I’ll be danged, though, if I’m gonna tell you when I was produced…


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Find My Sell-By Date

  1. WOOT – I earned a key word tag, but it wasn’t spelled backward! lol Keep drinking those Cleaverinis, and you’ll be perfectly preserved.
    hic…workin on it…where’s my server…Sueanne??? I need a refill! 😉

  2. I have seen on the news that some of those sell by dates are a bunch of crap, but that generally most of them are correct. There is a website somewhere (Does anyone know what it is?) that lists which items you can go past their sell by date and by how much. Some of them you can go for years and the only thing is that the quality of the food might not be quite as good as if you had eaten it sooner. And they actually have stores that sell the stuff that outlasts their sell by dates.

    I looked on me for a sell by date and could not find one, then I realized that I had two choices to go with. Either no one wants me and I am not good enough to sell, or I am not for sell and just too damn good and expensive for anyone to buy. I am thinking I will go by the latter.

    God bless.

    PS….Thanks for ringing your bell. My ears were hurting from all the ringing going on, but it was a good hurt.
    You will never expire m’dear. Glad we all could ring for him! Hugs!

  3. I think I am way past my expiration date.
    Nah – you got tons of time – I found you at the very back of the shelf sweetie, remember? LOL

  4. I downloaded an ap for my iPhone that reads bar codes…..when I first got the ap I went around reading every bar code I could find. Kid with a new toy.
    I’m afraid to download that app for fear I will do the same thing. I want a bar code tattooed on my wrist that when it is scanned will come up with the phrase, “Bite Me” – sigh…

  5. ROFLMAO! DH refuses to fall for that one. I still try it from time to time.
    DS is about 50-50- sometimes he’ll fall for it and sometimes not. I always try coz I’m the one with the high gag reflex. LOL

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