Simple Things

I’m getting in on this a little late, not too late I hope!  My bud Mrsupole let me in on the fact that Chris over at Enchanted Oak is donating $2.00 to a fund for Haiti for each of our postings about the simple things we cherish.  So quick, kids, do a post on your own simple things and link back to Chris and let’s help with the donations!!  Thanks Mrsupole for letting me know about this!

Here is my list of simple things I cherish:

Quiet time praising my Lord and Savior

Hugs from my Devoted Spouse

Slurpy doggie smoochies from EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer

Paying for someone’s meal without letting them know

Time spent curled up in my comfy chair reading a good book

Peet’s coffee

A big, fat, Velveeta cheese and sweet pickle sandwich

The first snowfall of the season – enough to have snow hanging from the branches of the trees

Social networking  – thru Twitter, FaceBook & my blogs I have been blessed to meet wonderful people I might not otherwise have had the pleasure of knowing

Waking up each day on the right side of the grass being given the opportunity to show God’s love in a practical way

That’s my list – it’s short and sweet – make one of your own and link back to Chris.

Hugs and blessings!


4 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Ah, that is a great list, especially slurpy doggie smoochies, and curled up reading a good book and praising our Lord and Savior.

    I will have to someday try the one of buying someone’s dinner and surprising them. That sounds like a nice thing to do.

    Thanks for linking up and posting your list of simple things. Last time I checked I think she has made her goal of over 100 comments and posts total. I think tomorrow we will see the total donated. This was an easy $2.00 for me to earn and I hope it was for you to.

    God bless.

    PS…I thought for a Haiku it was a 5-7-5 or at least that is what I thought I read on Wikipedia. Although there was so much to learn about the different styles that I think my brain was going bonkers trying to take it all in. I will have to study this style and try to figure it out. I would sure enjoy seeing the ones you wrote about EmmaLou.
    Hi baby – I’m DYSLEXIC and I MEANT TO SAY on your post where I commented that Haiku is always 5-7-5 – but I always transpose numbers coz I’m a dork. I’ve been doing Haiku for a long time and posted a few here on my blog – see HERE they almost are always about EmmaLou because she is my inspiration. Keep working on Haiku – it is addictive – and I’M SORRY I MADE THAT MISTAKE with the numbers – I probably really threw you for a loop. I do that, sometimes. It’s part of my charm. No it isn’t. I’m just a dork. Hugs! Oh P.S. I’m glad I was able to get in on the challenge and help her.

  2. I just got back from my post and saw where you said it is 5-7-5, but I have thought that maybe we could mix things up anyway and do some 7-5-7’s. Cause you know that rules are made to be broken. I am gonna go off to read your Haiku’s of EmmaLou right now. And I always transpose my numbers too. I could have never been an accountant due to that problem. I am not dyslexic but it is something in that family that causes me to transpose the numbers in my brain for when they come out.

    God bless.
    I’m not really dyslexic either – bad joke – but i DO transpose numbers all the time and it wreaks havoc with my finances. LOL

  3. Those were some cute Haiku’s about EmmaLou. I tell u she is just too sweet, so how can one write a sarcastic one about her.

    I’m glad u liked them – I could do haikus on EmmaLou all the time – she inspires me coz she is such a precious puppy. I do many haikus on Twitter with a friend whom I turned onto the fun of haiku. It’s a good exercise for one’s brain and it’s fun and like I said in my haiku blog post it beats trying to do Sudoku (ick). 🙂
    5-7-5…5-7-5…5-7-5…must remember. ROFL

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