Ewww It’s Like Peeling Sunburned Skin…Cool

courtesy of The Elephant Art Gallery

So I’m working on a collage, an art challenge by Scriber’s Web and I’m using this decoupage glue stuff called Mod Podge.  I have used it in the past when I work on my Easter eggs and want to decoupage a picture or when I do a larger decoupage craft project.  But I had forgotten just how much mess it makes and how much fun it can be.

The idea behind the collage is to take some canvas and Mod Podge on some paper and do some artwork or fiberwork or pretty much whatever you want.  My collage is starting to take shape and I think I may like it enough to hang it up in my crap craft home office, particularly since I am using the same colors that are in my home office — yellow, brown, gold and a little blue.  I won’t tell you the subject of my collage but ya’ll know me — I’m no flippin’ artist.  I chose my subject and we’ll just have to see how it turns out.  I will send a pic of the finished project to Scriber’s Web and she can choose to publish it or she can fall on the floor, and wet her pants as she laughs hysterically at my definition of art.  (I’m betting on the latter.)

Anyway – I had forgotten how much fun it is to just dig into an art project and get yourself all gooey with Mod Podge and pieces of paper sticking to you (and your dining room table, yikes).  But the most fun of all is letting this junk dry on your hands and then slowly peeling it off your fingers — it’s just like the skin from a sunburn but there’s no pain.

I love it when I get to be a kid again.  It doesn’t happen nearly often enough.  sigh…

… and yes, the painting above was done by an elephant.  Now I’m really worried about my collage.  LOL  Go see more here:  http://www.elephantartgallery.com/paintings/9016.php


7 thoughts on “Ewww It’s Like Peeling Sunburned Skin…Cool

  1. Oh I used to do that too with Elmer’s glue. Hmmm…where’s my Elmer’s glue?
    OMG it’s my new favorite hobby – forget the collage, just gimme the ModPodge and lemme paint some on me. bwahahahaha – I wanted to test it out on EmmaLou, but she’s got that fur thing going on. I may wait until really really late and when Devoted Spouse is asleep paint some on his leg just for grins. He’ll wake up and think he has some strange skin condition. giggle

  2. I’m not allowed to Modge Podge or hodge podge or even craft.
    I’m not supposed to do this kind of stuff either because I make a total crapola mess out of everything within a twenty foot radius of the craft project and sometimes the entire room is destroyed. But a girl’s gotta have a little fun now and then. Otherwise I’m going out to the front yard and make an anatomically correct snowman…ooh maybe I’ll ModPodge him….bwahahahahahahaha


    I don’t even know what to say to this one. Just have fun and oh please let us know if you do that to DS, that is just too funny.

    Maybe for Halloween you should do that to your face or hands and then watch all the kids go screaming down the street, then you can have all the candy. But it would be funny to do that to your neck or your hands, then go some where and just let everyone stare. LOL again. Granddaughter thinks there is something seriously wrong with me, and there is, I cannot stop laughing at the thought of you doing that. Oh my!!!

    Can’t write anymore cause I am laughing too hard and I now gotta go pee before I have an accident.

    God bless.
    It really does sound like fun – but then again I have a twisted sense of humor.

  4. I keep forgetting to tell you something.

    Okay, I know you do not like Sudoku, but I could tell you the secrets to be able to solve any of the puzzles. Well that is if you ever wanted to play. There is one secret that very few people know and I never really tell anyone. But if you do want to know how to do it and solve every game then I am the person to talk to.

    I think people just hate to play Sudoku because they do not know the secret and the Japanese mathmeticians do not tell people the main secret. But being the math genius that I am, I have figured it out. And I have to give them kudos for keeping it a secret. I used to not take it very serious and cheated like everyone else does when I got totally stuck. Then I started to take it serious, I knew there had to be a trick, it took me about one hour to figure it out.

    So see how lucky you are to know a Sudoku Master and one that is willing to let you in on the secrets. Sudoku is your destiny, face your destiny and do a freaking puzzle.

    Okay, just kidding, but I do truly know the secrets and how to solve every puzzle, at least I have not met a puzzle I could not solve, now that I know “all” the secrets.

    And I do think it is funny how you think there is “adding” in sudoku. It is just a puzzle and you can substitute the numbers with letters, words, pictures, it all works the same.

    And yes I am a sudoku nut. Gosh that is pathethic, isn’t it? Maybe I better move on to the Haiku’s. Why do I like things that in a “ku”? Wow, I have serious issues!!!!!

    I think I am gonna go look up “Tanka’s”, another type of Japanese poetry. At least it ends in a “ka”, maybe I just like the letter k.

    God bless.
    Did I mention I hate Sudoku? There is no secret. I guess I’ll agree Sudoku can be considered a puzzle – but the only puzzles I enjoy are jigsaw puzzles. And some brain teasers. I don’t like anything that involves numbers. I like crosswords. But I make up my own words because that is more fun. I am not familiar with Tanka and will have to look it up. I love haiku. I’m off to play in ModPodge now. I’m sticking to this collage challenge…literally. As to its eventual design I could say I haven’t got a glue…but I won’t.

  5. LOL. LOL. What a fabulous thing to wake up to! Thank you! I can’t wait to see it! And yes I will post it! Playing with mod podge is a lot of fun! So is playing with paint and other media. I feel like a little girl. I could do it all day long! I am not very artistic either. And the results are not always pretty. I was once told this about my painting, “looks like someone puked colors on canvas.” LOL. Truth is that it did look like that. But I do it for the fun of it. Not to become a famous artist. If I make bad art, I just paint over it and start from scratch. There is nothing in the world as peaceful as cranking up the music, grabbing some canvas and art supplies and creating artwork. It is a therapy session, massage, 10 shots of tequila and meditation all rolled into 1. Who needs drugs when you have art? So what if an elephant can create better paintings than me? LOL.

    Thank you my friend! God bless!
    You are entirely too excited – I may have to slap you out of it. LOL I’m having issues getting things to stick to canvas with ModPodge – should I have prepped the canvas in any way — because I didn’t. Yesterday was a disaster and involved ribbon which would not stick – so I ripped it off and in the ripping off it ripped a piece of paper that was already ModPodged on and I liked the effect so I left the paper and didn’t try to repair the damage. My collage is not perfect and I like that – it is taking shape and I am fearful of going into the dining room this morning to see what it looks like after the first layer has dried overnight. I’m having fun and that’s all that matters. I already have taken out my stash of wooden eggs — my next project is to get the Easter eggs started early this year. My dining room table may never be cleared. It’s a good thing I fired Gretchen the Immaculate – now I don’t have to clean up my craft mess if I don’t want to. LOL

  6. OH! I just remembered something! Last summer a blog iend and her family came to visit for the weekend. Including her 3 children, 2 of which are boys 4 & 5 yrs old. I bought a cheap and I mean cheap plastic shower curtain and put it over the table downstairs so when they played with the play dough or markers I didn’t have to worry about them possibly ruining the table.
    Might work you you too me Dear Sister:)
    Good idea – I use table pads over my table and then cover them with paper towels or an old cloth. I like the shower curtain idea and may go buy a cheap one @ dollar store to put over table pad – would save on paper towels…

  7. I thought about doing some sort of art therapy but then I wondered who I was kidding. Never gonna happen and what attempt I could make would probably scare people.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with though.
    Don’t be so sure…It may be so bad I don’t show it. LOL

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