I Feel the Need to Post But I Got Nothin’ But a Dog and a Crutch

I feel compelled to post something for Thursday – I’m not doing the theme thing this week – forgot to sign up.  Yeah, it’s been that kind of week – I think the appropriate word is scatterbrained.

May just be that I have cabin fever from all the bad weather.  Although I did venture out into the frozen tundra today and it wasn’t bad – the worst part was my neighborhood.

Last night a Good Neighbor fired up his Super SnowBlower Deluxe Extreme for Big Kids and blew out a path around our mailbox (and that of the guy across the street) so the mailman (who I don’t like but that’s another story) could drive his funky little mailtruck close enough to actually get the mail into our mailbox.  What a nice gesture – I called the Good Neighbor’s wife and said thank you and now I feel obligated to make something to take over there – but she’s the Housewife we all love to hate – she cleans, she bakes, she goes to the Wives Club meetings, she plants flowers that live  – and I love her dearly, but anything I make will be substandard and no doubt dumped in the trash.  I’m going to do it anyway as a gesture of neighborliness.  I know what!!! — I’ll make some greeting cards for her – I bet she doesn’t do stamping (although she does a lot of sewing) – I’ll think of something.

Anyway life here is relatively quiet.  I have nothing very funny to report except the way Bob Costas looks at the Olympics – what’s up with his eyes and his hair?  He can’t seem to move his face – I think the doc tightened up the skin just a tad too much perhaps.  And his hair was black and is slowly lightening up each time I see him.  Is the dye washing out ya think?  I got a little perturbed at some of his comments, too – he seemed to make a big deal of what other people were wearing — hello, Bob?  Look at yourself first.

Nothing new on the EmmaLou front – she’s relatively quiet and being good and that in itself is a little frightening.  Sort of like waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Or paw in her case.

I’m still working on my collage challenge -hopefully I should finish Thursday coz I’m about ModPodged out.  I was standing in the kitchen the other night with Devoted Spouse and I had dried ModPodge all over my hands and I started screaming about the blister on my finger and right in front of him I grabbed the skin (it was ModPodge) and started peeling it off and yelling and it totally grossed him out.  I felt like I was about 8 years old and I liked it.

Speaking of DS he just brought me an English Muffin with cherry preserves on it.  Whatta guy!  I attended a class at church tonight and came home hungry – part of the problem is today is the first day of Lent and for Lent I have given up chocolate candy/cookies (coz I do that every year) and this year I have added something that will be difficult for me (because I think that’s the point) and that is I am giving up red meat for the next 40 days – yup – the carnivore is gonna do without red meat.  Now I’ll be happy to report occasionally on how that’s working for me, but there is a distinct possibility you may figure it out by the tone of my upcoming postings.

Do you read blogs based on categories?  I don’t but I bet others do.  So for this post I think I’ll pick some weird categories just to see if I get anyone different and they read something they don’t expect.  I’m really bored.

That’s it for me kids.  I’ll try and be funnier later.  For now I’m gonna go back to making fun of Bob Costas.


10 thoughts on “I Feel the Need to Post But I Got Nothin’ But a Dog and a Crutch

  1. Because I’m sitting Shiva for my beloved Lucy this week, I completely forgot that yesterday was Mardi Gras and today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent and I already blew it on the “giving up something” part (soda) but since I’m In Mourning I’m going to hope that I get a Free Pass.
    You get a Free Pass and I’m sorry about Lucy sweetie. Hugs.

  2. That sounds like totally something I would do is peel skin or a blister in front of Master Electrician, Once I took Elmers glue and put it on the top of my feet let it dry peeled just a little bit to make it look like dead skin, walked over and told hubby that my feet hurt in hopes of a foot rub. then just as he was bout ready to rub , I “freaked” and started peeling it all off. The look on his face was priceless and my inner child snickered with glee
    We are both entirely too wicked. I love it! 🙂

  3. LOL at the blister thing and Midwest Mom’s foot thing.

    I know you did not join in this week’s TT, but this week is special in that this Thursday at 2pm EST we are all going to ring a bell for Barry, a blogger who will be walking out at that time from his last chemo session. So I do hope you join in with the ringing of a bell, we are hoping to ring bells all around the world for him.

    Although you might be full of Mod Podge at that time. And I bet you will be surprised that Good Neighbor’s Wife will like what you make. Although if you are really quick you could just take a picture of her hubby’s work (the blow job), and put it in a frame and give it to her, then if she throws it away her hubby will have a cow. Good luck, but the cards sound good too.

    God bless.
    …”The Blow Job”? oh you crack me up so bad. Yes, I will ring a bell – I do have a little one here for Barry even tho I don’t know him I congratulate him on his last session – WOOT! –

  4. My God, but that is a big bone you gave Ems. Where the heck is she gonna bury that thing? Nebraska? : ) NICE TAGS!!!
    Hence the puzzled look on her face – she doesn’t always know how to take me and I like to keep her a little off balance – kinda like me… Tags R Us…

  5. EmmaLou looks puzzled? lol

    I am very good with neighbours , however,
    I do not relate to 110% fantastic housekeepers. lol

    Enjoy yourself, lovely to do somethings rather silly sometimes , right?

    No red meat huh? COOL.

    Hi baby – no red meat – cool maybe to you – to me – excruciating painful can I do this?? YES I CAN – and to prove it I’m making meatloaf tonight. But I will be dining on a big salad w/some chicken. Woot!

  6. OMG! The screaming blister popper! Too funny!
    I haven’t participated in Lent for a long time. This year I gave up McDonald’s, Wendy’s & Arby’s. The cashiers know my order before I get to the counter. You have no idea how difficult this will be for me. AND I gave up the candy bowl at work. So if I go Postal here soome you’ll know why:)
    God doesn’t require you to give up EVERYTHING at once. Just an effort to show you understand the meaning behind Lent – I applaud your enthusiasm; I’m gonna struggle with the no red meat thing — I can handle the no choc candy/cookies thing. Just remember whenever you start to THINK about any of the items you have given up…Pray…the thought of the items is a great reminder for just a little prayer. OK – enuf preaching from the likes of me. Love ya, mean it. 🙂

  7. Love reading the secret messages in the tags. Like listening to a Beatles record backwards.
    Rats – you’ve broken my code for the world now. giggles. I think I might still have a record player in the basement somewhere…hmmm… Paul is dead, Paul is dead. ROFL

  8. Can’t wait to watch the Olympics tonight so I can check out BC.
    He’s just hard for me to watch – he can’t move his eyebrows and his eyes seem glued open to the “deer in the headlights” position.

  9. Giving up red meat for 40 days? WOWIE! I gave up all meat for a month and it was hard! I would dream of a hamburger or a baked potato loaded with bacon every night! Bravo to you girl!
    I have now given up red meat permanently. Don’t miss it at all. Always had a problem digesting heavy stuff like steak and I’m probably the only person in the world who absolutely abhors pot roast. LOL

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