What’s New With EmmaLou?

Today is Talk About EmmaLou day.  I need to catch ya’ll up – she’s been a busy little Destroyer.

I have very good hearing (I’m sorry, what’dya say?) – no, I do.  The funny thing about that is hearing things in the background while I’m trying to do something else is very distracting to me…to the point I must use ear plugs.  You know…those odd little orange foam things you stick in your ears (particularly if you shoot guns and I do, but never inside — oh nevermind).  Anyway…little orange foam thingies stuck gently in my ears keep me from having to listen to the nonstop sirens, screaming, obscenities, and the gawdawful theme song as Devoted Spouse watches yet another marathon of Cops in the family room while I am trying to read out in the living room. (whew – long sentence)  Now, most people buy these ear plugs by the pair — Devoted Spouse buys them for me by the jar.  Really.

EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer loves the color orange.  And she loves the texture of foam.  You see where this is going?

I like to keep a pair of foam ear plugs lying on my table next to my comfy chair.  They tend to disappear as you-know-who snuffles around for something to scarf down.  Later as I return to my comfy chair and casually glance at my table looking for either a book, a Kleenex, a stray cookie (don’t ask) or my SmartPhone…I notice there is one orange foam ear plug there…not the usual two.  I go on a hunt because sometimes they do fall on the floor and roll under the chair.  Mostly I just see EmmaLou at a distance…with her jaw working furiously in the hopes of chewing up the foam ear plug and swallowing it before I can get to her and jam my hand and half my arm down her Golden throat (I’ll show you Retriever).  Unfortunately, she usually wins the battle and I come away with scraped hands from sharp doggie teeth.

In the past week, she has eaten 3, yes 3, sets of ear plugs.  This is getting old.  The number of ear plugs in the jar have been greatly diminished.

She graduated from ear plugs to her dog bed a few evenings ago — the same dog bed as shown in the pic up above – yes, it’s a very nice dog bed and was not cheap.  In the midst of ogling Chris O’Donnell on  NCIS LA the other night, and not wishing to be pulled away, I happened to look over and see EmmaLou gnawing on the corner of her bed.  Ack Ack.  STOP – NOW – I threw a pillow at her.  She thought we had started a new game – she loves it when I toss things in her general direction.  All I was trying to do was stop the chewing.  Fortunately a commercial came on.  I got off the couch, went to the dog bed, and yep, big piece chewed off edge of bed.  Anger ensued (on my part…EmmaLou thought we were still playing a new game).

When I am angry with EmmaLou I frown and give her the “STARE”.  She doesn’t like to be stared at straight in the eyes.  I usually do this nose to nose with her.  It lets her know I am not happy with her behavior without harming her in any way coz ya’ll know I would never hurt my precious puppy.  Discipline?  yes.  Harm?  no.  Then when the “STARE” is done I totally ignore her and that is a terrible punishment for a Golden Retriever.  She gets the message loud and clear.  After about a half hour of this, I let her back in my good graces, give her lots of belly scritches and we pretty much start this cycle all over again.

She is such a handful.  But she’s mine and I’ve been trying to keep her from chewing so much by allowing her more time on Twitter.  Positive reinforcement you know.  I hear she’s been acting up on Twitter, too.  sigh…

Oh…the ear plugs?  They no longer reside on the table anymore.  I’ve learned my lesson much to EmmaLou’s dismay.


14 thoughts on “What’s New With EmmaLou?

  1. I do not think her chew problem will ever end, even when she has no teeth she will just gum things to death. I think chewing is part of her nature. This puppy is also chewing everything she can get her mouth on. We have bought her chew toys, chew sticks and she too is slowly destroying her doggy bed and we spent a good amount on that too. I was just wondering if those ear pieces are safe for her to swallow and not poisonous somehow. Good thing you have put them out of her reach, although I am sure that if you leave them down just one time they will be gone.

    I have taken to leaving her outside more and more with the cats. Funny thing is that now the cats have been spending more time in the yard. I am not sure if they think she is their new toy, but they also seem to be guarding her from the Tom Cats that come in the yard. Maybe the dog will scare the possums away. When the people who used to live next door had little teeny dogs, the possums always stayed on the fence, never jumping down into the yard, mostly because they were in my yard. But I am glad the cats are playing with this little tiny puppy. She bites their hair and pulls on it and then they scratch the crap out of her. She stops for a moment and then is back at it. She is a persistent little devil if you ask me, or the cats are not scratching her hard enough. Now if they could only potty train her.

    I am going back to bed now, can’t get enough sleep.

    God bless.
    I think the doggie stomach acid can handle the ear plugs – they’re small – this is not like the Glove Swallowing Incident where we had to pour hydrogen peroxide down her to get her to regurgitate the entire glove (oh that was frightening). She seems to be feeling no ill effects.

    Your new pup sounds so adorable but they are just non-stop activity aren’t they? Always into something – it’s good the cats are there as playmates.

    Go sleep – you need to rest and feel better or I’m getting on a plan (oh dear Gawd did i truly say that?) and coming out to forcefeed you my chicken soup and nurse you back to health. That threat alone should make you feel better! LOL Hugs and blessings to you my friend.

  2. I just read through about 6 posts from you. I am SOOOO behind on my reading. Good job. I’m just glad you didn’t say you were trying to retrieve the ear plugs AFTER she ate them…… YUCK
    Nor did I even watch the snow for hints of orange! I did once wait for an earring to “reappear” – it was diamond and I got over the icky part believe me! LOL

  3. When Gavin was about 10 weeks old he managed to nab his Godmother’s amethyst earring right from her ear. You better believe I did poop patrol to retrieve, clean, sterilize, and return it to her. It’s a good thing that it was sparkly and easy to spot. She also has BTs and you can see her Charlie (my Godpup) in my Bull Pen.

    We told people for ages that our Gavin was a professional jewel thief.
    Hah! I love it! Glad I’m not the only one.

  4. And I bet once the chewing of the hole in the bed is complete the de-stuffing of said bed will begin.
    Thanks for reminding me. I keep “tucking” that corner of the bed under itself in the hopes she won’t move it and de-stuff – coz that’s gonna be one heckuva “snow” fight! LOL

  5. Yeah, I’ve got that kind of hearing, too. I always said I wake up when a mouse farts in the attic. So I can’t concentrate when the TV is on or other such distractions. But I just call it nosy.

    I know you don’t always get over my way but I didn’t want you to miss this post since your new blog banner was what got me reminiscing:


    P.S. Get a tissue first.
    I was just there the other day, now be fair – I don’t totally ignore you — talk to some of the other people on my blogroll and they’ll say Linda who? Klennex box at hand – on my way now…

  6. We are very lucky in that regard. Freddie only does chew sticks unless we are dumb enough to try a regular dog toy with him. He never had them when he was with the old owners so he thinks every dog toy is a chew toy. As long as we only get him stuff that is meant to be chewed then we are fine. He doesn’t chew anything but his “chewies”. Thank goodness. He is just such a good dog

    We are going Monday to upgrade our phones so I am curious to see what we wind up with. Got to be better than what we have.[
    You are lucky – my last dog was an Australian Shepherd and he never chewed a thing but he was very territorial and wouldn’t let anyone in the house except one woman we knew. It was bizarre. I swear he would have protected me with his life but he just wasn’t the world’s friendliest dog. EmmaLou on the other hand would also I imagine try and protect me, but she would additionally (if she knew how to actually use the doorknob) open the door to any burglar and just invite them in to play ball with her. LOL

  7. Haha loved this. Awesome dog. I’m a Labrador owner, well she owns me and the chewing stopped after age two, a pair of Jimmy Chus, four soccer balls, a bath mat, my entire watering system and a number of plastic buckets. . .
    Ouch…EmmaLou has destroyed thousands of dollars of furniture, carpeting, wallboard, trim, accessories, but she’s not that into shoes – except Devoted Spouse’s tennis shoes or slippers (why?). She has a distinct love of anything fiber especially cotton. Labs and Retrievers are just special dogs and yes EmmaLou has me wrapped around her paw definitely. Come to think of it she loves plastic and wired things too. She’s 6 and at least the chewing has slowed down considerably. For awhile there I thought she was part Beaver.

  8. She is adorable! I use head phones all the time at work. Most of the time I don’t even have music going! Just to keep the white noise away. I mentioned you on my blog today. Hope that is OK.

    Peace! And have a fabulous weekend. I have a 3 day weekend. So exciting!
    I used head phones for white noise too. You mentioned me? good gawd why? Must get my butt over there now! LOL (of course it’s ok )
    OK I’m back having visited your web and seen the collage challenge and have I mentioned lately I’m going to just smack you?? ROFL – I am to the art world as Tiny Tim was to the music world…Gah….

  9. Hello You.
    A s member of the 4-legged community, I must come to Emma’s defense.
    Emma (my BBF) does everything that comes to her naturally. So of course she will swipe anything within her reach. And she will chew chew chew. Hey, I do the same thing. My mom gives me all sorts of chewy things…
    And oh, btw, just like you, my mom absolutely can NOT tolerate any kind of noise when she is reading. Have you considered downloading a white noise app on your nice new smartphone? Mom plugs in her earphone thingy, turns on the whitenoise, and drowns out the TV and incessant chatter of Dad.
    Go figure.
    Hi lil friend and BBF of EmmaLou. I knew you would take her side – you two stick together. A white noise app for my smartphone? Well crap on 4 paws…I’d better look for one of those! Cool. Woof!

  10. In my house Merlin likes to get a hold of our hair ties, I started out with a bundle of 50 and I’ll be darned if I could find 10 . I would tell the girls over and over to put them back in the basket when they are done and got on them several times for not doing so until one day I caught the little 4 legged carpet jumping on the bathroom counter grabbing them with his mouth and going to the living room hiding them under the couch no joke. I moved the couch and found about 30 elastic hair ties under his blanket. the nerve I guess he just does not want us ladies to wear pony tails (rolls eyes)
    Well at least he isn’t eating them! Emma chows down – I’ve pulled hair ties out of her mouth more than once. But I always miss the ear plugs – dangit. She’s just too fast – and like a toddler everything goes right in the mouth. Gah…

  11. Dear Girl, Who is to say what is art or not? Just do what you want to do and be who you are. And occasionally arm yourself up with a camera and paint brushes:) In Paris, I went to the museum of modern art. And guess what I saw there? One of the exhibits was a big shiny red bean bag. The one we sit on. Seriously. It was in the center of a white room with ropes around it. I kid you not. What is so artistic about a bean bag? But apparently the curators of the Modern Art museum in P.A.R.I.S thought it was great artwork. LOL. Just have fun with art. That’s all that matters.
    I never got the concept of modern art – I should just put a canvas on the floor and tape a paintbrush to EmmaLou’s paw and I’d probably make tons of money! LOL Sent u email w/pic of my collage so far – hope it worked (stoopid Smart Phone). lol

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