But I Get Bonus Points Honey

I regularly receive emails from American Express telling me how many reward points I have accumulated and enticing me to go shopping and redeem them.  Actually I only use my American Express when we travel, which isn’t often, so I don’t have that many reward points…a little over 13,000.

Now that may sound like enough points that I should be able to score something totally cool but I went to the American Express site and hooked up with their “partner stores” and guess what I found I could buy with my slightly-more-than 13,000 points?

It’s called “The First Years- miPump Double Breast Pump”- the store claims it has one handle which will give me the opportunity to multi-task while I pump. Unfortunately even with my just-a-tad-over 13,000 points I still have to pay tax and shipping.

Every time we go to the cabin in the woods and put the tab on my American Express card I have been so happy in the knowledge that I am racking up points toward something really cool and exciting.  And, yes, I am sure to some a new breast pump is cool and exciting.

Oh, there are other stores  where I can redeem my reward points.  I can actually buy one entire steak from Omaha Steaks, or a fruit basket with an apple and an orange and a big bow.  I can turn in my rewards points and receive a Rachael Ray small pan (oh don’t even go there), and I can also buy two boxes of Titleist golf balls (oh joy) a very, very small bottle of cologne in a fragrance I don’t even like, a  bouquet of flowers made up of mostly 3-day old carnations and greens , and a host of other goodies; none of which I want.

Guess I better get out there and do some more traveling soon and rack up those points so I can snag that nifty Learn to Speak Korean DVD set  that was offered for a few more points.   At least then I would finally know what the nice lady at my local oriental take-out place was saying to her husband as I place my order. I have a sneaking suspicion it is something to the effect of “Hey here comes that crazy lady who makes all the substitutions and doesn’t like sweet and sour sauce for crab rangoon – why us?”

Credit card companies…ya gotta love ’em.  Buy more so you can buy more.


8 thoughts on “But I Get Bonus Points Honey

  1. Ah come on, buy the breast pump and then someday when the cows stop pumping you can get a goat and pump some goat milk. Well that is if they work on the same principles. And that will be one expensive pump. I wonder why they do not just offer you cash back instead. Costco gives us a cash back check each year, that we get to use at the store to buy more stuff. That is how I got my Kitchen Aid Mixer and on top of that they had an automatic rebate at the cash register and so I got it for like 50 bucks out of my pocket. It was cool. Now if I cooked more often then I would use it a lot. Maybe I should get out a lot of my stuff and cook. Okay that is not going to happen. But at least granddaughter uses the KA Mixer when she makes cookies or cakes.

    From the looks of it you will probably need to get another 13,000 points to get something really good. Well you know like two steaks.

    God bless.
    We’ll charge a trip to the cabin before too long so I’ll get another few points and maybe I’ll be able to buy a book or something equally exciting. I use another card more and it offers money or rewards at stores — I usually have them send me the money. Then I use another card just for gas purchases because it does a 1% rebate on all gas purchases and every little bit helps.

  2. LOL. Those points are useless! Oh… someone gave us a Rachel Ray pan. It is just horrible. And do you know what I do with it? I put it under my bed when hubby travels. So if an intruder breaks in, one whack and he’ll be knocked out cold for a long, long time. 🙂
    Oh for the love of Pete – I read this and spit out my coffee. Rachael Ray would hate us. I hate orange -what a stupid color to make her pans – that is reason enough for me to never buy one. I do love that you store it under the bed to whack intruders. That’s wonderful. Either that or you could quickly whip them up an omelet…

  3. Hubby’s work card is and Sandals Visa and you get points for vacations. Now you know how much we love the Sandals resorts in Jamaica so we were going to use the points the last trip. No where on the paperwork does it say you have to book through them for your vacation instead of off the Sandal’s website where you get the best discounts. Would have cost more to use the stupid points then book it ourselves through Sandals. Go figure.
    I think these rewards cards are a rip-off. Another thing that bugs me now is having to get a special card at every other store, like your drugstore or the grocery – sure you may get a discount down the road, but what they’re really doing is keeping track of your purchases and that makes me nutz. I never use my “shoppers” card when I run in for donuts – ROFL

  4. Yeah, there’s just something not quite right when you have to spend $$$$ in order to be “rewarded” with something worth $. I’m surprised they don’t offer things straight from the Oriental Trading Company.
    I feel the same way about coupons – if manufacturers would just cut their prices we could save tons of time and trees making coupons we cut out and half the time throw away. Gah…

  5. Rewards my butt, I’ve yet to get any ‘real’ rewards except the reward program that Borders had. Mind you I said had, because Borders has gone to the birds with their ‘new’ rewards program. It sucks. I want the old one back.
    I agree – I think our Borders is going away – may be sucked up by another company. We still have Barnes & Noble & they have a good rewards program plus they constantly send me 10-20% off coupons which helps. I’ve been trying to break my book-buying habit and go to the library more. It’s hard.

  6. Geez, Louize… For as much as these credit card companies make off of people, especially when they jack their rates around, they should be able to afford to send gifts every 3 months (at LEAST) to every single credit card holder they have. Tight asses. *oops, sorry* Giggle 🙂
    Yep and it’s only going to get worse. I understand some companies will now CHARGE the customer if they don’t use their credit card enough. Just try it with me and watch how fast I cancel that card – credit score be damned.

  7. All in good humor of course, but, and it’s a big but, this is all so true. Those points often translate into $1.00. So we spend thousands and this is the kind of Made in China crap they call “rewards”???!!!

    I had logged up 4880 points with Choice Hotels, which wasn’t enough to get ANYTHING. You needed a minimum of 16,000 points to even get a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant or store. So I did what any bedbug-hater would do. I donated my points to the Red Cross — at least it translated into more dollars that way, $20 to be exact. 🙂
    Good for you for donating your points to the Red Cross but isn’t it a shame that all those points only added up to $20? It amazes me daily how we get ripped off by these companies.

  8. The only thing I want from my credit cards as a reward for using them is money. Money is good.
    That’s my feeling too.

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