When Does Football Season Start?

Super Bowl is over.  The party is done and the people have gone home.  I was amazed at how fast the time went during the game – I enjoyed it that much.  My biggest problem?  I liked both teams.  Living not far from Indianapolis, I almost always root for the Colts but this year I also followed and enjoyed New Orleans.  So I found myself jumping for both teams but in my heart I wanted the underdogs to win – I’m a big fan of underdogs.  Oh yeah, and then there are the fun commercials – that Betty White – I hear the Washington Redskins scouts are looking at her for next season.

We all complain a lot about the ridiculous amounts of money spent on Amerian Sports.  NFL is no different – the players’ salaries are akin to the nonsense of CEO bonuses.  And who pays for this?  Why, the fans, of course.  We are the ones willing to shell out the big bucks for tickets and merchandise so that the teams can pay the outrageous salaries and the outrageous amounts for commercial backing.  That’s business.

I used to whine about football salaries until I started closely watching the games — these young guys get hurt on a regular basis.  In fact, every time they walk out onto that field, they literally have a chance of being paralyzed for life from a hard hit.  It’s that dangerous.  They deserve their combat pay.  Not only that, the lifetime of their poor beaten and battered bodies is shorter than yours or mine.  These guys routinely get hip or knee replacements at a much younger age than the rest of us.  And many end up crippled up in their later years.

Plus I think they deserve that money for just putting the uniforms on – c’mon have you taken a close look at those uniforms lately?  The shoulder pads alone should be declared lethal – I used to wear some heavy duty shoulder pads but at least when I turned around quickly I wouldn’t break some guy’s nose.  And let’s talk about those uniform pants — I would demand a big salary, too, if I had to Spanx my butt into those things — they’re like wearing a second skin.  Plus I would demand a bonus for wearing the helmet since I’m claustrophobic by nature.   Yes, they deserve the big bucks.

What some also deserve, unfortunately, is a lesson in etiquette and good sportsmanship.  I was very disappointed when Peyton Manning walked off the field without at least congratulating his opponent.  I know it’s the biggest game of the year.  I know thoughts were going through his head like…he let his team down…he let his family down…he let his fans down…he would lose megamillions in endorsements (oops, sorry that one slipped in).  But I have always thought Peyton Manning to be a nice man – I’ve watched how he interacts with others on the field and this really surprised me.

Yes, I know he later called Drew Brees to congratulate him.  You know what?  In my eyes, that wasn’t good enough.  He should have sucked it up like a man, gotten his sorry a$$ across that field and said something nice, THEN have your pity party and go to the locker room.

So now football season is over and I am left with NASCAR (blah) or Basketball (oh blechh) and you truly don’t want to hear my opinion of Baseball even if it is supposed to be the great American pastime.  My only saving grace is the fact that the Winter Olympics are a few days away and at least I have those sporting events to enjoy.

Guess I will have to be content with some reruns on NFL.com…and drinking coffee from my New Orleans Saints coffee cup… sigh…


9 thoughts on “When Does Football Season Start?

  1. C&B, lot of truth in that blog. I ran into Mike Ditka in and eating establishment not far from where the Bears practice area is about 20 years ago. He was slumped at the bar drinking alone but as he got up to leave I was shocked at how much pain he must have been in just walking to the door.

    Ditka was a great player that never enjoyed the megamillions these guys make today. My heart went out to him.

    As for Peyton, I am a hockey fan and after a loss in game 7 of the Stanley Cup I would rather have fought than got in line to shake hands.
    Hi sweetie – it’s so nice of you to come visit me! I used to hang out with a member of the Redskins back in the day (but that’s a story best not told) and I noticed the same thing – these guys get hurt for life – truly. In the old days the salaries weren’t like now – and of course many go on to do the “get on my last nerve” commentary duties for which I am sure they are amply paid. But all in all, the injuries rack up problems later in life. As to Peyton, I stand by my opinion on that one – it’s called sportsmanship and sometimes it is a hard pill to swallow, but the “bigger” man I thought Peyton was would have gone and congratulated the winner. If I was his mama, we would have had a talking about that behavior. While I will still be a Colts fan and I will still watch Peyton Manning and marvel at the excellent quarterback he is, my opinion of him has forever been lowered a notch. Period. Cya on Twitterville! 🙂

  2. I only watch one football game a year. Guess which one? Seriously I don’t understand the game but I’m beginning to. Of course, only watching one a year doesn’t give me much experience.

    I was all about the Saints yesterday. First of all, I usually root for the underdog, too. Secondly New Orleans needs a break. Thirdly I have a bunch of family there and I knew it would make them happy.

    Congrats Saints!
    It was a fun game to watch – but I love football. I think a lot of people wanted the Saints to win to give New Orleans a lift – they’ve had enough bad stuff – this game was a good thing for them. The Colts have already won a SuperBowl so I didn’t feel bad for them. Now I’m going through football withdrawal. Ugh.

  3. I also never totally got the game. My son played in high school and I religiously attended every game, but I admit to be just entertained by experiencing the excitement on the field as well as in the stands. And I admit to loving those superbowl commercials! Basketball is much more understandable to me; not too complicated, and LeBron is an amazing athlete.
    I have loved football since childhood where I was forcefed the Washington Redskins. LOL I only like about the last 2 minutes of basketball – otherwise I find it a bit boring. I may start watching hockey. We went to a hockey game when visiting my stepdaughter out in Iowa a few years back and it was exciting.

  4. I watch one pro football game a year and that’s because of the commercials (LOVE college football, though), although I was SO cheering for the Saints because I have a soft spot in my heart for New Orleans.

    I used to be a huge NASCAR fan, season seats, infield camping and all that but I got burnt out.

    However, I’ve been a hockey fan all my life and love when the playoffs all go to Game 7 because that means a shorter off-season.
    I also have recently become a college football fan – the games are faster paced coz those kids are young and healthy and it’s a lot of fun to watch. And, we used to do the whole NASCAR thing – went to some races (which are a lot of fun and truly need to be experienced coz it’s so much better than on tv) but got tired of some of the nonsense that the younger drivers were bringing to the sport and now only watch a race here and there. I gotta get into hockey. I’ve seen a few games and it’s exciting but I don’t understand all the rules yet. Yeah, hockey is on my list of sports to learn about.

  5. I haven’t been a huge football fan since Walter Payton played for the Bears. Thankfully ELPH isn’t a huge fan either. But if he does watch I crochet or surf the Net. We call it Recreational Companionship. I hang with him while he enjoys a favorite pasttime of his. He gets to hang with me when I go cowboy boot shopping:D It all evens out in the end!
    I used to LOVE da Bears! I cried so hard when Walter died – far too young. Didja watch the SuperBowl commercials? Didja SEE da Bears re-do their SuperBowl shuffle with McMahon in his little wheeled cart? Hysterical if a bit sad. I loved the SuperBowl Shuffle. sigh…

  6. I am ashamed to state that we did not watch a single football game this year but Hubby and I really aren’t into sports. Daughter and SIL make up for us though since they go to most of the KC Chiefs home games but they love the Chiefs and tailgating. We will leave the sports to the younger folks.
    We have 2 teams in OH the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns. Cinci is only 50 miles away and we could go to games but I don’t like the team – it’s the stupid tiger stripes they wear – I know that’s dumb but I don’t like them. I do like the Browns (even though they haven’t been so good lately) and was fortunate enough a few years ago to be able to attend a game courtesy of a nice guy Devoted Spouse and I worked with. But, Cleveland is a little too far north of us for us to attend games. Oh well. I need to move to New Orleans…heh heh

  7. I guess I have no business complaining about my left index finger that doesn’t fold all the way in anymore. It didn’t happen until I hit 45. And it was not caused by being sacked and knocked unconscious. But that really doesn’t stop me from being a baby about it.
    You are allowed to be a baby about it. I just wish I had been playing professional sports when I was injured a year ago so I could take advantage of the medical benefits and the big bucks since it looks like I’ll never work again. So, we can both be babies – how about that? LOL

  8. I loved the game! It was so very exciting! I was actually rooting for both the teams. Like the Colts quarterback and the quarterback for Saints is from Austin high school. I did not realize that Payton did not congratulate the other team. How rude! What a baby! LOL. Love your comments about their uniform. They are very very strange. But I have to admit, some days, I watch the game just for that:) Bravo to men in shiny spandex!
    I enjoyed it too! yeah…men in shiny spandex – love it. ur so funny!

  9. I do not really watch sports anymore, I am too busy playing Sudoku, Mah Jong, or games on my DS. But mostly I am on this dang computer with HGTV on the TV. Or I am watching the news, well you know being a political junkie, and let me tell you there is more “sports” going on in one day of politics than there are in all the football games played in a season.

    But lately I have just been sleeping for hours. Whatever I have been fighting for the last month has finally moved into my lungs. I was coughing up crap today, which is not good. When I took my shower today, I had the water on below the “warm” level and it felt burning hot to me. Yesterday I had a fever and today I was below normal temp. I do not want to take any antibiotics unless I have to, so I will try to keep fighting this on my own.

    And what is wrong with sudoku? I do it to relax. I started years ago after one time seeing on the news that it keeps our brains fine tuned to do it. Just think of how bad my CRS would be if I hadn’t started doing sudoku back then. Uh, when was that, I can’t remember.

    Always 9 numbers in my head, but now I guess I better get 17 in there. Or is it 5-7-5, hey that makes 17.

    I did watch the last hour of the game and was rooting for the Colts or the Saints, but mostly the Colts. And very sad that he did not congratulate the winning team. Totally bad sportsmanship, just shows you that his ego is stuck up his ass.

    God bless.
    // I hate Sudoku // I have problem with numbers // They never add up

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