Wordless Wednesday

Mild-Mannered SuperHero- The Intrepid Snowblower Strikes Again


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. It looks fun…if you are sitting inside.
    I took that pic from my home office so I was inside nice and warm and grateful I had someone doing the hard work for me. Really grateful. Not once, not twice, but 3 times. And I’ll be grateful again as he continues to clear away the ravages of Mother Nature so I don’t have to worry about where I step and take a chance of repeating the Ice Incident of 2009.

  2. Oh my gosh. Amazing snow pics. Also, love your new header. EmmaLou sure stands out in the snow! Why yes, Carla, she is standing out in the snow, but you know what I mean!
    HAH! She’s out standing in her field…ta da… I got a kick out of how happy she looked – she was having so much fun – look at the tail position – so I had to put it as header at least for rest of Winter.

  3. I so do NOT miss that. Stay warm my friend.
    I hate winter, I hate winter, I hate winter. Did I mention I hate winter? Dreaming of SC. Ewww wait, last time I was there, fire ants were included. Rethinking. No, I still dream of SC. 🙂

  4. Very pretty to look at from Houston, Tx. Sorry!
    I would say, “bite me”, but I really like you, so I’ll remind you of this next time you get tons of rain or whatever Mother Nature does to those who reside in Houston. LOL

  5. My gosh! I cannot even imagine so much snow! He had to do this 3 times? Wow! I feel so bad for complaining! Amazing! My sons go to college in Lexington KY and they’ve been telling me about all the snow they are getting. I keep saying, “how beautiful! How gorgeous!”… No wonder they are annoyed with me:)
    Yup – 3 times. And this morning with all the blowing going on much of the drive and sidewalk and the entire street are once again covered. Sigh. We both have to go out today – he to volunteer; me to a class this evening – He’ll be driving, and escorting me so I don’t fall. I’m still a bit wimpy I’m afraid. It’s been a little over a year now since the accident and yet I still vividly remember the pain. sigh… where is my To Do List? Must add new entry: move south b4 next winter. LOL

  6. If I find that dang ground hog…….
    I’m tellin ya Luigi and Guido have a hit out on him — I don’t know why I haven’t heard the news yet. ROFL

  7. Is that you and Devoted Spouse I see from behind that mountain that used to be Ohio????

    I am hoping that someone will help me clear my drive so that I can go to my uncle’s funeral, but everyone is in the same snow boat that I am in…

    Linda, can we have Spring, now, PLEASE!
    We are up to our whatsits in this white stuff and I have had enuf! DS has been snowblowin’ his heart out (ouch I shouldn’t borrow trouble) and this snow just keeps on coming. I hope a nice angel w/a tractor shows up at your drive in time. If not, your uncle understands you know. Snow happens. We’re getting there sweetie – we’re getting there – just keep thinking as we tick off each day on the calendar, one more day closer to Spring. I have robins everywhere – I dunno what that’s all about – it simply HAS to signal an early Spring – like maybe next week? Nah, I didn’t think so either. sigh…

  8. Being the wimp I am, I am sitting in my home office SHIVERING because the temps in here are in the 60’s and then I see your picture and now I need to make myself a nice cuppa tea to warm up.
    If you are shivering because the temps are in the 60’s I’m gonna smack you girlfriend! I’m so jealous! LOL

  9. Wonderful action shot, looks really cold!

    HEY!!! I have some wonderful words for you on this “Wordless Wednesday” YOU WON!!!! Congratulations, you are the winner of my Valentines Give Away!!! I’m so happy for you! Please email me your info so I can hopefully send it off to you today.
    thank you – yes it is cold!! And WOW I cant believe I won – how exciting and I’m on my way to email you right this minute! thanks for stopping by, too! Hugs!

  10. We have blizzard conditions right now…or I should say, still… at almost 5 in the afternoon. I can’t find my white van in the driveway, DH’s Blue PU truck has disappeared under the snow…
    Had to dig a short path for the pups. Too much snow to dig a long one.

    OMG, I want Sping!
    Believe me I feel your pain. I’m glad EmmaLou is rather tall or I might lose her out there.

  11. Okay, I will not rub it in but the weather report for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is sunny and in the mid 70’s. We need it to dry up the land and hopefully no more mudslides. Then more rain is predicted which if that is the case and the storm goes across the country, then next week you might get more snow.

    Out here we freak out driving in the rain, everything would come to a complete halt if it snowed. But it would be nice for a day or two. I saw on the news that most places are setting new records for their all time levels of snowfall. I just hope everyone stays safe and warm back there. The bad thing is that when the snow melts it will probably cause flooding.

    It is not nice to upset “Mother Nature” sounds so true right now.

    We are trying our best to suck all the moisture out of the clouds before they leave our state, but somehow it is not happening. We need this rain so much, and no one here is complaining, even those in the mudslide areas. We are so thankful that our years of drought are over for at least this year. But we also know that it will be back, just not sure how soon.

    Too bad they do not set up a pipeline system for water, so that when it floods along the main rivers, that the water could be sent to the places in the southwest that need it. But I guess there is no profit for the government, well except for the fact that farms would have water for crops and people would get fed. But who cares about that. It’s not oil.

    God bless.
    I hate the snow but we need it for the water table – without snow – then drought later. This almost makes me miss living in Belgium. Almost. It rained often, but the temperature was always mild – not too cold in winter (plus the grass stayed green-how bizarre is that) and not too hot in summer. Sigh. I’m just never satisfied weather-wise I guess.

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